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  1. Checkpoint Charlie glitch only works for definitive version of Vice City
  2. Things like these would only work if this happened to Elon Musk’s son or something
  3. It’s either bugged or you have to keep looking them again. By the way I suggest you switching characters or making quick saves then loading those when you are near the plant’s expected location.
  4. Once you take the money from the cashier or kill him and get the money, it counts as a store robbery for your stats. You can kill yourself if you have trouble losing your wanted level or just simply go to creator, then create an invite only to continue if you don’t want to see your character die or fail anything. By the way I suggest you setting your spawn location before going with this way.
  5. Well if Max Payne 3 was a PS4 game that was released nowadays, Rockstar would’ve fixed many of those glitches in NYMHC mode. Those freeze glitches happened also because of PS3’s old system that will never be updated to fix those glitches. NYMHC is hard but an unfair challenge because of its glitches. The chapter 13 freeze bug and sometimes not loading boss fight at the end kill 3-5 hours of hardwork. If this game gets released today, everyone would’ve talked about glitches and made videos in social media. Right now of course they don’t give a damn about a game from 11 years ago.
  6. Unfortunately no. Missing a person even for a prep causes your criminal mastermind progress reset.
  7. You won’t say the same thing if you live in a 4th world country that you have to pay a fortune to buy a PS5
  8. You can still buy the game but create a new user on your device and play the game on that user if you want to avoid having a game with an unobtainable platinum in your profile. The game is a great experience. A game mode called new york hardcore is one of the hardest challenges ever. While online trophies are unobtainable, this could be a second reason for playing the game on a new user that doesn’t connect to PSN.
  9. No single player trophy is missable but I suggest you making some saves after completing The Big Score mission if you want to go for the “non-cannon” choices.
  10. Finally hearing some good news in my life. I hope they’ll be released to PS4 as well.
  11. The game wants you to “pay” for the pay’n spray in classic versions. On the Drive By Mission, pay’n spray is free to use because of the game tutorialing you about the pay’n spray system. Well instead of that, you can unlock this trophy anytime before Drive By mission or wait until catalyst mission which pay’n spray feature is used.
  12. You should’ve checked it before you played this year mate. I hope you’ve at least had fun from your single player experience
  13. This is going to be harder than dark souls