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  1. Based on the information I checked, KR,HK DL IS It is included here. Japanese Physical is... It is included here.
  2. Hello. Please change this.It's wrong.AS->PH>DL isn't it right to go into the Neptunia series rather than the Senran Kagura series?The title is not Senran Kagura, but Neptune, and it is Neptune's external work. Senran Kagura series ->Neptunia series閃乱忍忍忍者大戦ネプテューヌ-少女達の響艶/
  3. Where is this from?The JP package says AS.Is it JP DL?
  4. One changed the name of the psn.The other two had not changed.I couldn't match it, so I thought it would match if I changed the psn name.
  5. We were all Korean.우리는 모두 한국인이었다.The three are not matched at all. 모인 멤버들 중 3명은 전혀 매칭이 되질 않는다.However, if you try to match with a different account in the same ps3, it matches immediately.그러나 같은 ps3에서 다른 계정으로 매칭을 시도하면 바로 매칭된다.
  6. There is an online bug. Some people can't match others with their accounts. It doesn't move on from "connecting". I gathered people for the 12-member trophy, and these symptoms appeared in three people. No matter what Wi-Fi, wired, or tethering you do, it doesn't match anyone else. It is not a server problem, but an account problem. Does anyone know the solution? (Because it's a translator, my meaning might not be delivered properly)
  7. Thank you!
  8. HelloI want to know which country version this game is. Is it the European version?
  9. There is no Korean for the trophy list language on the psnprofiles site. If you look at other sites, they are all games with a Korean trophy list... Okay. Thanks.
  10. All "Korean" is missing from the recently added game's trophy list.I think it started when the trophy of PS5 came out.There are so many that I can't organize it.The trophy is "Hangul," but the DLC added will be listed as "English".Please take action.勇者鬥惡龍xi-s-尋覓逝去的時光 There's a lot more than this.....
  11. Achievement 46Equipment fates and remove 100 enemy bodiesRelease more than Two Fate skillFate to head shot 100 times. Achievement 48Equipment the emeryβ and remove 1,000 enemy bodiesEquipment Horro III and remove 1,000 enemy bodiesEquipment T-human[ii] and remove 1,000 enemy bodiesI used a translator.