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  1. I'm a trophy hunter as well, but i don't trade games in. I like having a game collection. Anyone with insight knew that a title like The Division 2 would get DLC and trophies later. That said, no matchmaking is a joke. What the hell were they thinking? It will be easier to get 9 people on 2 teams each to play some pick up baseball, lol.
  2. Is this true? Can you curse on these forums? lol. Damn Mother-Fathers!
  3. I bought the game day one, but haven't even finished chapter 2 in story, believe it or not. I have all but 3 online trophies, but for some reason have no desire to come back right now. Releasing the online so quickly wasn't a good idea, imo.
  4. Yes, it's 1 million. Things slow down considerably. It's a nasty grind. Glad it's over for me.
  5. I like the game a lot. It feels so realistic at times. The soundtrack is underratedly good
  6. So glad you and others got this. It wasn't looking good for awhile. I messaged about 3 of my PSN friends to let them know. This is truly great. I was nice to have 'Platinum Domination' for about a month! Now it's 6 of us maniacs who grinded to this Plat.
  7. No. Just the main game. You cannot use the infinites for the 4th survivor either.
  8. CV was great on a few levels, but some parts just turned me off years later after playing it on the Dreamcast. The part where you constantly get those bug things on your back that drained health when health was scarce. Steve was annoying as was his other self. The cross dressing freak was annoying af. But it had an incredible atmosphere, at least in the Dreamcast days. The remaster remains un-Platted because of that part where you have to go really far w/o saving and if you get crushed by that thing that crushes that sphere for the key, and have to survive Steve's 2nd form. I thought RE7 was creepy, but still doesn't feel like RE. My most lasting memory from that is the nasty food! And the fact that i missed the first coin not knowing we couldn't return to that intro house. It was a truly disgusting game. Marguerite with the bugs by her poozy. EEEK! The reason RE2 was/is so special is that it was an upgrade from the original, which remains my favorite game all-time. The first time we saw the giant alligator, it was mindblowing at the time. It had 2 discs, it had the 'Resident Evil......TWOOO' after you pressed start. It gave the A and B scenarios that added length to it. It was a different world then. At times this 2019 version didn't feel like the original at all. When we first got to the Police station and the music came on in the original, it was epic. The first time we saw Lickers as well. Then there was that cutscene when we were introduced to T-103. Him coming down the hall for us the first few times was insane. I'm glad the OP posted this. It makes sense. Not everyone will understand the appeal of this series. However, i have a niece who is an RE junkie! She 'got it' back in the day when she saw me and my nephew playing games like this for hours. She used to be timid, and played on 'easy.' This proud Uncle had to smile a few weeks ago when i saw her playing this on Standard. Although just my niece, i said 'Das mah girl!'
  9. Jeez, man! It's only 29 games! Play them! That may be why. What i did was start with 6 minute quarters, then i dropped it all the way down to 2 or 3 minutes as the season was ending. I even played all playoff games (was only 4) to ensure i won the championship.
  10. This is wonderful news! I was lucky to be only the 5th to Plat this, but that is because this trophy wasn't unlocking. I was super lucky to have got it in September. Now others can grind towards a very satisfying platinum. This fix is sort of like what SDS did to fix the Diamond Dynasty tutorial trophy, which glitched on me. When they fixed it, all you had to do was enter DD to unlock it.
  11. I was able to be a starter in my first season, and won the MVP and got the trophy. I got this and 'Getting The Ring' on November 1st. That was definitely my 1 and only season.
  12. This is truly shocking. Capcom is the same company that required us to finish w/o saving, without using the item box, & Ethan must die. End of Zoe and Not a hero on Professional. Now they get soft like this? I admit i'm an average player that still sucks at aiming with a controller, so i reluctantly accept this, as i never Platted an RE game despite RE1 being my favorite video game ever.
  13. Sorry to hear that, man. In the future, for any other game, back up your files to a USB to play it safe.
  14. It's my lowest percentage of NHL trophies unlocked in a long time. It's almost always the same bs. I'm not good at controlling all 5 players, so i could never reach division 1 in HUT. I can't stand 1's, 3's or mascots, lol, so there you go as far as what i think of this list.
  15. I agree. I hated going for lvl 20. I rarely played on Hard or Very Hard, because even though i knew i'd lose some games, i wanted to keep them to a minimum. The farther you go, you get better players, but i found in games where dunks are worth 5 or more points, my dunkers would do layups instead!! Countless times. Hang in there. Do marathon sessions and get it done. It will happen.