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  1. The game is extremely bad at explaining how the crafting and trading works. What you want to do, is sell all legendary pelts to the trapper, and all legendary side items like hearts, teeth and so on, to the fence for crafting trinkets. The trapper is like a warehouse, where everything you sell can be used to craft with. As a side note; if you die with a legendary animal on the back of your horse, the trapper will automatically receive the items.
  2. The communication from Sony is as usual phenomenal.
  3. I'll give it a go, and thanks for the detailed reply. And no hard feelings. Have a great week mate.
  4. So what would you recommend from Ratalaika, as good games? I mostly agree with your last part about many popular AAA titles. I started playing video games in the early 90s, when developers would put some time and effort into their master pieces. EA especially was good at buying different developers, rushing them to release games before being ready and closing different great studios like Westwood and ruining the Command & Conquer franchise among many other. Ratalaika is just the same disease, but in a smaller scale. They've seen that there is a market for ridiculous and cheap template games, as long as there are easy trophies or achievements in them. I really doubt that there is a big market for these kinds of games, when you exclude us fanatic and stupid trophy whores.
  5. So many? The three different games that were cross-buy, and that I've spent less less than 3 hours on? Hard to know something is bad before you've tried it. But I can see you're a shining knight, defending shit games when you need them so bad to inflate your platinum count constantly. Try having just a little sense of critical thinking, instead of contributing in spreading this awful shovelware and further lower the standard for games.
  6. Ratalaika Games keep the Vita alive, as much as Jim Jones kept Peoples Temple alive.
  7. Good. Now they can hopefully stop with their ridiculous annual DLC to DD.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Have this game in my backlog. What did you do to fix the bugs, when stuck at 36/46 and 95/96?
  9. Self explanatory with advices about quirks and boosting buildings. I completed the DLC a week ago with Vestal, Jester, Leper and Shieldbreaker.
  10. All online trophies still work per 28th of January 2019.
  11. It works if you build from the left and to the right. Some buildings you can't build before you have others, but all should be available with the workaround.
  12. Binding of Isaac, due to the difficulty and time spent.
  13. Still amazes me that Sony has no lower standards or quality control, which would prevent these template trash games from Ratalaika being pumped out constantly. At least some requirements for the trophies, so PSN won't be turned into the Wild West like Steam achievements.
  14. The District seems pretty bugged unfortunately. I can only build one specific building at a time, from left to right, and can't choose the one I wanted from the beginning. Try clicking on all the buildings, and see if some of the others work.
  15. Can any of you give any tips for this DLC, and how you've defeated the bosses? Which party and such things.