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  1. Edinhon is implying that custom servers can be messed up and that open source servers act as original servers, which you are agreeing on. There is no logical conclusion between having a custom server or an open source server. You can not verify anything on a compiled server whether it's option 1 or 2. That you're not able to argue against any of these points is already known to me.
  2. Lmao you talking about logical fallacies out of all people. We had a similar discussion over a year ago here where your logical fallacies came into full display, even if you call yourself a "software developer by profession". As Ryuji wrote earlier you have absolutely no clue how a server is compiled even if it's open source as code can be added later by the developers or anyone else. Using "open source" as some kind of metric value is a logical fallacy which you and others still don't seem to comprehend. The only way to fully verify integrity is if PSNProfiles were hosting their own servers, but that is not going to happen. So the question is if people should be treated as guilty from the beginning, just because there is a hypothetical risk of malignant actions on custom servers. Or if the doubt should favor players who are treated innocently until there is some suspicioun or evidence of foul play.
  3. Has anyone else experienced problems with this game on their PS4 Pro? Thought I'd start a chill coop game with the gf, but the game completely freezes the console after a few minutes. The problem even occurs at the main menu, before jumping into a game. Tried disabling boost-mode and changing the system language, but nothing helped. Reinstalled and still the same. Found some old posts on Reddit with people who have the same problem, but no fix is mentioned.
  4. Why are you using strawmen once again? smh I never said diamonds were easy, but that they are not impossible. I will ignore your future posts as it's as pointless for me to keep defending things I never said. It's admirable how good some of the players are, and how high the skill cap is at this game. Do you know what some of the legit records are online?
  5. Not sure why you and chlamydia have such a hard time comprehending a whole sentence. What I wrote was: "Struggling getting ~1km on hard maps". 9/10 maps take a few minutes to get a gold cup at. Then you have those rare maps with a really hard part 1km in, which is hard to practice since it takes long time to get there, and where the border between silver and gold is. Some diamond cups require ~2km on the tower map. Was under 100m short of the diamond cup first try some days ago, so they are definitely not impossible to get when there are no cheaters around. If you've spent 8 months already on this, then you have no skills to get diamond that is true. But that is irrelevant, so I'm not sure why you're making a connection between your lack of skills and just ignoring cheaters who are running the online part.
  6. If you want to be pendantic, this is what Playstation Networks Terms of Service say which you agreed on. Do not disturb or interrupt gameplay.Do not cheat.Do not use any bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities, or unintentional mechanics in products or PSN to get an advantage. Violations may warrant suspending accounts.
  7. The only reason challenges are ruined is because of cheaters, and not because of veterans who are good. That is the entire point of the diamond cup. Having veterans and really good players setting elite times. Getting 2-3km on endless runs for diamond cups is not impossible at all. Just requires practice. On the other hand it is impossible if you're playing legit and have to beat +30-85km runs against these people.
  8. You and your fellow abusers are griefing the entire online playerbase and ruining the challenges. It is impossible to compete on equal terms and get diamond cups legit because of shit like this. And you a skewering the entire cup requirements since they are percentage based. Having to play against cheaters and bug abusers for 4 months daily is extremely tedious, and now you are trying to spread the word on how to grief people.
  9. It's fking annoying playing this game online. Struggling getting ~1km on hard maps, while the diamond cup requirements sit at +85km because of stupid shit like this. A shame they never patched these stupid bugs and exploits, as it completely ruins the challenge part.
  10. Thanks, happy to hear! Was getting a bit nervous over the previous post, as this game is such an unnecessary drag 😅
  11. Known? I've been looking at the forums for months and haven't stumbled over this once. Is the bug common, and what precautions can we take? I've been playing this for two months now, and I'm currently at 4750/6000 points with everything done in singleplayer - so I can't really save a painting for last. It would suck having to do things over again, as this is a massive and pointless grind.
  12. As are games with all their randomness, especially online portions.
  13. So if you complete Berlin Marathon, you should automatically get the medal from London Marathon and other cities - because you've proven you can do it? What stupid and failed logic is this? No idea why Sony allowed auto-popping platinums and stacking in the first place. More profits probably. It should have been like on Xbox, where games share an achievement list no matter the platform.
  14. Sony are hopefully busy deleting all the shovelware "games" and trophies from their servers. One can wish.
  15. Again, what is so enjoyable about this game? It's not about "git gud" when you get 1-shotted the entire game and the loading time is over 90 seconds on the PS3. You will be spending way too much time on loading screens instead of actually playing. The problem is that there is no fluid gameplay. The game is very clunky and cheap, and just hasn't aged well.