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  1. Thanks for the replies, all. Got the trophy. Used the 50 Gold players route. I had plenty of low rated ones to spare. Chose that psycho Ron Hextall, out of four, lol. Now he's my starting goaler, lie, whatever. Maybe he can score a goal for me....
  2. I am level 28 and have done it mostly through free roaming. I have recently done more story where i see a lot of people with the 'I' above their heads. I know i've interacted with more than 20 but no trophy. I think it glitched on me. I did have to destroy over 90 drones before THAT trophy popped, so something is wrong. EDIT: I think i haven't unlocked it yet because it's story mission related, and i haven't completed Act 3 yet, ha ha. I doubt every 'I' you see in the open world counts for this.
  3. I agree with those that say this is trash. I agree it's hard as well. I was getting the hang of it a bit doing the Kangaroo trophy, though. This did leave a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. I'm only gear score 104, so I felt like the kid at Halloween that sees all his friends get candy but me, lol. The score requirement is in red. You click on, and they basically say, 'kid, get lost.' Lol. I did finish the raid in TD2. That was ridiculous. I was lucky that I was able to get it with randoms.
  5. I have to try this when i get off work later, lol.
  6. This can be considered the closest Buffalo comes to winning something, significant, lol. EDIT: It worked like a charm. Thank you. The rosters said '11/12/19,' btw.
  7. Did you win any of the races? Description says win.
  8. How do we get this. Are the montly collectibles the only way? Can you get this in 'Sunsets?' I don't really have the time to be around for the free daily packs. Sometimes i forget, and wind up with less than what i need to get the Gold collectible necessary.
  9. Lolz
  10. Thank you so much for your time with these.
  11. I highly doubt it. To reach Championship Series level, you will eventually have to face some really good players. I don't know how many still play when the real-life season ends, but i think it would be easier this time of year to do it legit. Keep in mind that CS is just before World Series level, if i recall correctly, so you will have to tangle with good players.
  12. Thank you for your time and effort. I haven't seen one yet, lol, at level 9.
  13. Gamers ususally do! I actually went back to Rivals to possibly Plat it on PS4 after doing it on the 3. That Grand Tour race was a mutha. I hope there isn't a similar super unfair hot pursuit like that! Even with as low a 3 heat cops were on my ass as a racer.
  14. True. Those side missions in MGSV became a chore after awhile.
  15. What makes babies and doing deliveries so good?