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  1. This game has a button to "walk like a Nazi". 10/10, such innovation is difficult to come by.
  2. This is year-to-date, though, meaning sales are only measured from the beginning of Jan 2021 to the end of March 2021. Though it would be interesting to see total sales for both games from release to today.
  3. RNG definitely plays a huge part in the game, but Koi Koi is a lot about knowing the hands and the deck, and being able to stop hands from even forming. For example, if the CPU is going for red poems, and you have a choice between playing a plum blossom or a cherry blossom, play the plum - in case they have the red poem cherry blossom in their hand. Strategy in Koi Koi is extremely subtle and is all about stacking odds in your favor a tiny bit at a time.
  4. I've recently picked up a sibling's PS4, and have access to two consoles. I've realized that this is a big boon for certain otherwise troublesome rare Platinums, like Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Ultimate Legends (Plat time goes down from 75h to around 15-20h, and rarity is 0.72%). Are there any other such Platinums you guys could recommend? Extra points for rare ones! Thanks in advance.
  5. I'd say to put at least 1800 on Ichiban if you can. Some of the nastier enemies will dish 1500 in one blow, or possibly even body you before you have time to set up that life-save spell. Very frustrating and not that unlikely. Hell I put 2000 on Ichiban and still had a close call here and there.
  6. They kind of change things up with every new IP - at least in terms of tone. I wouldn't worry too much about the controversial elements of TLOUII carrying over, and worst case scenario, maybe just read a few reviews post-release and choose whether to buy/play from there. No need to escalate disagreements and make personal attacks over this kind of thing, I'd say.
  7. Damn that's a lot. Didn't Disney spend 4 billion on Marvel, for the sake of comparison?
  8. It's an excellent game for the Vita, and handles perfectly well without any technical issues. Very smooth.
  9. I'm not a developer myself, but I'm a moderator for a certain online PS4 game, and I do happen to communicate with the devs quite often. While I know this doesn't fully answer the question, apparently It's actually against the rules that Sony imposes on developers for a free game to have a Platinum. Edit: as theSpirae has pointed out, there are a few free games that this apparently doesn't apply to? So it doesn't quite look like this holds.
  10. My wife used to babysit a 5 year old girl whose go-to game was Unravel!
  11. "It wasn't hard for me, I don't understand how it can have the reputation of a hard game!" Your skill set: Soulsborne Games 10/10 Basic Human Empathy 2/10 Hey, no one's perfect!
  12. IIRC as long as you don't leave the level you can complete it. The missions will be different once you return to the mission select map.
  13. This is basically going to be the biggest harem ever starring Logix
  14. One thing that helped me hit 950+ was keeping my dualshock 4 connected by usb wire. It removes the fraction-of-second input lag. I remember reading the tip originally and being quite skeptical, but it ended up working and I hit 950 within 2-3 tries.
  15. I can't stress enough how important this is. Hell, I even used a protractor with the ruler to figure out how the cue would ricochet.