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  1. Have completed the story mission for the first two warlords but have no trophies to show for it. Anyone else having the same problem?
  2. Anyone else having trouble with the Group Therapy trophy? I completed about 8 or 9 of the places solo without being downed but it still hasn’t popped for me. I’ve read that it is possible to complete solo so don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any advice?
  3. Doesn’t seem as though the level boost is going to be available until 3/3. 😭 No worries I’ll just get used to the game by playing the base and level if up a bit before boosting the rest of the way.
  4. Looking to get involved with Division 2. F I buy the base game then pre order the dlc from within the game will I be able to immediately get the boost to 30 for free or do I have to wait for the dlc release date? (when I say immediately I do understand that I need to play a bit of the game first before unlocking the store)
  5. Issue sorted. Not sure how to delete topic.
  6. Have done well over 20 missions from the message boards now and the trophy won’t pop. Any tips or somewhere I can confirm how many have been registered? Last trophy I need before Play.
  7. Thanks @ThePhatMatt I did exactly this and eventually after setting a save point by that farm and reloading the game 6 times one spawned.
  8. Anyone know of a good spawn location for the Devon Bull? I’ve been to most of the big cattle farms and only ever seem to find Angus Bulls. Do I just keep returning until one spawns or is there a farm that nearly always has one.
  9. Spoilers have now been placed in correct hidden version. Thanks @ImmortalFox-
  10. I’m doing it on mobile so don’t get the editor options. I’ll take a look at it later on pc and make the changes you recommended. Thanks.
  11. What do you mean put them in one? I don’t understand why people would be pissed if I’m warning them prior to the spoiler. I’m new to the forum and don’t understand how everything works.
  12. Spoilers for game prior to epilogue 1. I haven't yet finished the epilogues so don't worry there are no spoilers beyond the title screen for Ep1.
  13. Oh, ok so it just hasn't been released yet. I thought it was a day one patch and that they were just ridiculously hard to get. 🤔
  14. Does anyone know how to get the DLC trophies? It seems as though no one has got them yet as it stands at 0.00% at time of post.
  15. Still can't find a link to download Episode 2. 😔