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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm wondering, do you have to play as Majima (or God forbid, Date) in any of the bouncer missions?
  2. Apparently this game lacks Climax Battles, which were honestly the toughest part of Kiwami 1 and Y0 for me. Seeing as I've only played those two so far, I don't mind 100% completion being a requirement again. I'm just hoping I'll be allowed to use a NG+ Kiryu for the Legend mode playthrough.
  3. I can't log in to fing psn. In case it doesn't change we will have to boost  TR  tomorrow. 

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you get Zelda or Persona by the end of the day lol.

    1. Stardust


      Thanks Dill pickle! Me too! :) 

  5. Nice avatar of the best anime girl <3

    1. Stardust


      Danke sehr. ♥

  6. I'm liking the Mamimi avy :)

  7. Fellow Dilla head here. Thought I would add you on that merit. Also if you want any beat tapes PM me and I can hook ya up. got some old 97 batches and other somewhat hard to find beat tapes of his. Long live Dilla Dawg!

    1. Dilla


      Nice. Always cool meeting a fellow fan!

      I got most of his leaked tapes on Soulseek years ago. The one I was never able to find was "Another Batch Leftovers". And I'm also looking for the full version of the 1997 Batch (the one that leaked is missing several tracks). There's an extended version of the Jay Dee Project floating around, too.

      1994 The Ephcy Sessions (with Slum Village)
      1996 What Up Doe Sessions
      1997 Batch
      1998 Steroids Boosters
      aka Another Batch
      1999 The New Slave
      2000 Batch

      2001 Batch aka Da 1st Installment
      2002 Batches (Vol 1-5)
      2003 Boom Bap 101
      2003 Batch
      2004 Munchkins

      ^ Aside from his official instrumental LPs, these are the majority of his actual beat tapes. Pretty much all of the other ones like 'Hiccuped Classix' and '64 Bit Beats' are fan-assorted compilations.

      That being said, I think a lot of Jay's rarer tracks are starting to be released for the posthumous albums. That recent 'King of the Beats' compilation had a lot of instrumentals I hadn't heard.

    2. xoxoagent


      Just sent ya a PM of some links. Hope those will help with the collection. Yeah I've noticed there is a lot of stuff Ma Dukes is releasing straight of his DATS that a lot of us have never heard. I wanna hear that electronic album Dilla has in the vaults that Madlib has mentioned before, would be a trip to hear Dilla on some Kraftwork/Planet Rock ish! 

  8. Happy Birthday! I wish you many more.

  9. What's good, Chiaki aka Dilla =P ?

  10. Great. Looks like I've wasted my time on an unpublished guide. My fault for not finishing it sooner, I guess.

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    2. starcrunch061


      That's too bad. I once created a guide for a Japanese language game, and it seemed to be very helpful (I don't speak a lick of Japanese). If it's good, you should extend your deadline and continue working.

    3. Dilla


      @starcrunch I appreciate the encouragement. I probably should continue working on it :)

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Um... is it the Madoka guide? :/ If so, I apologize, I didn't know anyone would be working on it :/

  11. #73 Max Payne 3 I don't mean to get too emotional, but this one is very personal. I'm dedicating it in honor of my cat Max who passed away last year. I got him as a gift for my 12th birthday back in late 2002. As you can probably tell, he was named after the titular character of this series (I was a huge fan of the original Max Payne when I was younger.) Prior to this instance, I hadn't ever experienced a loss that really affected me. The grieving process was very difficult, but video-games in particular helped me cope. I was working on Metal Gear Rising's plat around that time, and as frustratingly hard as that game was, trying to get better at it helped me take my mind off other things. Gaming has pretty much always been my escape. Anyway, as for MP3's platinum it wasn't as brutal as I was expecting. I actually had more issues with how glitchy the game was, especially during NYMHC playthroughs. A lot of my failed attempts resulted from the game either freezing or some other stupid bug. Like enemies no longer spawning, making it impossible to progress in certain areas. There's also the mind-numbing grind to rank 50 in the MP, but I guess it's to be expected with R* trophy lists lol. Overall though, I had a fun time re-playing it. I haven't felt as motivated to plat a game in quite a while. I'm glad I was able to do it in tribute to my cat, too. ... ^ Taken last year with my Vita. I've never been a photogenic person, but it will have to do.
  12. I’m writing a trophy guide for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram on Vita. It’s a work in progress, but now that my semester is over I’ll have more time to devote to it. Looking to have it done within the next couple weeks. I'll be able to manage it on my own.
  13. #59 METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE “The only necessity for success is the willingness to suffer 1000 failures." Shout out to my friend TheIncinerator1. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to finish this game’s trophy list. I’m not very good at playing hack and slash games. But Inc encouraged me to go for it, and it certainly helped motivate me. He also shared some helpful protips that made my journey easier. Now that I have this game finished, the Metal Gear series is 100% complete (at least until next week lol.) It took me a long time, but regardless I'm very happy to have finally met that goal