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  1. Really appreciate the honesty of this brief review. In other gaming websites I have seen too many people in comments sections list what you have in your review as "hand holding". Its usually accompanied with the phrase "its refreshing to have a game that doesn't hold your hand". Listen i understand that people like a challenge, that's fine but some of the things you have mentioned, (lack of fast travel,seemingly broken combat system, lack of any sort of direction, being dropped in a random place after death) one of those things by itself seems forgivable but all of those items combined sounds like a chore.
  2. I strongly agree, true achievements is IMO the best xbox achievements site there is. Walk-through game guides are tied to the game similarly to this website and individual trophies have several tips that I have used myself on cross platform games on the PS4.
  3. This sounds even worse than I imagined. On top of fighting with your fellow teammates to be a pilot, i'm going to have to spend that much time (probably 10-12 hrs for me because me and flying in BF is like oil and water) to have best chance at getting a kill while hoping that someone on the other team is on the stationary weapons. What is the most difficult part of this, the flying, aiming or waiting\hoping that someone is at the stationary weapons?
  4. Same here I’m not a vehicle person and I am especially not a pilot. The idea of fighting over the ability to fly the planes for this trophy is something I am not looking forward to.
  5. If it works like it did in the past, as long as you consistently go after objectives and spot opposing players you should rack up points fairly quickly. Also if you aren't the best sniper you can always use the pistol to kill the opposition.
  6. Just as others have said before unlock inferno and spam triangle. You will get mostly ring outs and or perfects.
  7. I would have done the same thing. Blast through the online as quickly as possible before they nerf/patch easier ways to get XP and then casually play the singleplayer to completion.
  8. Thanks, you have definitely confirmed my fear. Not only do i need to be fortunate enough to find the random object i also have to finish in a certain ranking in blackout.
  9. Yeah some have are slower than the PS3 trophy pops were, as well as not showing the trophy image.
  10. Sorry I meant did you have to finish blackout in a certain position (like finish in the top 15 and find the coins) or is this immediately unlocked when you pick up the coin?
  11. Good info so far thanks. Did you have to come in a certain place in Blackout or just find the coins?
  12. Challenge accepted: Black Ops 3. Zombie trophies aside the personal decorator trophy is brutal.
  13. This goes back to my 1st question: What would be the downside if someone had been able to get the plat before anyone else? In other words we see that someone got the plat early through some sort of early online access. You would still have your game and we would still have ours. My problem/confusion is whats the downside? Im not telling anyone how to enjoy the game. On the contrary I asked how someone getting the plat earlier than possible would ruin someone else's experience Wow asking questions is now being disrespectful and toxic...noted. My OCD comment was referenced to someone physically being upset with someone else getting the platinum. If thats an actual problem for someone (please pay attention to the if as you missed it from my previous post) that's truly is an undue amount of pressure that someone is placing on themselves. Although you said that your explanation was obvious there was someone else that replied to you that was also confused by your statement. Probably not. GTAV had a similar trophy that allowed you to replay every mission in the game to achieve the gold medal.
  14. Forgive me but Im still missing the point here. What stress are you speaking of the race to be first? Are you saying that if someone else plats this before you that would kill the game for you? Im not insulting here, im genuinely asking a question because if its true I am sooo happy to not be burdened by that type of OCD.
  15. I mean.. even if someone did would that ruin your experience with the game?