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  1. It's definitely better than '2.' By.......miles! I don't need planes or boats, just give me better looking cities as there are in this. Yesterday, i fired this up because i needed to relax from the tension of TLOU2 and MLB '20 The show. I just drove around and smiled, because this game is special. I'm going to try to Plat this now in June/July 2020. I NEVER uninstalled this game as it is still my favorite racing game on PS4. Phenomenal game. I have to get lucky and find boosters that still have this.
  2. I got this recently. I used 6 minute quarters and had no problems. I think that is the best route. Don't worry about your grade, just score, score, score!
  3. Wasn't Max Payne 3 long? It had the infamous 'The Shadows Rushed Me' Silver trophy.
  4. How do we perform this?
  5. So far, my five goal trophy popped at 6. Haven't played much more yet.
  6. Thank you for this guide. I remember early on a lot of people were totally in the dark about this game. I will get it soon.
  7. I just winged it. The only trophy I had to figure out was driving out of the area in 'School.' Thanks 4 the guide, though.
  8. Thank you.
  9. Don't worry, you're not alone. I wonder if you have it by now! It's my last trophy for the Plat as well. I so want to make this my 100th! EDIT: Ha! The post in the forum trick works again. Mere hours after I post I get this in a Demo Mode game! Decided to continue after I let the game go to demo mode a second time unintentionally. So ironic that Brett Gardner has the weakest arm out of him, Judge and Stanton, but he got the OF assist for the trophy. Crazy.
  10. I just missed twice yesterday. It seems the best results come from hits to right field. I've tried runners on 2nd and runners on 3rd. I've tried goading runners into taking that extra base, but no dice so far. It should come, but it's a bit frustrating. Last trophy i need for Plat 100.
  11. If anyone is having the problem of your catcher's throw meter not showing up, as mine wasn't, just delete the game file, not your save files, of course. You'll have to play that intro game again because for some reason, my game didn't fully download although i left the PS4 in rest mode. I got a runner out at 3rd as i failed 3 times in a row throwing to 2nd base. I thought this may be a Plat breaker for me, being a button user for all my years playing this.
  12. How do i find which scenarios have car couplings?
  13. I just finished it and have to say that i agree that it's a very good game. The last mission was a little weak and by then i felt the repetitive nature of the game. I was just going for the Platinum, but found myself totally into the game. The ending sucked, i won't spoil it, but i was shocked by it as well as the little sex scene towards the end. I had to go to Youtube to see if people posted it and it's there. I had to laugh at some of the comments.
  14. Nice! I'm only at 12, 399 miles so i'm still miles away.
  15. That's an epic screenshot! Congrats!