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  1. I'm not a developer myself, but I'm a moderator for a certain online PS4 game, and I do happen to communicate with the devs quite often. While I know this doesn't fully answer the question, apparently It's actually against the rules that Sony imposes on developers for a free game to have a Platinum. Edit: as theSpirae has pointed out, there are a few free games that this apparently doesn't apply to? So it doesn't quite look like this holds.
  2. My wife used to babysit a 5 year old girl whose go-to game was Unravel!
  3. "It wasn't hard for me, I don't understand how it can have the reputation of a hard game!" Your skill set: Soulsborne Games 10/10 Basic Human Empathy 2/10 Hey, no one's perfect!
  4. IIRC as long as you don't leave the level you can complete it. The missions will be different once you return to the mission select map.
  5. This is basically going to be the biggest harem ever starring Logix
  6. One thing that helped me hit 950+ was keeping my dualshock 4 connected by usb wire. It removes the fraction-of-second input lag. I remember reading the tip originally and being quite skeptical, but it ended up working and I hit 950 within 2-3 tries.
  7. I can't stress enough how important this is. Hell, I even used a protractor with the ruler to figure out how the cue would ricochet.
  8. No More Heroes Holly Summers / #6
  9. That's great! 20-40 hours is kind of a sweet spot for me. There've been so many amazing games in the 100+ hour Platinum range in this console generation, and, while usually worth the investment in time, they always feel like such a huge commitment. I'm excited to get my hands on this now.
  10. I really enjoyed the movie a lot too! One thing I really have to give credit for is the really high quality of the ACTING in that movie. You really don't usually walk into horror movies and get that kind of performance.
  11. I'm a huge fan of your Youtube channel - it's simply the best of its kind!
    Thanks for being at the service of Trophy Hunters around the world. I appreciate the work you've put in this!

    1. IBadDriverI


      🤗 Thanks bro 🏆👍

  12. I'm struggling with this something awful. Anyone have good tips on this? Ways to force this?
  13. Yeah I can see how that would be problematic online. How is it supposed to be read, ideally? Fuhbuhduhbuh?
  14. Man, how about people who want the free game, take the free game, and allow yourself to be happy about it if it's to your liking. I don't get the whole "But guys! Sony is giving you a bad game and expects praise because nyaaaaah" thing. Yes, you're right, this doesn't excuse any of the other dealings of the company. But those are only tangentially relevant to the topic at hand. They could also just have closed the server and not given out the game. Given the server closure, this is the best of the two possible things that could have happened. And also, just to play devil's advocate here, remember that attacks to people's character doesn't make a good argument either! "Your opinion is unpopular and tells me you're entitled" is a character attack. It's kind of unnecessary and unfriendly.
  15. Lately, the Order 1886 has been in many sales where it's been priced at something like 3.49$, and I'm Canadian. So that's what, 0.04$ USD? It's a steal at that price, but if it were a Plus game I wouldn't be too delighted by my savings.