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  1. dw 6 empires , sooo easy , can earn it in 1 or 2 days
  2. the insider
  3. one piece : pirate warriors & blazeblue I'm damn jealous cuz i hate trophies which based on luck -_____-"
  4. one piece : pirate warriors 2 and the EN version of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f
  5. u started playing flower ? i love that game so <3

    1. EliteVega


      yup, got it on sell.

  6. banned for replaying to A-brawl3r
  7. black cat gehehehe >w< (the ava in my sig)
  8. yugioh 5ds card packs x20
  9. hi everyone I'm stuck at the last coin that i need to achive all skill i got whole coin except "robin new world mark" although i reached lv.50 w her but still not earning it i know the tip which says "play ep 11 as many as u can" I've played it many & many in hard lvl & im rly bored from it i tried ti lvl up the other characters & it hadnt help any hope someone coukd gimme a good
  10. 1 Tip Become a Signer Defeat Yusei 38.79% Uncommon
  11. Trouble Maker >w< - make a trouble for whole ppl u met in life
  12. shingeki no kyojin of course
  13. dynasty warriors 7 xtreme legends
  14. 1-shugo chara 2-one piece 3-megumi nakajima 4-lucky star 5-saint seiya