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  1. What a cool gift! Hold on to her, she's a keeper!
  2. As per the developers' own words, the Capital Cashino glitch can't be fixed retroactively, meaning whoever had that glitch (and the Sssmashing trophy glitch too) have to restart to get the trophies. I feel massively let down.
  3. I think Jamie will be alright! He's very likely to be held prisoner by Daenerys and have a reunion with Tyrion. Now that he knows Tyrion is not guilty of killing Joffrey, some tension might be shed between them. Though there's still the issue of him having killed Tywin! Add Bronn to the two and we'll have a very big reunion indeed. That being said, I'll say there's a chance Bronn didn't survive that plunge without a debilitating injury or something. I wouldn't be surprised to learn he got his legs burnt off or something similar. Game of Thrones rarely gives us a 100% happy outcome when several characters' lives are on the line at once. Last I recall two characters' fates were uncertain at the end of an episode, Grey Worm lived and Barristan Selmy died. I'd say Bronn's more likely wounded than dead though. That was a really cool video, HaSoOoN-MHD! Really puts things into perspective! I'd say Cersei torching innocents might have had a deeper impact on Jamie's psyche that he lets on too though, and perhaps the upcoming reunion will set him on the beginning of a path against her as well.
  4. Hey! Thanks for re-inviting me into the discussion! It's quite humbling! Sad to see Diane Briggs leave the cast. She'll be missed so thoroughly! A few things did jump out to me this episode. In no particular order: 1) Is any one getting the sense that there may be an informant in Dany's camp? First with the pin-point strike of Yara's fleet, and now with the predicted attack on Casterly Rock? 2) I'm sad that ever since Tyrion became Hand of the Queen every plan he's made ended in failure. It looks bad on the poor guy. 3) Littlefinger tells Sansa she needs to "see everything and predict everything at every moment." - Knock, knock on the gate - Oh hey, who's there? The guy who can see everything and predict everything at every moment! 4) Varys telling Melissandre that "once a commoner tastes power it's like a lion who's tasted man" is kind of frightening. This gives me the sense that Varys won't give up power. Could Daenerys losing make him change sides?
  5. I started playing the game a few days ago and encountered the Capital Cashino token glitch. Looks like this hasn't been patched yet, eh.
  6. Dany actually mirrored the Mad King very heavily in this episode. She both 1) Threatened to burn Varys alive. 2) Is forcing a Stark ruler to bend the knee. I think there's very good reasons why they kept Tyene Sand alive. Remember: Ellaria killed Cersei's daughter. You better bet Cersei will return the favor and kill Tyene in front of her mother's eyes before moving on to Ellaria.
  7. I'm not entirely sure why gamers in general tend to turn on each other like this. For some reason threads like this one are a dime a dozen on this board. It's not like you'll convince people to change their ways by shouting yours from the top of your lungs. And if you're not trying to get people to change their ways, and you just want to make people feel bad about themselves or ashamed of their gaming habits, then come on, that's not cool. No matter the reasoning. No exception. That's right! Surprise! If your goal, for even a moment, is to make people feel negative about the things they enjoy, that's probably not a cool thing to do in the grand spectrum of things! Here's the bottom-line, guys. If you're like me and you're a total slave to the sweet siren of that metallic clink and you'll go any lengths to hear it often, you're awesome. If your trophy profile is full of only the toughest games and you're a completion badass, you're awesome. If you only play the games you like and aren't beholden to any rules set by yourself or anyone else, you're awesome. If you swear by another console or PC, and you love the feel of a different platform than one of Sony's, guess what, you're still awesome. If any ten of us got together in a room, we could talk about games all day, and that's awesome. It's silly to have sixty things in common and poke at the one thing that sets us apart. I'd probably love hanging out with any one of you if I met you.
  8. Danganronpa, hands down!
  9. This, a thousand times this!
  10. It's very devious of the development team to give the game a name like this just so it would show up at the top of the store if you put things in alphabetical order.
  11. I'd humbly like to participate!
  12. Speed runs. Boy do I hate me some speed runs.
  13. Need help with the co-op! I will remove this message once done with them, so if you see this message, I'm still in need of a hand! Done, thanks to the gentleman below!
  14. Hey guys! So I'm working on my Hall of Famer 100% trophy, and I've stumbled upon something alarming. I've just gotten Shinada to Rank 4 and successfully beat the Legendary Arena GP, but in my completion there's still a ??? and Legendary Arena GP is not shown as being completed. There's still a tournament type that hasn't been unlocked, but if I understood correctly, that's the one that's only for Kiryu. So what gives? I've completed every other tournament type and they are shown as completed. Has anyone encountered this problem, or know how to help? Thanks in advance!