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  1. Thank you for not being rude like i was. Thanks i will buy premium when i get the cash
  2. Lol its called easy trophys guys. I accept the feedback that i may have came on rude and i apologize but its just frustrating that it not just myself but my buddy too using the ip for our trophy updates.
  3. So me and my buddy share the same computer and update our psn profiles regularly. Well we have done it the same amount of time over the last 2 weeks. Now we go to update and it says that our ip has been blocked due to too many update request. Tell me why you have it set that you can update every 60 min if you want but then block our ip. Fix now as it is frustrating as fu**. If we cant update every 60 min manually without you blocking us, then you need to fix all accounts and make it so you can only update every 3-5 hours etc...whatever is convienient so no one else like us gets blocked by this nonsense.