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  1. I did and that was guns response about the flare gun and servers
  2. this is guns response to me for flare gun bug report on asia version Thanks for reaching out to us! We'll be happy to check into things about the flare gun, for issues connecting it may be expected. Our dedicated servers are region based to prevent issues with lag and latency, however players can play on player hosted matches instead of dedicated servers. There may be times a player will be sent to a nearby region, but the game does not have a way to manually select your server. If you join in a party with friends are you able to join with players from other regions or do you see any error messages?
  3. its not a glitch if you have platinums from na or eu trophies auto pop on first kill, game etc
  4. weird as trophy list says 0.8% have platinum
  5. weird offline bots have machete and flare gun lol
  6. I don't know I haven't been able to get in a match in this version
  7. im seeing that as well wtf lol need 8 people to boost this its seems as region is dead mostly
  8. for me the close doors trophy not popping not sure why
  9. would jpn version be considered asia ?
  10. yes most trophies auto pop only one u gotta manually do is 1 of each thing like shoot Jason once escape once etc but u do gotta kill Jason again isee a jp version but don't wanna buy it just incase thats not it
  11. I had an isuue where I droped flamethrower in area with cobwebs and was stuck but that was on a dummy profile trying to perfect a fast run but on my main profile one of my Russian dolls glitched out but yet I still got the 100% collectibles for a playthrough so I assume they don't count or it definitely glitched I found the one that glitched as its the one in closet near the stairs on first floor I know I def rechecked that closet several times and I know I saw the green mist as well
  12. hmm I hope I don't have a problem with out of order trophies as one of my Russian dolls glitched but yet I still got 100% collectibles on a playthrough unless the Russian dolls don't count for that
  13. noone has said dragon age 1 n 2 and final fantasy xiii dead space
  14. ps3 to ps4 gives me a warning now saying everything from hero and prgogress will be lost
  15. according to original q n a faq bliz has it says u can transfer progress but when I go and do that it wont let me it now erases it