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  1. Legacy systems contain many attack vectors for hackers, which is unfortunately why Sony are slowly shutting down the PS3/Vita. This is from a former Sony employee who worked close to the Vita team: Third, there's more to running a digital storefront than just keeping servers online. Payment systems require a lot of technical maintenance and deprecated systems provide easy attack vectors for sensitive information. And there's a TON of work involved in making sure everyone gets their money when sales are processed. More reading here.
  2. It has more to do with inadequate security on their legacy systems, than Sony wanting to piss off their player base. Not everything is a conspiracy by Jim Ryan to ruin your life.
  3. Metal Gear Solid 1 with trophies is all I need in my life.
  4. Crazy. Anyone know how hard or time consuming these 3 new trophies will be?
  5. It seems that Jim Ryan is a member of la-li-lu-le-lo.
  6. I'm playing a brawler as well, and this is my first MMO. So far I haven't died a single time yet and I'm only completing things alone so far. I'm level 50/65 in under 15 hours, so I would say that buying level 65 isn't worth it. You level up extremely fast and the game is very easy. You'll get plenty of +100% xp boosts for free when you start the game.
  7. Can't you just enable crossplay, so it's easy to find matches? This will be my next game after Rocket Arena, so hopefully matchmaking will be fine.
  8. I spent so many hours on this and the level editor back in the days. Completing the original levels in under 60 minutes is easy enough, if you're used to the game mechanics and grabbing ledges with your wheel. Definitely getting this soon.
  9. I've spent 100 hours on 241 missions where 122 were solo, and am exactly at 25% with my 7th prestige out of 28. 61/70 trophies. Very impressive with the ~260 hours for the 100%. The game is luckily still as fun as when I started. A real gem, and a shame so many people are afraid to start it because of the time requirements.
  10. European servers only, with a mix of human opponents and AI, but mostly AI. It should take 2½ minute when you search for a match, till the round begins against AI if no human opponents are found. And this is including loading and everything.
  11. Why not allow Husky to work on the site, if he wishes? He has already made the PSNP+ extension for browsers, which is awesome, and clearly has coding skills.
  12. No idea how exophase calulates the total time played, but it's way wrong on most of my games. I have played around 3 hours in average per day, in the 9 days it took to platinum the game, and not 7 hours per day. I would have known if the game was such a timesink. This is the time, including many hours of just messing around and practicing new tricks.
  13. Impressive profile. You'll be the first one to plat this game it seems - congrats!
  14. I saw this guy with level 3 Silver yesterday, so he must have gotten Gold 1 by now.
  15. If the matchmaking can't find any human opponents, the game just gets filled by the AI. I have no idea if the developers are making a patch which will make the plat obtainable offline. Lets hope they do, as it's a really fun game.