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  1. No news yet. Nothing new in the EA forums yet. I got the Plat but still want to help others.
  2. You have to go into 'The League' IMMEDIATELY after exiting the game mode you got CLUTCH in. No other modes but that will pop it.
  3. Or you could go by my trophy guide and roadmap......
  4. It's a sickening grind. I just passed level 19 in Live Run and don't know if i will want to play that mode anymore after i hopefully Plat this here in February. I can't believe World Domination is still glitched as well. I have been pounding the EA forums, but still no fix.
  5. Thanks for this. I have the goggles for Ghost Recon:Wildlands and for The Division. Why not have it here as well? Seeing that Shadownet computer made me think of Blacklist. Loved that game so much!
  6. F-ing hilarious!
  7. What you have to do is head into 'The League.' The trophy will pop there, believe it or not. That's how i and a few others were able to get it to pop. So, try again. Exit. Go into 'The League.' It should pop in the loading screen.
  8. Good answer. I guess they felt Hardcore is more appropriate this time around.
  9. It definitely is glitched. I posted on the EA NBA Live '19 forums about it. I was one of the few that unlocked it on release day, after winning a Live Run game. Just keep pounding the forums. I have a couple of PSN friends that have the same problem. There was an update yesterday - 1/18/19 that may have fixed it. I don't want to spend the time trying on my alternate account, but i think you guys should play and win the last game again to see if it's been fixed. If they do or did fix it, i doubt it will pop automatically, so try that last game and see what happens.
  10. I just got the trophy, but in one of my final attempts, i foolishly pointed my gun at the bear and got insta-killed. It smacked me, and next thing i know, white screen. I always used either a double-barrel or pump shotgun.
  11. You can create up to 5 players 'in the game.'
  12. I better do that ASAP! Just reached level 15 in Live Run. Going from 14 to 15 seemed like an eternity. At 15, i can see the promised land!
  13. I just read that 'World Domination' is glitching for users on PS4 and XBox One. I posted on the EA forums. I got mine to pop in September after winning a 'Live Run' game. I guess i was lucky. I had problems with 'Clutch,' but a user found that going into 'The League' it will pop. I tried it, and that's how to pop that. I have no known way to fix World Domination atm, other than flood the forums if any of you don't get it after winning all World Tour games at each venue.
  14. Just got this late November 2018. Boy is this pure hell. I cannot put into words the emotions this game made me experience. Only got to level 4 once, lol. This reminds me of Flappy Goat because that travesty was the same. Easy for some, mind numblingly hard for others. Good thing it's only $5.
  15. I advise anyone that is looking to Plat this to get this asap as online is pretty empty. LUT is ridiculously empty.