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  1. I just got a bunch of free Roosters from loyalty rewards. Now I have to find an arena where they fight, lol
  2. 1) 3 - 'Foke....deece.....heeeeat!' 2) Blood Dragon - Incredible game 3) 4 - Even loved the Yeti's DLC 4) 5 - Still good, but annoying multiplayer 5) New Dawn - Interesting, but my least favorite Havent finished 6 yet. Never played Primal or anything else.
  3. I don't like this list, and the game hasn't grabbed me quite yet fwiw.
  4. PETA is upset Cock Fighting is in the game. I saw an article today. Maybe we should get this trophy before it gets removed? It may not, but PETA has to, to quote EPMD: 'Got's to chill.' Doing a machete kill from a horse is ok, though, for PETA 🤪
  5. That's what I intend to do. If the game is great, I'll definitely play through again. In WD: Legion you have to do all story related trophies anyway. How many hours is a playthrough?
  6. This is a crap trophy, but I know many spend way more than 50 hours on track. I remember doing this overnight ish for one of the Metal Gear Solid games. I have both versions. My PS4 is kinda happy as it's not used as much anymore 🤪 I would guess the Breaking Point story track time counts as well.
  7. Same! Still need all story for PS5, though. I saw Permadeth is on. That has to be hard, right?
  8. Knowing DTG, their autopop feature would probably erase TSW PS4 trophies! They probably don't know how to implement an auto pop feature.
  9. Didn't Driveclub have seemingly endless trophies? 🤪
  10. 'Tournamentor' looks like all kinds of fun! 🤪
  11. If I sell cards, do they subtract from the 2,900 needed?
  12. I haven't even touched 1000 cards and think I can pull this off. Call me insane. It's 6/18/21. I know, I'm delusional! 🤣 but refuse to give up yet. Maybe I should try '21 instead. Just missed the '16 Plat because of server closings. Want an NBA 2K Plat so bad!
  13. They are a bit tough. At least the 4 I tried. Only Bronze so far. I do like the Challenges, though
  14. It has to be a new created player! I had a similar problem. I used a created player I bumped up to 99. My bar stayed low forever. You'll know you have it right with the new player when you see story mode type cutscenes.
  15. You guys are forgetting the pickoff one. That is not easy. You can't use 2 controllers or do it in a local game. It is hard to pick off the CPU. This would be easier in RS. That is a luck based trophy. Don't sleep on it!!! Otherwise this list is uninspired and 2K lazy as they recycled about 5 trophies and gave them different names.