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  1. i would assume so as people on this board have gotten them
  2. i just resubbed and nothing auto popped or even when i switched to 80 crafting class not sure how to get trophies to pop
  3. well most people have already subscribbed so thats probably the case.
  4. so i take it for the raid ones you have to do each raid again for trophy?
  5. i think i figured out how they got the 30 min platinum. i just finished my first playthrough on my other psn profile with 0 trophies and it seem as if you close the game at the last black page where u see text right before the credits and reopen game there is no continue just new story so i think that is how they did it getting the platinum in what looks like and impossible time. i will update once i finish the other 3 playthroughs and see if that is the case. and all trophies popping at once
  6. wait if the stores r closing that means we wont be able to download any of our games anymore or just buy them? like my ps3 2 months ago died and had to get another.
  7. hmm when i use the linnk i get the new store not the old one. us store on pc and mobile
  8. wanna know same thing gamestop website doesnt even have it up yet
  9. hmm i somehow got specialized before weapon master is it because i picked specialization classes before fininshing a weapon?
  10. do games you own but never started count that i have a ton of ?
  11. can not find on jpn store
  12. thats bs was tryign to figure it out i see watch dogs dlc works but not this one
  13. is there a way to get bonus dlc from ps4 on ur ps5 copy?
  14. i have a few sry melodies of life ffix white knight chronicles 1 n 2 theme songs answers ffxiv dragonsong heavensward ffxiv
  15. my bad didnt see above post