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  1. atleast no damn crappy online trophies that I can tell no need for online in sp games ever
  3. hmm weird on my psnprofiles profiles the games say bioshock and bioshock 2 but on my actual ps4 the games have been renamed to remastered so im wondering if it will be same trophy list
  4. ninjago movie game is not coming up free for me as of now
  5. what sucks is if leader cancels flare before u finish qst it doesn't count for trophy even though u completed it
  6. nice when the as version first launched you couldn't n made it so much harder to get matches
  7. tell you this they made hard mode harder then they needed to why remove the use of items that's whats making it harder for me im dieing on a lot of trash/quest mobs and couldn't even beat chapter 1 boss on hard
  8. people say same stuff about Jason in Friday the 13th lol
  9. no way in hell its so much harder to play on keyboard and mouse then controller
  10. I have same problem with replaying mission 3 the key wont respawn an di didn't complete the gate as it was to hard without cheats
  11. pathfinder not unlocking 4 me either m I have atleast 1 camp est in all 11 areas
  12. um yea it was fixed a few weeks ago I only played one match to get the last trophy so I don't know if other regions are matched or not. as far as I can tell when I last played it was still only as region players only
  13. I did and that was guns response about the flare gun and servers
  14. this is guns response to me for flare gun bug report on asia version Thanks for reaching out to us! We'll be happy to check into things about the flare gun, for issues connecting it may be expected. Our dedicated servers are region based to prevent issues with lag and latency, however players can play on player hosted matches instead of dedicated servers. There may be times a player will be sent to a nearby region, but the game does not have a way to manually select your server. If you join in a party with friends are you able to join with players from other regions or do you see any error messages?
  15. its not a glitch if you have platinums from na or eu trophies auto pop on first kill, game etc