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  1. I'm almost certain it's invite only. weapons that you obtain from quests though are not shared so you would honestly be better running it in single player and doing a clean up run in coop after if you can find people.
  2. It is drop in drop out coop but the "They also use it on new years day" trophy requires you to finish a section of the game with 4 without anyone taking damage. That would be your main issue with trying to use 4 controllers. You could try joining with the other 3 near the end of the section, but the sections only last about 30 seconds. everything else can be done in single player with multiple controllers.
  3. Hello, I have written a very in depth trophy/gameplay guide on this site that you can reference to get a better idea on how to progress in the game. Once you have completed the "Awakening" Quest, it will automatically start the "Vor's Prize" quest. There will only be one mission Node available for you to play on Earth until this quest is complete. The mission is indicated by a white "x" symbol on Earth. Some of the very first "X' symbols in this quest can be a bit difficulty to see but you can zoom in and out with the analogue stick if you cant see it. Warframe is a very guide or wiki required game which is why I put together a singular trophy guide. If you have any additional questions, let me know.
  4. All trophies are obtainable.
  5. The grind is actually faster and easier then the previous 2 open worlds but the new token system makes it appear more complicated than it actually is. Completing either of the top Bounties from mother reward over 80 tokens which count as 8,000 syndicate standing. Its only around 4,000 standing from the highest bounty in Orb Vallis. Additionally, tokens can continue to be earned even after you have reached the standing cap for the day so you can farm the tokens after cap.
  6. T To my knowledge, the trophies were held back due to unlock issues and there was no use in releasing them if they were glitched. There has already been 3 Hotfix Patches since the release of the expansion to address bugs. Once the major problems are all fixed, the next playstation patch should add the trophy support. Additionally, they are adding weapon crafting, new enemies, and new events to the expansion just as they have done with the other open world expansions so I still expect at least 3 update trophy lists for Deimos.
  7. I also have the Forbidden Fruit challenge completed but have no progress being made on the others. DE has already stated that they will be adding more to Deimos over time so I am sure the upcoming patches will add the trophies and I expect more trophies to be added in the next coming weeks.
  8. that warframe guide


    are you a man or a machine

  9. Im not sure if this has been covered, but I received an error after receiving 1st place on my 4th win with a message stating that I would receive all rewards at the next login. I restarted the game and received my crown for the win, but when I won my 5th and 6th game in a row there was no trophy. It appears that even if you receive 5 wins in a row, if you receive any errors loading into the menu it restarts the win streak back to 0.
  10. The Free Heart of Deimos Expansion will be releasing on 8/25/2020 including a new open world, overhaul to the new player experience, and a new ability transfer system. This update will completely overhaul the introduction quest line to the game with new cut scenes, locations, and tutorials. The new moon will include story content, new vehicles, fishing, mining, conservation, and a new reputation system. Orikin Derelict missions will be moved into the new moon destination and many of the planets will have new unlock requirements due to the changes. The new ability transfer system will allow you to earn reputation by feeding the Helminth infested being in your personal ship material. You can sacrifice warframes at the Helminth to move an ability from one warframe to another as well as equip infested abilities. All previous open world expansions contained at least 10 trophies each over the course of 3 updates, so expect more trophies to be added starting on the 25th.
  11. My guide is complete and under review at the moment but I am already needing to make adjustments after the announcements today during the yearly convention. Some of the game mode locations to acquire trophies are being moved to different areas of the game and the introduction quest line is going to be completely different starting on the 25th. I will be editing the game changing information that was announced today into the new guide and will have to wait and see what else has changed when the new trophies and content are added.
  12. The Grail Knight DLC is unknown as it includes cosmetic weapons, skins, and hats. As they are pushing toward cosmetics being paid, it will most likely not be Free and I will monitor if there are trophy related content associated with it. Since PC does not receive achievements for DLC, there is unfortunately no way of determining that now. I would assume with how Fatshark addressed how DLC will be handled, that there will not be trophies for the Grail Knight but time will tell.
  13. Fatshark has announced that all future Level DLC with trophy support will be Free starting today. Instead of paying for level packs such as "Back to Ubersreik" and "Shadows over Bogenhafen" all trophy related levels will be updated into the game for free while unique cosmetic hats, outfits, and weapons will be sold on the PlayStation store instead. The first DLC Update to receive trophy support is the "Curse of Drachenfels" which can be played now. Previous level packs and expansions are not currently planned to become free.
  14. I appreciate one of the original guide writers responding. I have been compiling an all inclusive step by step guide on every required trophy, quest, location, and game mode in order from start to end completion with an Index for reference to all major components of the game. So far I have invested around 60 hours in verifying my information and writing the guide in a format that can be updated as needed. I have hope that this will solve some problems and confusion that others have experienced with having this lists format, multiple guide problem, and out of order trophies which you seem to be well aware of. This has also been a massive undertaking that I have dedicated myself to updating over time as needed and hope to have it reviewed soon. I hope that this brings awareness to the issue of having multiple guides for certain types of games and can positively push trophy guides forward to make for a better and more understandable guide experience.
  15. While true, the .Org guide is still sorted by update release and not by when trophies become available. It still creates confusion to those trying to determine the order of unlocking trophies and which ones to go for in that order.