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  1. The game isn't actually made by the Rambo the Video Game team like everyone believes. It was funded by them. They made a working version of this in a 24 hour game jam last year and received funding and the license agreement from the Rambo Publisher. I'm sure they pulled some of the Rambo team to work on it, but its not fully the same people. Iv seen the game play and the trophy list will be really easy to obtain. The game itself though still has some rough graphics and you can tell the budget was not very large. It is a first person shooter but depending on where you are in the game, weapons can't actually kill terminators so it turns into more a linear stealth game. honestly reminds me a bit more of Rouge Warrior.
  2. Thank you for the information. My guide has been updated for the game with the updated information. On a side note, you can only obtain this trophy for "Final" Bosses on a World. Any of the smaller boss fights will not count.
  3. I recommend joining from a PlayStation Voice Chat room. There is a delay on how quickly friend sessions appear in the game. Joining directly from the chatroom should allow you to instantly connect to your friend.
  4. Again, trophies are not glitched. we talked about this multiple times earlier in this forum. I also discuss this in the guide that was posted. Armor, and Mods do not count when equipped. the Adventurer set also does not count as it is not a full set. - For the armor trophy, you will need to have at least 9 full sets (3 pieces) in your inventory when you acquire the next set. -For the mods trophy, you will need to have at least 14 unequipped mods in your inventory when you acquire the next one.
  5. For this trophy to correctly unlock, the ring must be given to Reggie in your own campaign. If you gave him the ring in an online players campaign, you will receive the trait but not the trophy. If you both found and gave him the ring in your own campaign, i recommend redoing it in a different character. Check to see if you already have the Breath of the Desert Mod from Scourge as well as McCabe in Ward 13. Boss items will only be rewarded once per character so if there is an issue with your character receiving it, you will need to do it on a different character unless a patch goes live. I haven't seen anything about this being a known issue.
  6. You weren't looking very hard on the forums. Both of you have trust issues. Source: No, dlc items don't count.
  7. The recent Patch earlier fixed all of the Traits so that you can obtain them in multiple playthroughs
  8. Just the one for your starting class based on your class. Same for Armor. I needed 16 mods and 11 armor. Im not sure why it required 17 for chellesan.
  9. The 15 mods do not include the starting Class Mod and need to have 15 mods unequipped from the weapons. This trophy is not glitched
  10. The last trophy, "Fashionista" has been confirmed to be fixed by the developers yesterday. This is not retroactive however and will require 200 clothing items to be picked up even if you already have them. Hopefully now, those that have played the game are finally able to earn their platinum's.
  11. someone has it on PSN, just not PSNP
  12. Sleight of hand trait requires 100 kills with 10 different weapons in one play through without a reset.
  13. There is a Increased Scrap Gain by 50% Trait and an increase Scrap Gain by 20% ring. If you have the Trait maxed out, you will have the Scrap trophies before completing your first Playthrough. (after its fixed)
  14. updated confirmation. With Patch 1.4 Dragon Heart trophy is only obtainable with the 1st upgrade meaning that you will need to create a second character for the trophy if you have upgraded it previously. Boss weapon was changed from collecting 5 boss weapons to upgrading a boss weapon to +5 but seems to vary between requiring +5 or +6. Boss kill trophies, and npc trophies still require you to be host. Scrap trophies are officially broken still.