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  1. I dont think there is a 2nd controller method, so just enter the Beginner Friendly lobby. Just do the qualifying, then start the race but pause and let the A.I. drive. Do a few a day if you don't have a boosting partner.
  2. I did the Gretzky one in......NHL '12!! No need to do it again. That was called 'One Great Career.' It's the same thing. I despise Ones, so no way with that. I mean, how do they have the balls to trot out the same trophies for so many years? Looks like a other non-Plat since '18
  3. On the PS4 version, I've clocked in at some 1300 miles but the trophy for 500 and the Platinum did not pop. I left my system on overnight. When I checked on my PS5 - where I play the 4 version - I had a notification that the Platinum unlocked, but it doesn't say it on my list, or here. Weird. I hope the latest update didn't break the last 2 trophies. I popped every other trophy playing it on my PS5. EDIT: It was a synching issue on PS5. Thanks to a longtime PSN friend, I found out how to synch with PS Network right in options. Every other trophy popped fine until the last 2. Double Plat!
  4. Looks like I'm going to pass. I do want to try the Jordan challenges. They were a challenge in 2K11, but I got them done. They recycle trophies too much, and while I love the WNBA irl, I don't want to play as a player in it, even if it's just a game. If Candace Parker told me to I would, but that won't happen, lol
  5. Kind of related: There were some patches today 9/6/22. V 1.004.000. One for Southeastern High Speed: London - Faversham can't install on my system. I hope it isn't really that important of a patch.
  6. I was able to get 'Quality Assurance, ' and 'Exhibitionist,' for completing them, but 'Artist,' and 'Cunning Plan' for creating them didn't unlock. Strange. EDIT: I created a new profile, a low profile 🤣 and the creation trophies popped. If anyone has that problem just go to My Profile and create a new one.
  7. Is there a way to save mid route like pausing and hitting triangle like TSW2?
  8. I wasn't good enough online to get the Factions trophies on PS3, so if I do play this I won't have to sweat it, although I'd be good online this time!
  9. If anyone is still struggling, I just got the double Plat. just now on PS4, I played with my outfield shallow and infield in. That is key! Maybe about 10 batters in Lindor caught one at short. When I got it as the first unlocker on PS5, Escobar caught it. Go Mets!
  10. What is the infinite ammo cheat? I played this day 1, but in 2022, the controls suck completely! I never noticed back in the day.
  11. Mine was 12345 😇
  12. I saw the notes last night and popped it a few hours ago. Thankfully, it's fixed. Want that PS4 Plat as well!
  13. The latest patch fixes it if you want that double Plat. All you need to do now is click on/enter Diamond Dynasty and it auto pops, friends.
  14. I was using a juiced roster from the vault for the PS4 version. Every player's name was 'Joe Random.' Because of this, it popped after I struck out the side! I was shocked, then remembered everyone has the same last name. This is a quicker way to get this, then wait for to go through the lineup 3 times.