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  1. I totally agree with everything. And yeah, a pretty vague and useless comment from him. Didn't elaborate anything, and only tried the game for a few hours. The whole dynamic online is completely changed as well. Before the DLC you would see griefers everywhere, because people were bored. Now everything is more peaceful as people are trading, treasure hunting and bounty hunting. It's amazing and such a brilliant masterpiece of a game.
  2. Why? I'm having a blast playing and leveling up the new different parts. Battle pass: 70/70, collector 20/20, trader 9/20 and bounter hunter 2/20.
  3. Like all of their other DLC has been called in GTA V, with the Heist update and Doomsday update. And none of them have costed anything. Pretty much the same thing in RDO except there are no new trophies yet.
  4. It's not just an update, but actually DLC with a RPG element added with new missions, unlocks, weapons, horses, vehicles, abilities and game modes. Luckily it's free, like most of Rockstars content. The download file is 12gb, and a whole new dimension has been added to online with 1000 new things, apart from the quality of life improvements like better control and movement etc. etc. I'm pretty sad that there were no new trophies. I have a +35 daily streak going on, even after getting platinum in this game. And it's very rare that I keep playing a game, after getting the platinum - which says alot about this new content. The new content is truly amazing, and of really high quality. I'm level 11/20 collector already, 4/20 trader and bounty hunter and already level 41/70 of the battle pass. It's just so relaxing riding around with your metal detector, hunting and upgrading your trade business or switching to bounty hunting. Would have been nice with trophies to max each role, to give a bigger incentive at keep playing the game. But I'm sure they'll add alot of trophies later on, as they've done to all of their previous bigger games.
  5. Cool. Good to know
  6. And that fixed your issues?
  7. Yes, 2-3 of the DLCs in game had a shopping cart icon. I had to click on the icon, which redirected me to a site where I could click on "Download". That removed the shopping cart icon, and I was ready to go.
  8. For others wondering, you need to "buy" it in game if you encounter the same problem, even if it the DLC is free. Seems to work now.
  9. Thanks mate. I'll install the game when I get back home, and make sure it's unlocked in game, or try finding it in the download list.
  10. Hey guys I only need to buy the DRIVECLUB Apex Expansion Pack for being able to 100% this game, but I have a problem. Each time I visit the DLC page on PS Store, I have two options chose a version. But I can't click on either the priced or free option. Tried different browsers and disabling adblockers with no luck, and I'm getting a bit stressed out by the deadline at the end of August, before all Driveclub content is delisted. I own everything else related to Driveclub, but the Apex DLC. Have you experiend the same thing, and how did you fix it?
  11. The game is extremely bad at explaining how the crafting and trading works. What you want to do, is sell all legendary pelts to the trapper, and all legendary side items like hearts, teeth and so on, to the fence for crafting trinkets. The trapper is like a warehouse, where everything you sell can be used to craft with. As a side note; if you die with a legendary animal on the back of your horse, the trapper will automatically receive the items.
  12. The communication from Sony is as usual phenomenal.
  13. I'll give it a go, and thanks for the detailed reply. And no hard feelings. Have a great week mate.
  14. So what would you recommend from Ratalaika, as good games? I mostly agree with your last part about many popular AAA titles. I started playing video games in the early 90s, when developers would put some time and effort into their master pieces. EA especially was good at buying different developers, rushing them to release games before being ready and closing different great studios like Westwood and ruining the Command & Conquer franchise among many other. Ratalaika is just the same disease, but in a smaller scale. They've seen that there is a market for ridiculous and cheap template games, as long as there are easy trophies or achievements in them. I really doubt that there is a big market for these kinds of games, when you exclude us fanatic and stupid trophy whores.
  15. So many? The three different games that were cross-buy, and that I've spent less less than 3 hours on? Hard to know something is bad before you've tried it. But I can see you're a shining knight, defending shit games when you need them so bad to inflate your platinum count constantly. Try having just a little sense of critical thinking, instead of contributing in spreading this awful shovelware and further lower the standard for games.