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  1. Yes, of course. The problems encountered are highly exaggerated, after all the patches. Just check once in a while, that the game statistics page corresponds with the legends scavenger challenge.
  2. I just have a few easy races left, before obtaining the platinum, and have some corrections to your post. You can freely destroy all convoys, except for the ones in Pink Eyes territory. You need to kill 15 enemies passively with the spikes on your car, for the "Stick It To Ya" challenge. The boarding vehicles required for this are rare in Jeet and Gutgash area, but frequent in Pink Eyes territory. You can also lower the threat to 0 freely (obviously near 0 in Pink Eyes territory, with active convoys), which will make everything else easier for you. The other challenges you should be focused on, are the storm challenges (get crates in the storm, kill guys in the storm, kill 3 vehicles in the storm and kill 1 vehicle with a specific archangel) + the kill 8 guys in a fury rage challenge, which is good to aim for whenever there's many enemies around you. I got it on the bridge camp in Pink Eyes territory, but it's also easy to get at the end of chapter 3 or post game. For the specific vehicle kills, it's easy to do in the races. Another method is to spawn an enemy vehicle from the stronghold, and use the flaregun to spawn Magnus Opus and kill the enemy vehicle. Edit: btw zero crashes and bugs encountered in 50 hours of play. Every collectible is found and registered correctly, even when dying at scavenging locations and camps.
  3. So the main point is not to die shortly after completing a challenge, or scavenging - as that can cause the tracker not to register it properly. Is that understood correctly?
  4. Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it! Will start on this soon, not to miss out on this forever.
  5. Happily left this trash game as soon as I earned the platinum. It has zero replay value for me. Just few small and silly minigames which you repeat 100 times. For me the casual vibe of the game got completely ruined by the griefing posibilities. Blocking people, pushing them, grabbing, choking certain areas to prevent progression etc. Kinda wish they emphasized more on a chill atmosphere. For example if they removed the grabbing (except in certain team games), didn't make a trolling trophy they thought would be impossible to obtain, and included some teambuilding aspect in it, where you need to cooperate. Well thought game, but feels poorly executed.
  6. Damn, that was an intense finale! Congrats! The game for sure is way harder now, than it was just a week ago. I got the Infallible trophy today, and yes, it is heavily luck based. Before coming to the finale, RNGesus has to bless you with the right rounds and hope that you don't get eliminated by griefers. I'm pretty good at Hexagone finales, so my victories came from 4 Hexagones and 1 Royal Fumble. I might upload the runs tomorrow, as I also had some intense ones that felt like 5 minutes.
  7. Yeah, that was me getting my 3 win streak terminated due to RNG 😁 Infallible trophy aside, it was pretty funny how stupid the situation was. Random guy grabs me so we both die, and the bystander wins.
  8. Nobody here is talking about anything free, or fast. The thing that annoys me with this, is that there are massive factors which you can't control, as so much is luck based. The longer the game is out, the higher the average skill cap will be and the harder the game is overall. Game has latency issues. You get put 4vs5 in teamgames still. Some tiles are visible, even if they are not there anymore. People standing at chokepoints, just to push people into the slime, or grabbing people to make them fail, etc. etc. Just lost a 3 win streak, as we were down to 3 people from 12, in Jump Showdown. One of the guys decided to grab me, so neither one of us could jump and we both got eliminated. The 3rd random guy got a win for no reason. I don't mind practicing or playing games for several hundred hours to master them, but this is pretty stupid.
  9. Skill will not carry you to the finale, if you get low IQ teammates. It may not be 20% skill, but around 30% skill and 70% luck as the developers are saying themselves. There are so many factors which you have no control over, that your post is rather ignorant. Some people also win the lottery multiple times. Doesn't mean that they are good at it.
  10. So will I. Just started going after this shit trophy today. Wanted to play without quitting to get the immersion, but the team games are making that impossible. Will just play the safe and boring way, like 99% of the people who got this trophy.
  11. Do you have problems comprehending words? I said that the developers aimed for an impossible trophy (which are their own words), not that it is impossible. Lmao, talking about dexterity from someone who plays all Ratalaikas shit. I have x3 more ultra rare trophies than you, even if you have 50% more overall trophies than me. If dexterity for you means playing 1-2 hour easy shit games, then you are right. I have no dexterity. This game is around 30% skill, and around 70% luck according to the developers. It's fine you want to believe something else.
  12. Not really. You reap what you sow. Arrogant community manager, developers aiming to make an impossible trophy, huge latency issues, bugs and what not. The developers deserve all the shit they can get.
  13. Eliminated at last second in Fall Ball. Mongoloid team rather stay and do nothing, than play. We were even 6vs5. What an absolute disgrace of a luck based trophy. Will for sure make stay away from everything these arrogant shit developers spit out on the market.
  14. Just had a 20 man hexagone finale. Complete chaos with so many people. Just quit out in time luckily, so still have the 2 win streak.
  15. 3 Slime Climbs today out of around 50 rounds. What a joke