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  1. This game is tons of fun. It's just a grind if you want the Platinum. It will also spoil you if you go back to a game like GT6 or GT Sport.
  2. The online miles should definitely count. In fact, i have been in lobbies with racers that have different colors next to their level. I'm at a beige-ish color and 55 after hitting the regular 99. This may mean they race online a lot. I'm pretty sure non-trophy hunters have this achievement already because of that. I was wondering if the 'Skirmish' mileage counts towards it. Shee-it. I'm desperate, so as soon as i take control of the car in Skirmish, i'm flying around until the race starts. I'm going to go on Codemasters site and curse them out at this point, because this no tracker bs is a fireable offense imo. Do you know how it feels to be expecting this trophy, but all it is are the prompts to tell you your PSN friends are online, lol. I'm not accusing anyone of cheating, but the first achiever got this trophy WAAAAAY too early for it to be legit. Same thing with the 100 packs trophy in NHL '20.
  3. I'm no cheapskate, but 40 dollars is a bit much.
  4. Just do what i did in my trophy guide, if you haven't gotten the trophy already.
  5. I don't mind doing that, but even as being signed out, i have some things unlocked! Even some license tests. I hope progressing through now, signed out, the last trophy i need pops. BTW, who's your favorite metal band? For me, it's Overkill.
  6. Both trophies say 'find,' so it may be best to just find them in the world to play it safe. I know that some attachments are expensive, so make sure you have a lot of Skel credits if you want to try the attachments trophy that way.
  7. How on earth did you guys get the game to allow you to play on an earlier update? I tried, but i have to sign in and play on version 1.22. If i don't, i would have to pretty much start from scratch as the Super License stuff needs to be unlocked. Did you guys do it that way? I only got Gold on the KTM, the 3rd Super test. I am willing to play to re-unlock it if i have to to beat the last 4 Gold Supers.
  8. They have to be completed in a 24-hour period. Although the guide says the 'Faction Support' missions don't count for this trophy, it did for me. Before that i read somewhere that the Elite ones don't count for the trophy either. I did 6 'regular' Faction ones, but left the Support ones because of what i read in the guide here for this. Well, when i got home from work, there was still time on the timer to try some Support ones. I finished 2, then the trophy popped. If i can, i'll post the screenshot that clearly says above 'Mission Complete,' that i completed a Faction Support one.
  9. Great point! That game was painful, control-wise, but when dem golds popped.......heaven!
  10. Popped 4 me at 62 as well. Only bought 2 WOD and the trophy pops. Weird.
  11. I agree with the elite repair parts as the cops will mess you up like in the NFS: Rivals 'Grand Tour' race. I was trailing in 2nd with less than 1/3 to go when i was lucky the rubberbanding worked in MY favor! I was lucky enough to have used the repair kit glitch before it got patched. It saved me as it seemed the police where only after me! Even when i fell to last place with about half the race to go. I think it's random, because i had cops trying to wreck only me, the whole time.
  12. I got my drone trophy after 92! Even 'Woe of wit' popped during the cutscene after killing Walker. I am at 52 blueprints but will keep trying.
  13. Rad. I feel your pain, brother. I may have tried this one for 8-9 hours. Not straight, but collectively. You were right about the drift zones. Not as tough as expected. Since it took me so much time, i will help anyone i can by explaining all the approaches i took until i finally nailed it on my birthday, 12/23/19. I kept saying, 'come on, game. Give it to me for my birthday!' which it did. When i passed through and it read exactly 210, i screamed out '210!, 210! I got it!, i got it! Then my final 3 trophies popped and i jumped up and down like a fool! I wound up getting it with the Regera, in first-person mode. If you notice, if you try it either way - uphill, or downhill - there is a white lined narrow 'outskirts' area, to the right of each double lane. Try to get up your speed there, then veer off into the regular lanes because the slightest bump will knock off speed. I even tried from the oncoming side, during some downhill tries, then veering off into the regular lane. You must get the Ultimate single nitrous, because it will power you through. Put the passive to 'nitrous power.' I tried with 5 tanks, using them along the way to keep speed up. I just saw a vid where someone got it with 5 tanks. Go with the one. I think i used either off-road or track tires, because if you try the downhill way, you can veer off the right lane, into that dirt area, just before the last turn before you hit that hill that can make you fly in the air if you use nitrous too early. What i did was start by the gas station. Hit nitrous as soon as you get down the first hill because that tank can get you close to 200, combining downhill speed. You have to trust yourself, but even with the perfect run, a car or truck will be right in the way for sure! First-person is vital, because at least for me, turning at high speed is a bit easier. An approach for the uphill way - i hit as high as 207 trying it - start at the bottom of that uphill S, but inside that narrow area with the white line. It is hard to keep speed there, but if you're at 150 mph, as soon as you make the last right, hit your nitrous but turn slightly before because nos seems to be for straight lines! To be honest, the one i call the downhill way is best to try because of the obvious extra speed you get. This is totally luck-based. You can get it. It had me questioning my existence at times! You can do this. You platted GT Sport! EDIT: One more critical thing is set your steering sensitivity all the way to the right in live tuning. Makes a difference with the Regera's handling. EDIT 2: Although the OP got the Platinum, i hope what i typed helps someone out in the future.
  14. This makes sense as i noticed a PSN friend had 300, 150, and 50 as popped. I scrolled down further and it said they played the game for the first time! I knew that was a bit fishy.
  15. Well, i'm not a 2D side-scroll veteran, so this game is a little tough or at least tougher than most Rata games. That is why i haven't gotten the Plat, when everybody else has! Sad, i know. EDIT: Did get the Plat, though i struggled a bit on one level. Off topic, does anyone know why this game shows up on our PS3, although that version is for the Vita?
  16. Did not know this. These were hard at first, then i shocked myself by getting 4 in 4 races in a row in 450! When i got my 10th, it popped at the first turn.
  17. It popped after killing Walker! Very strange place. If i can put up the screenshot, you will see. I was thinking the 'kill Walker' trophy would glitch due to this, but it popped soon after! WEIRD.
  18. I am level 28 and have done it mostly through free roaming. I have recently done more story where i see a lot of people with the 'I' above their heads. I know i've interacted with more than 20 but no trophy. I think it glitched on me. I did have to destroy over 90 drones before THAT trophy popped, so something is wrong. EDIT: I think i haven't unlocked it yet because it's story mission related, and i haven't completed Act 3 yet, ha ha. I doubt every 'I' you see in the open world counts for this.
  19. How do we get this. Are the montly collectibles the only way? Can you get this in 'Sunsets?' I don't really have the time to be around for the free daily packs. Sometimes i forget, and wind up with less than what i need to get the Gold collectible necessary.
  20. Thanks for the replies, all. Got the trophy. Used the 50 Gold players route. I had plenty of low rated ones to spare. Chose that psycho Ron Hextall, out of four, lol. Now he's my starting goaler, lie, whatever. Maybe he can score a goal for me....
  21. I agree with those that say this is trash. I agree it's hard as well. I was getting the hang of it a bit doing the Kangaroo trophy, though. This did leave a bad taste in my mouth.
  22. I'm only gear score 104, so I felt like the kid at Halloween that sees all his friends get candy but me, lol. The score requirement is in red. You click on, and they basically say, 'kid, get lost.' Lol. I did finish the raid in TD2. That was ridiculous. I was lucky that I was able to get it with randoms.
  23. I have to try this when i get off work later, lol.
  24. This can be considered the closest Buffalo comes to winning something, significant, lol. EDIT: It worked like a charm. Thank you. The rosters said '11/12/19,' btw.