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  1. For starters a release date and prices would be nice... In all seriousness they don't really need to do anything except pump out attractive exclusives, basically keep on keepin on.
  2. Agreed, the pacing of this game was awful. This was the longest 15-20 hour game i have ever played because of the way you have to finish it. Allowing us to actually skip scenes and commentary would have helped out immensely. Other than that i did enjoy the combat dynamics.
  3. Yes! The doors themselves are weird, they behave as though they have a spring in the doorframe that automatically force closed once a single person has entered.
  4. Ha! Without having any knowledge of this game, the title absolutely makes it seem like it could be the sequel to “one night stand”.
  5. When you say guide, do you mean the trophy guides on this site or any sort of guide in general? Without the trophy guides on this site you can still you other Youtubers (PowerPyx) for collectibles and tips and tricks from the internet. If you are talking ALL guides or any form of reference material i would think everyone's platinum count would be decimated.
  6. Dude same here, you and i are the same age and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to consistently hunt because of life (mainly work travel). Hats off to you for doing it in a management position and a family no way would i be able to pull that off.
  7. Yeah its a little disappointing that they have such a great collectible tracker and apparently no way to track the difficulty of the missions you've completed. If the game weren't divided up into so many chapters keeping track of all 9 wouldn't be an issue but if you play online and get dropped into random chapters makes this
  8. This cannot be upvoted enough, I don’t normally care that much about system updates but I was really disappointed that this couldn’t be implemented in the PS4. I would be pissed if it doesn’t make it to the ps5. I am highly conscious of the fact that the trophy community is in the minority but it’s a feature that the competition has that should have been included in an update. That is one solid list (`especially your #1) I’m not sure how they could be beaten with a decent game library and all of your requests.
  9. As long as PS5 is still being released this year, i'm good.
  10. I picked up the PS2(not on launch because they sold out everywhere but about a month later), PS3 and PS4 on launch, i see no reason to mess with tradition.
  11. Same thing here popped for me at 62 weapons. Bought 3 or 4 guns (just like many of you did) and then...ding.
  12. I laughed way to hard at this sentence. Thanks for the lol.
  13. So you "can't read" but are actively understanding and comprehending everything that I have written?
  14. Right... 1) withing the past 2-3 years almost every Ubisoft game has been "always online" 2) did you look at any reviews before purchasing this that would have almost certainly warned you website(ign gamestop) or customer related(amazon metacritic)? 3) again i have to refer to the online only warning label. Your frustration at the online only is understandable, you somehow overlooking all three points that I made above and still purchasing the game and not knowing about the online requirement is baffling.
  15. So you missed the label that said "ONLINE REQUIRED". I'm not yelling, its in all caps on the bottom left hand portion of the cover