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  1. Damn that guy and other tryhard players are much more worse than GTA Online tryhards on PS4 and PC. I encountered that guy a couple of times and IMO he was using mods many times but he rarely turned his mods off and could be killed afterwards. I figured out that he couldn’t be killed even from a melee attack from behind. He’s just someone trying to show himself off in a dead game that people joined its multiplayer just to unlock their trophies. I guess he would have some traumas after shutdown because he’ll find nothing to get rid of his boredom.
  2. I think there are 4 possibilities on chapter 13 section. These possibilities are depends on if you have potato ps3 or not: 1) Decent PS3 & Disc version: In this one, IMO there are hardly any problems even if you play online and don’t touch golden guns. 2) Decent PS3 & Digital version: There are sometimes problems occuring in certain areas like chapter 7 or the goddamn chapter 13. But having a decent device mostly prevents them from occuring. 3) Potato PS3 & Disc version: If you play with golden guns being on and being online, the game has problems even from first chapter. But when you play offline and turn golden guns off, there are 2 parts that can make you crazy. First, chapter 13 bug always happens if you don’t kill the last guy with melee animation. And then there is another disgusting bug that happens to me 2 times (1 in a normal playthrough). This bug is the game not being able to load the final part of destroying Becker. Max was somehow invincible in the cutscene, then a fail screen appeared when I played. I think this is worse than chapter 13 bug because you complete the final fight but the game just wants you to be failed. 4) Potato PS3 & Digital version: Avoiding the chapter 13 bug is just impossible. It even happens if I melee the final guy. That was the part I gave up completing the NYM HC on digital version during helping a friend. I completed NYM HC 3 times in my life with my potato PS3. I guess the 3rd time was the last time ever in my life completing it unless this game comes out on PS5. But if anyone still wants help I would help but a bit later. Right now I need some break with this game. 😆
  3. Do leveling up in m4 also require playing in public lobby? I know you didn’t mention that one for the trophies that can be done in private lobbies. But technically any kills with M4 should’ve helped building its level.
  4. Finally did it after 1 fail in final boss fight and another classical freeze in chapter 13! Damn that run was my most stressful moment in my entire gaming life. On my winning run, I meleed the last guy before the lmg guy in chapter 13. Then I was almost hit by Becker’s grenade at the end. That was damn a close call. By the way during the attempt that I died by Becker, I had an aim-locking problem since chapter 7. Many times Max suddenly aimed somewhere without me pressing any button. That problem can not be solved unless you restart your game. I just tried to avoid that with changing the weapon or pausing my game everytime. Even if I managed to avoid randomly aiming, it then came back again and again. And the moment that this goddamn randomly aiming started in final boss fight ruined everything. I got hit by many enemies, last man stands began, almost all my painkillers were wasted... And at that moment I missed what Becker was about to do. That was a painful fail but I managed to get him next time.
  5. I played with disc version. I always play offline and disable golden guns. I need to know what I should do for avoiding this freezing problem in that chapter. In this run, I rushed to right side immediately and managed to kill the 2 enemies in the offices because I’ve heard that killing one of them at last caused that problem. But yeah it still froze. Right now, I need another solution. It better be another in game method. Because at least for once the game didn’t freeze. Otherwise that means I have to either do some hardware related thing or delete my game and restart all over... Here is my situation right now
  6. My 3rd time freezing here. This time I wanted to leave the enemy at the left side. In my 2 previous fails at the same place, an enemy from the right side was the last guy to kill. I guess there is no solution for this. Sadly the idiot bug didn’t occur only once in one of my first attempts and that was unfortunately during the time I was a rookie comparing to this attempt. 7 painkillers, more than 18 minutes. Goddamn Freeze Payne 3.... The game that hardwork is not accepted.
  7. I want to stab the developer that decided to add a trophy for this mode 28 times and drink his blood afterwards. Fate and any spiritual thing are against me on my runs everyday. My personal best is dying at the end of chapter 13’s boss fight because of rushing (I got 1 min left.) And in another run, my game froze before the LMG guy in chapter 13. I had 5 painkillers + 9:30 time left when the goddamn device froze... Afterwards I had ridiculous fails last 2 days. -Dying at the beginning of chapter 10 by the sniper. I had 20 mins left. Concentration loss. -Killed myself accidently in chapter 5. Today I lost 2 runs in row because of... PASSOS... -In chapter 11, at some point noone spawned. I thought I killed everybody. I moved forward and paused. When I came back, the guys spawned and a cutscene of this s.o.b dying started. I had 19 mins left and I never died in chapter 11 (will surely die soon xd) -In chapter 8, I don’t know how. This sob managed to get killed at the end. In every run, either I died so simple with a concentration loss or a system failure like the screen freezing or alternate fails starting. My guess is Giovanna dying soon for pissing myself. My pain after all the fails is worse than DarkViperAU’s OHKO run fails. Because I keep better everytime but there will always be something wrong. I guess I should leave this until august when I am more available. The time I wasted for these runs ruins my life at the moment.
  8. I think if you reach 100% without reaching the top 50 fastest achievers list you won’t be flagged. So my advice for you is to leave a single player trophy and reach 100% in more than 2-3 months. I think it’s stupid to flag someone unless the player hacks, mods or completely cheats his trophies. And protecting people with fastest times? Damn most of them don’t even know they’ve reached that list and anyone that played GTA before can casually reach 100% in maximum 2 weeks with a bounty placed by a modder but it’s unfortunately people with annoying thoughts’ decision. There is nothing we could do.
  9. If someone unlocks this trophy recently please let everyone here know!
  10. By the way he is a friend of mine and he got the div 4 trophy after winning all displacement matches. I helped him during his run for that. But now the only way he can get the trophy is playing matches against players that have squads of football legends.
  11. Alright thanks for your advice. I hope the trophies will pop up for him.
  12. Hey guys I have a friend that transferred himself from PS4 to PS5 long time ago. After his transfer, some of his FUT trophies autopopped. Nowadays I helped him getting all Volta trophies from PS4 version of Fifa 21 and he finally reached platinum on PS4 version. Is it possible to sync new trophies from PS4 to PS5? Or did he lose that chance when he transferred himself?
  13. Don’t worry. Just look at the list of fastest achievers of GTA 5’s PS3 version. Even hacker players haven’t ever been removed yet. And many of the top 20 have suspicious activity. Edit: I guess finally the cheater players have been removed. There is a cheater player in Gta IV that took the lead with many single player trophies being unlocked at the same time and there is a cheater leader in GTA San Andreas who cheated with the same way. But they would be removed later. I don’t know if all the players with suspicious activity really cheated their game or not. But I guess if they didn’t they would post their dispute and show that they didn’t cheat.
  14. I have some questions at the moment. I’m close to reach OP’s stats but my pace got stuck at 74 and it hasn’t changed for like 10 matches. I’ve been playing as a defender and I’ve increased my character’s weight like 100 kg because otherwise it looked like my character’s “physical” wouldn’t ever be increased. But now pace becomes my problem. So what should I do right now? Can I play as midfielder or striker then go back to defense? I’m afraid that if I change my character’s body stats then my physical will go down and it’ll hardly ever increase... Edit: Damn finally reached platinum and got this one of the worst trophies ever in gaming. The key is to reach 80 at all 3 positions without using skill points then just changing the avatar’s height and weight stats randomly. It suddenly popped up and case closed for me.
  15. I’ve already done those and reported them. Until today, there are even 2 players with ridiculous times less than an hour appeared at fastest achievers’ list.