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  1. Anyone got any idea how to save the last 15 mins of gameplay on new update? Might be being dumb but 'Share Video Clip' just leads to links to social media..

    1. CMDR-Z


      It will ask you to share it if you click video clip, but it should have saved it when you clicked on such. Go into Capture Gallery and check it out.

    2. SmashThruPlanets


      Thanks for responding - that worked when I just repeated the process (not that what I actually wanted to save was recorded anymore!) - definitely didn't do that when I tried before - the recording wasn't saved in Capture Gallery. Got a 'video clip saved' popup this time which I didn't get before. Oh well. Appreciate the help :)

  2. FO4 season pass is up to £39.99 already.. It's still Feb here!! Had to wait until today to get paid :(

    1. CasaDeBen


      Oh damn i forgot about that. Oh well. Ill ait till theres a sale one year

  3. Can anyone confirm whether trophies unlock in the FREE version of the first episodes of Telltale GoT/Tales from Borderlands?

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    2. Azaan60


      I can confirm they do

    3. SmashThruPlanets


      OK cool, should hopefully be the same then! Thanks :)

    4. SmashThruPlanets


      Thanks for confirmation Azaan - you must have posted whilst I was typing!

  4. Ugh.. one son in hospital, can't be with him as no-one to look after the other, probably going to lose my job if I can't go in Monday/Tuesday.. FML

    1. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Shit, hope it turns out well.

    2. CasaDeBen


      Not sure if you can lose your job if you have to be in a hospital with your kin. But maybe you have different rules. Cant goto hospital with our child? Hope everything works out...

    3. SmashThruPlanets


      Thanks guys. Ben, you might be right, maybe i'm just stressing myself out.. BUT I have just had a warning for non-attendance for other absences. (Legit but personal stuff, not like this). Couldn't leave my wife on kids ward with both of them, 1 year old is insane when it comes to being anywhere that isn't our house..! It'll work itself out. Son should be fine.

  5. Today I got 2 Bronzes, 2 Silvers, 2 Golds, and 2 Platinums :)

    1. Dr_Mayus


      you're a wizard, harry

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      How neat is that!?!

  6. 10 trophies til 4 digits, hmm what's gonna be #1,000!?

  7. 3ds XL and Pokémon X just arrived.. I'll be gone some time.

    1. Beyondthegrave07
    2. Omar


      You're gonna LOVE your time with Pokemon X! Enjoy! :)

  8. Walking Dead plat was my 669th trophy.. 666th would have been so much more fitting!

  9. PS4 owners - hope you've enjoyed the first day! Not feeling TOO jealous luckily..

  10. Third triathlon on GTAV... Seriously Rockstar? After mashing X non-stop for 25 minutes I hit a pedestrian on a sharp bend and failed the race. Heavy Rage

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    2. Redgrave


      You mean the game said you failed when you hit someone? That's odd. I wound up running over another racer that fell off his bike and I managed to win.

    3. SmashThruPlanets


      omegarevan, yeah I hit plenty of other racers off their bikes, guess that's allowed, but as soon as I hit a spectator it was an instant fail. xWSPx420x way to make me feel even more apprehensive about trying this stupid thing again :P

    4. -Dark Mark-
  11. Just saw you playing the assassination missions on GTAV, enjoy your *Dr Evil voice* one billion dollars!

    1. AndroidFox


      I wish, only made like $30,000 from them, lol.

  12. So I just cancelled my PS4 preorder... Nothing coming out at launch is interesting me as much as some of the PS3 games I've missed saving up. First time I've ever been excited about a shopping spree!

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    2. daftprophet


      ^Exactly why I always wait

    3. SmashThruPlanets


      Good, makes my decision feel more justified people agreeing with me on here, thanks. (And my fears of this community hurtling onward without me have dwindled!) Hope you enjoyed la playa today Skippy!

    4. REDSHIRT64


      I'm going to sell both my pre-orders now as well. you are not alone my friend

  13. Mezzin, nice to meet a fellow DnB head. I used to DJ but had to sell my decks due to money problems :( but yeah might have to add you on PSN later, can roll on GTAV or something!

    1. SmashThruPlanets


      Some of my older mixes on if you're interested, should be able to DL without an account afaik :)

    2. AndroidFox


      Wicked, I'll check em later. I would love to get into mixing or production myself but the hardware and software is too expensive, need to find a job first. Feel free to add me on PSN, none of the people on my friends list play GTA Online so it'd be good to have someone to play with.

  14. Come on England! Attacking lineup, I like..

  15. GTAV story mode glitched on me.. Just finished and stuck on 68/69 missions. FFS :(

    1. Razza


      Same has happened to me mate I have managed to completely miss the Ballad Of Rocco mission :(

    2. SmashThruPlanets


      Yeah that's the mission I saw a lot of people mention. I actually was able to do that one, worked out my missed one was 'Legal Trouble'. Same 'set' of missions though. Sucks, think I'm gonna replay the story though want that 100%!

  16. "I'll try and get as far as I can in GTAV tonight before Online comes out", I thought.. 45 minutes later I realise all I've done is ride a motorbike randomly around the countryside.

  17. Yay 5th Plat - Saints Row the Third. Very fun game! New trophies didn't show up when I updated profile though..

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    2. zadorvp


      Congratulations :D

    3. Skippy


      Congratz. I got this plat last week and loved it.

    4. skateak


      Congrats. Updates are good and working now. Just update your profile and the new trophies will be there.

  18. Finally this day has come! GTAV!! Now, just gotta work for 8 hours then go to a doctor's appointment.. FML

  19. Thanks Ni No Kuni, that was fun :)

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      If inanimate objects could talk back, I'm sure it would say "Your welcome!" :)