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  1. 'Tournamentor' looks like all kinds of fun! 🤪
  2. If I sell cards, do they subtract from the 2,900 needed?
  3. I haven't even touched 1000 cards and think I can pull this off. Call me insane. It's 6/18/21. I know, I'm delusional! 🤣 but refuse to give up yet. Maybe I should try '21 instead. Just missed the '16 Plat because of server closings. Want an NBA 2K Plat so bad!
  4. They are a bit tough. At least the 4 I tried. Only Bronze so far. I do like the Challenges, though
  5. It has to be a new created player! I had a similar problem. I used a created player I bumped up to 99. My bar stayed low forever. You'll know you have it right with the new player when you see story mode type cutscenes.
  6. You guys are forgetting the pickoff one. That is not easy. You can't use 2 controllers or do it in a local game. It is hard to pick off the CPU. This would be easier in RS. That is a luck based trophy. Don't sleep on it!!! Otherwise this list is uninspired and 2K lazy as they recycled about 5 trophies and gave them different names.
  7. A re-install did not work. The 150 AP they give you at the start flashes in and out on the screen. Crazy. EDIT: Within seconds of posting, I noticed the AP stopped flashing, then I was asked if I wanted to invert my axis, just like I saw in a YT video, so I completed this 1st training module.
  8. I try to do the first training module but my character is stuck as soon as I press X to begin it. Is this a glitch? I just bought this and can't believe this is happening. Hasn't this DLC been out for awhile now?
  9. Call this a cheap shameless Plat, but in my opinion, the cheapest Plats are ones that are the SAME GAME, but from a different region/country. No shame in padding my Platinums with games like this. I even love Baseball! LFGM!
  10. OMG. My bad, bud. I was looking on my fone, it was early in the morning, you know the deal!! Sorry. I thought I saw 'un.'
  11. This is not true. A few got it in March of 2021.
  12. Excellent!!! Welcome to the Platinum club!
  13. You should get it. I was at wits end, sort of over a Bronze which is sad, but it was all I needed for the Plat. I've been through so much hell with this game that I can do a trophy guide! Play on Amateur. I know some got it on Rookie, but this is all about luck and trying different things. I had on earbuds and music when I got this trophy. No BS! That's how little I took my attempt seriously today, and voila! That's life for ya. If my female gamer friend didn't get it today, I wasn't going to try. We both got it on returns, not a serve and with Nadal who is now my favorite player, lol Seriously, keep trying, but don't spend hours and have it become a chore. Just keep telling yourself 'I'll get it.' I really wanted this Plat, my first Tennis game since Tennis 2K2 on the Dreamcast. Different world back then!
  14. I just got the Plat, Son. Sit down. 🤪 The 'post in the forum' trick works every time.
  15. Ahhhh, no. Problem with one, the umpire one. It blows. It blows chunks. Thank you for your lame contribution and smiley face. It's really funny struggling with a stupid luck-based Bronze trophy.