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  1. The 47 for base game, then DLC packs are the DLC trophies.
  2. This game wasn't all that easy. 'Delivering pizza was never easy' had me changing fingers a few times 🤣 Say what you will but this 'sequel' was put together very well. Give them credit. My 110th Platinum. Not as sweet as my 10th, but I'll take it.
  3. I wound up doing 22, then 16. Thankfully didnt need a 3rd season. Was able to upgrade enough in season 2 to sign Bottas, but as soon as he left Mercedes he magically didnt finish 2 or 3 anymore!
  4. This game wasn't terrible, but I was done with it until this DLC dropped. Thankfully, a good friend told me. I was shocked that I didn't delete it. This game did finally help me to get good at finding the apex of the turn after all these years. I'm still barely above average at racing games, though!
  5. I just popped it. Its for all your train routes combined. That is a relief.
  6. Just curious to know which line you used to get this. I don't have it yet, but expect to get it with an ICE train, as well as the 10K miles one, even though I have lines that I like other than the ICE trains. I really love the ease of starting up East Coastway trains, but dont expect to get the mileage trophies there.
  7. Just see it as the 100 free pack one from last year. I know its different from a career trophy, but that took awhile for most. How do we get 'We are the champions!?'
  8. The 'Greatness' trophy is pretty much the "One great career" one from NHL '12. I haven't started on this mode yet, but it should be better this year.
  9. It happened to me last night. I'm going to try Mika's method,
  10. Wow. I made sure I had enough, about 450. Not a bad glitch for you. I had 100 and 200 career objectives pop within seconds a few wwmeeks ago. I was so relieved.
  11. There is one on PST
  12. You just had to go there, right? 😆 Glad there are no challenges like in the Heat games.
  13. Sort of. Just check some YT vids for a better idea before you buy. I heard Snowrunner is slow paced. This is a bit livelier, especially the fast ICE trains.
  14. All of the above. There are times you'll stop a shot but it will magnetize past you even though you stopped it. It makes the shutout trophy harder.
  15. There definitely needs to be a patch. Sometimes when I boot up and go straight to the 'Rivals' tab, I cannot enter either the Daily Weekly or Monthly events A restart fixes it, but that's inexcusable.
  16. Interesting list. I love Basketball, but not as much as the other 3 majors, so I dont know if I want to grind. I still hope to Plat 2K20, but so many cards away!
  17. Lol. I got in the 160's, so no dice. Off topic: Why only a Level 3 trophy. That is cake, and a Gold trophy?
  18. I think you would love the first 2, if you're not a completionist. You can play on the easiest settings. This one will be to your liking for sure.
  19. The Crew 2 was similar in the downgrade from one game to the next. I can't complain though.
  20. Maybe 'Ghost games' is behind this mystery.... 🤣
  21. Thankfully no license grind. It got me 2 good PSN friends though while boosting.
  22. This trophy is next to impossible with randoms. Got to 4 a lot, then poof!
  23. I haven't experienced that, but a few times while going for the shutout trophy, i clearly stopped some shots, but they would magically just roll behind me prompting me to ask: 'How the F did that go in?' Got to 6-0 twice before getting cheap goals scored on me. I gave up for now.. As for the glitched trophies, i mean your game has 6 trophies and your shit is glitching? 'You had 1 job!!'
  24. Some trophies are glitched. I tried the 2 controller method but the consecutive wins trophy and both shutout ones didn't pop. I then tried vs. the A.I. and still nothing. Uninstalling didnt work. The 'Win' one popped on my alternate account first, then it did on my primary. The A.I. on 'A.I. 3' is pretty tough. At least to me.
  25. That's because there are still stubs to be bought! Very low prices though. I had a friend help me. The servers are deader than dead, so here is your chance to get this. You dont even have to play full games. Your friend or you can quit out as soon as control is given to the starting pitcher. If you have little or no stubs left you may have to purchase some to re-draft (1,500 Stubs) but it's worth it. I feel a little bad boosting this, but eff-it. It's 4 years later and I say better late than never! I say get a reliable and patient friend and you both can get 'Victorious' and the Plat. My friend has the game for PS3 as well, but his 'Victorious' popped on the 3 instead of the PS4.