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  1. same issue i only bought the gold edition but i also do not see the dlc in gamen same it says you should have the expansion pack included so its wierd that its not n dont see it to dl either
  2. not this one on my second account and yes i did i looked on ps3 and both ps4s i have i even hidden all games and unhid not sure why its not showing . i only hid it cause i wasnt planning on finishing it but i did anyway.
  3. hmm i did what you said bout checking all consoles n madden 18 is not hidden on any of them and i even did the hide all trophy unhide trophy and it still doesnt show up online even in friend comparissions so i have no clue where the game is hidden as i only have 2 ps4s and 1 ps3
  4. ive done all 7 in one session but trophy did not pop n im not sure why ? do they have to be done in normal lobby or does friendly work to cause i did in friendly n no pop waste of time. solomons folly does count please close
  5. do they auto pop like friday the 13th as it seems so with 27 second platinums
  6. Cant find this on psn store yet
  7. N first haha . Anyway probably gonna b easy platinum
  8. what about singapore store for asia?
  9. yes same and not connecting to anyone in tonights match
  10. atleast no damn crappy online trophies that I can tell no need for online in sp games ever
  12. hmm weird on my psnprofiles profiles the games say bioshock and bioshock 2 but on my actual ps4 the games have been renamed to remastered so im wondering if it will be same trophy list
  13. ninjago movie game is not coming up free for me as of now
  14. what sucks is if leader cancels flare before u finish qst it doesn't count for trophy even though u completed it
  15. nice when the as version first launched you couldn't n made it so much harder to get matches