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  1. Anyone got the bloody roots trophy on vampyr? Need some help. I've got all the collectibles and used right code for the door but it won't open. I looked at each collectible until I found 6 that each had dots and a symbol. It worked on my first playthrough but now on my second it won't work. Need to get the weapon from the puzzle for the tools of the profession trophy. Just need 2 trophies to get the platinum. I've also tried following guides, reinstalled game and waiting for tile to go down before moving on to the next one. Nothing is yet to work, had no problems on my first playthrough. Any help is much appreciated. Ignore the above managed to get it to work in the end.
  2. Trophy hunting is something that I have gotten into over the last couple of months. I'm currently in two mind sets and don't know wheather to create a new account dedicated for it. I've been trying to get my average game completetion percentage up but half the games I don't have any more. I'm not sure on what to do. Or should I stick with my current account and just not worry about it