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  1. Anyone got any idea how to save the last 15 mins of gameplay on new update? Might be being dumb but 'Share Video Clip' just leads to links to social media..

    1. CrumpetOfDojima


      It will ask you to share it if you click video clip, but it should have saved it when you clicked on such. Go into Capture Gallery and check it out.

    2. SmashThruPlanets


      Thanks for responding - that worked when I just repeated the process (not that what I actually wanted to save was recorded anymore!) - definitely didn't do that when I tried before - the recording wasn't saved in Capture Gallery. Got a 'video clip saved' popup this time which I didn't get before. Oh well. Appreciate the help :)

  2. FO4 season pass is up to £39.99 already.. It's still Feb here!! Had to wait until today to get paid :(

    1. CasaDeBen


      Oh damn i forgot about that. Oh well. Ill ait till theres a sale one year

  3. Thanks - I have heard that. I'll most likely pick it up, think my main problem is never being able to decide on one or two characters to learn, so I'll be more stubborn with myself this time round!
  4. I'm torn on this.. I hear there's not much in the way of single player/vs ai modes. I'm awful at fighting games in general, and barely ever brave enough to try out online, but I'm always drawn to them for some reason. I enjoy playing against the computer even if I'm terrible (at least until I get bored of arcade mode after a couple of weeks). Is there anyone else on here on the same wavelength but still getting this? I have it preordered but I'm not totally convinced yet. Feels like everyone else is always a total pro at these games, but maybe if there's enough of us on here we could 'git gud' together..!
  5. Can anyone confirm whether trophies unlock in the FREE version of the first episodes of Telltale GoT/Tales from Borderlands?

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    2. Azaan60


      I can confirm they do

    3. SmashThruPlanets


      OK cool, should hopefully be the same then! Thanks :)

    4. SmashThruPlanets


      Thanks for confirmation Azaan - you must have posted whilst I was typing!

  6. Dude.. I agree soundtrack-wise.. That's it. Hotline Miami. I am AWFUL at Hotline Miami. Seriously. Go look at my lack of trophies if you're that way inclined. Note that big red 'F' and all those trophies I haven't got. I am AWFUL at this game... But... This game is awesome! Dat soundtrack! Dat more-ishness! My Vita told me I might want to wear headphones and damn was she right! (I will qualify my position by saying I've only played for short bursts now and again but) as indie games go, as games that cost £6 on sale go, what the hell more do you want? This is a game that is ridiculously replayable, fun, with fairly high production values for an indie game, an awesome soundtrack, and a 'do-able' platinum trophy, It's perfect for satisfying the post-work bloodlust, and it cost you the price of a pint and a bag of peanuts. Just enjoy it *I realise you aren't OP. Rocket League hate is a dangerous game though fella *
  7. Hey, I apologise if this doesn't warrant a whole new topic as I expect it probably doesn't. Lock/delete this if you wish. Now I'm all premium and stuff, I was hoping to change my display name to my actual name (Ché), as 1) it's not too different from my PSN ID and 2) my PSN ID sucks. The problem I encountered is obviously the 'é' bit. I'm totally used to rejection of my proper name seeing as for some reason my parents decided that silly little line would be a good idea - I expect they didn't take the internet into account when choosing on account of it being the 80s. I understand that this may be purposeful to avoid people getting ₡Ɽⱥz¥ with their names, so I understand if it's a REQUEST DENIED, but if it's no hassle on your end, is there any chance of allowing accents on premium account display names? Either way - next stop Sony now that real names are a thing on PSN! Thanks for your time
  8. I (finally) got this trophy a few days ago, still works in UK at least.. I didn't use a VPN to get the trophy quicker or anything, just did a challenge a week for ever and ever so I can't help on that. That might be your only option though if they aren't supporting other European countries anymore. Hope you work it out!
  9. This is quite strange considering they presumably still need to fill the trophy 'slots' vacated by the absent multiplayer trophies.. Why use fake DLC for these trophies? Purely so more people are able to get the platinum? I generally have the shot accuracy of the average stormtrooper in these games so the idea of a speedrun doesn't excite me too much tbh - as Suicidal Turtle (good name) said, might be a run-and-gun shotgun job
  10. Only if they did delivery so I could eat whilst playing Super Uncharted Maker on my Sontendo PlayBox U
  11. Ugh, the sun - an unexpected window into how gormless you look when you're concentrating on a game..!
  12. Ugh.. one son in hospital, can't be with him as no-one to look after the other, probably going to lose my job if I can't go in Monday/Tuesday.. FML

    1. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Shit, hope it turns out well.

    2. CasaDeBen


      Not sure if you can lose your job if you have to be in a hospital with your kin. But maybe you have different rules. Cant goto hospital with our child? Hope everything works out...

    3. SmashThruPlanets


      Thanks guys. Ben, you might be right, maybe i'm just stressing myself out.. BUT I have just had a warning for non-attendance for other absences. (Legit but personal stuff, not like this). Couldn't leave my wife on kids ward with both of them, 1 year old is insane when it comes to being anywhere that isn't our house..! It'll work itself out. Son should be fine.

  13. Another great one from Good News was Daniel Simonsen - as a pretty socially awkward person myself, this is gold.
  14. These should totally be Delsin's new powers in the next inFamous game
  15. If there's two paths ahead, I'll go down one to try and see if it's the right one, then will head back to the other path to see if there's anything to collect.. Then it will turn out that in fact the second path is the right one, so I'll head back down the first one again.. and inevitably there'll be nothing of interest there anyway. Games are fun.
  16. Pix The Cat (PS4) - Top 10 Crew! - 1.93% - 814 achievers I generally seem to gravitate towards easier games*, but this one is fun. Nowhere near quick-fingered enough to get the 100% though! *The usual plan is to get all my simple games out the way before starting on the harder stuff... Pity my list of 'simple' games keeps growing much faster than I can finish them!
  17. That sucks . Hasn't happened to me yet, but I know that it would really annoy me, even if I haven't got specific milestone trophies.. There really should be some fix to stop that happening, although I suppose PSNP is where it's the most obvious problem, not on the PSN itself, so I doubt it would ever happen..
  18. Only thing that bothers me about open world games is when you are free to do whatever but the story tries to rush you along.. Feels wrong wandering off for hours to find some item that'll totally maybe come in handy later when the world is moments away from annihilation and you are the only one that can save the planet..
  19. It's up now. Some good games if you don't mind PSP (trophyless) games, otherwise not a lot going on in my opinion other than Gravity Rush/Sly Cooper unfortunately!
  20. Amazing, thank you! Will add you when I can get on the PS4 later.
  21. Hey, I'm not in any hurry to boost all the trophies this game as I like messing around myself - however I do need to throw some diamonds at someone!! (also on the Vita version but don't worry if you can't help with that, I can post there separately later). If someone is happy to help, you can join me (I have a 500m minecart track/can prob help with most other trophies bar the end ones as I haven't done that yet) or I can come to you. Would be grateful for any help!
  22. Somerset checking in And this is literally me all the time recently. (Well, different games, and cider and cheddar cheese replacing the snackage naturally, but still). I want a special platinum for #30 but I have NO idea what it'll be at the moment. But sorry, PSN+ offering Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment - you'll have to wait.
  23. Sure, I would most likely pay. I love PSNP (even though I don't really post anymore since my laptop died) but it is kinda fiddly on my phone.
  24. Today I got 2 Bronzes, 2 Silvers, 2 Golds, and 2 Platinums :)

    1. Dr_Mayus


      you're a wizard, harry

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      How neat is that!?!

  25. 10 trophies til 4 digits, hmm what's gonna be #1,000!?