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  1. Thank you!
  2. HelloI want to know which country version this game is. Is it the European version?
  3. There is no Korean for the trophy list language on the psnprofiles site. If you look at other sites, they are all games with a Korean trophy list... Okay. Thanks.
  4. All "Korean" is missing from the recently added game's trophy list.I think it started when the trophy of PS5 came out.There are so many that I can't organize it.The trophy is "Hangul," but the DLC added will be listed as "English".Please take action.勇者鬥惡龍xi-s-尋覓逝去的時光 There's a lot more than this.....
  5. I was reported for a quick level-up.Link is currently my PS3 GTA5 screenshot.If you look at the second link, there are many RP AFK maps.If "Run Like the Wind" is a problem, should we flag all users who have won the trophy since April 2017?Isn't there no problem with the trophy being "bounty" and having to "survive 30 minutes on your own"?Does the hacker give you the "Run Like the Wind" trophy right away?It's not.
  6. I understand that the acquisition of the "Run Like The Wind" trophy has been decided not to be an issue with psnprofiles.The reason I was reported is that the level-up is too fast as stated above.But GTA5 can raise the level quickly with RP AFK.
  7. kgunsoul Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto V • Reason: It is possible that you did not level up quickly due to the Heists update, but received a quick level up from a hacker (I hope that the trophies that cannot be obtained ps3 are determined not possible). GTA5 can create and share maps within the game.As a result, RP AFK exists in PS4 / PS3.I uploaded it with two PS3.Go to Google and search for 'PS3 GTA5 RP AFK'.There's also an article about psnprofile.
  8. Achievement 46Equipment fates and remove 100 enemy bodiesRelease more than Two Fate skillFate to head shot 100 times. Achievement 48Equipment the emeryβ and remove 1,000 enemy bodiesEquipment Horro III and remove 1,000 enemy bodiesEquipment T-human[ii] and remove 1,000 enemy bodiesI used a translator.