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  1. I was using a juiced roster from the vault for the PS4 version. Every player's name was 'Joe Random.' Because of this, it popped after I struck out the side! I was shocked, then remembered everyone has the same last name. This is a quicker way to get this, then wait for to go through the lineup 3 times.
  2. Try Ohtani's Splitter! It's easier than the Cutter. I tried in practice first. Got a perfect right away, so I exited then did a game. Got it 2nd batter! Thought I'd never get it. Now to try on PS4!
  3. I got mine in the Options Explorer game with no commentary, if that helps....
  4. I got the pitching ones doing a player lock game farming for XP. Weird. The batting ones didn't unlock that way.
  5. I can use help as I'm awful at PP. A PSN friend suggested trying a Cutter for this.
  6. This is a great question as I haven't used my PS 4 version yet. That is a problem if it doesn't pop with our current team. Congrats on getting a PS 5! Kiss those loading times goodbye!
  7. Thanks for that. I think this list is so lame, but it is an easy Plat. EDIT: I'm in Casual, but I changed to SZ batting and Meter pitching. I changed the fielding view as well. I'm in the top of the 6th at Coors, winning 13-0! Not one trophy has popped.
  8. I understand the appeal of the mystery, but this isnt CSI 🤣 When we do pop it it will be yet another corny car as the trophy icon. Reveal the list. PD or we storm the PD offices with mufflers in hand! I still maintain that whoever thought of this trophy is a true dickhead. Most of this list blows chunks. I bet the genius creator doesn't even wash their ass 10 times in a week lol 🤪
  9. 'Spreading the love' did not pop in a MyTeam game 😭
  10. I just saw the Harlem Line trophies have been added to PSNTrophyLeaders, but they don't show in my latest trophies. Maybe if I pop a couple more they'll show. EDIT: Got the 122 miles driven trophy but it's M.I.A. here
  11. Bottom line, this is a dick head trophy.
  12. I popped some Harlem Line trophies, but they don't shoe here or ps trophyleaders. I got the 100 route tasks while playing the Harlem Line, lol
  13. Just entered the bazaar and the trophy didn't pop. What a joke. Back to not playing.
  14. I saw there was a patch 3/11/22, but I too stopped playing because of the stories of bugs. Only popped 3 trophies so far. The game also did not grab me so part of me regrets buying this. Never played the first & thought I'd like it, but it's weird with no firearms!