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  1. 218/243 dog tags on plant, so there is some leverage.
  2. You can play the difficulties in any order you want, but since there are trophies for no kills, detections etc. it is easier getting rid of them early on the easier difficulties. Yes, I would recommend following a dog tag guide with an excel-document where you can cross off things. If you play without a guide first, you'll end up with an extra playthrough most likely. If I remember correctly, there are more total dog tags than required for the Great Dane trophy. But since you need to hold up the enemies and frisk them before obtaining the dog tag, it is necessary to get almost all of them early on, to have some leverage on the hard difficulties. Good luck. Awesome game.
  3. I play for my own sake, and to challenge myself. That may include going after ultra rare trophies more often, but not necessarily. It's all about having fun, instead of focusing too much on some arbitrary measures which really don't matter.
  4. It does work. The new patch a week ago fixed it retroactively. I got 1 headshot with the classic reg k8, and it unlocked the 100th headshot trophy for me.
  5. I also found many of the events to be extremely hard, and had to keep restarting them. One worth mentioning is the "One Man One Engine" event from the AMG DLC, where you have an extremely tight time to beat, an incredibly fast car which is very hard to steer, heavy rain which makes everything slippery and you need to perfect 2/3 of the map. I rarely play racing games, which is why I found it extra challenging. But the cool thing is, that you quickly get better and better at driving. And the game is such a joy to play, when you forget about the grinding. Just keep at it, and you'll have the 100% soon mate.
  6. Thank you for your reply Burstawesone. I'll try it out for a couple of hours on an alternative account, to see if everything works.
  7. Hi all I had massive problems with Driveclub VR crashing the whole console over 100 times and giving me a CE-34878-0 error code - and also some problems with Playstation VR Worlds. Have any of you guys experienced these kinds of problems with this game, or does everything just work fine? This looks extremely fun, but I'm rather reluctant at starting on a 150 hour platinum if it's going to be a nightmare like Driveclub VR.
  8. Yes, pretty much. I tried everything with no success. Even formatted my HDD to see if it helped. I had some of the tour races crash each and every time, so I kept trying other races and mixing it up. One of the races crashed my console 10-15 times before I managed to somehow complete the race. After each completed race, I would exit the game and upload the savegame to cloud, and try a new race. Took ages, but completed it at last. After Driveclub VR, Playstation VR Worlds started crashing so I'm pretty hesitant to start Firewall: Zero Hour which came with PS+ this month.
  9. Bad sarcasm as we need some mediocre games for once from Rockstar 😅
  10. Let's hope he helped finish the story for GTA 6 before leaving. Good riddance to a mastermind storyteller. I've been a huge fan since playing GTA 1 when it got released over two decades ago.
  11. Don't worry guys. It's not a widespread problem, as I'm the only one who experienced crashes 😅 FreestyleGamer96 try disabling supersampling in system settings on your console, and tell me if it helps. Worked for some people on Reddit, though nothing helped me. Had approximately 100 crashes before I got the platinum trophy back then.
  12. I have a fan/ventilator in front of me when playing VR games. It helps tremendously against motion sickness, as it helps tricking your body that you are moving.
  13. Are you remembering to set the time limit to 1 hour, and play it before expiration on your alternative account? I used different single events as challenges, like drifting, time event, race and so on. Just kept creating multiple challenges from my main account, played them, then sent them to my alternative account and made sure i completed the challenge and lost to my main account.
  14. You are literally saying that it's just me having these problems and that it's not widespread, based on that you havn't had any issues which is a complete logical failure. Second of all, I did not claim that I had problems since 2017 as you're stating - but wrote that there were general problems since 2017. To be more precise, since december 2016 there has been major problems with PSVR. Most fixed, some havn't been fixed and some new problems have occured later. See more here for example, and just a quick overview from Reddit about PSVR crash threads gives you 230 search results just from one site.
  15. Stop pulling conclusions out of your ass. Neither you or I have sufficient data to know how big of an issue this is. This for sure is not as small of a problem, as you are trying to make it. Since 2017 there has been huge problems with PSVR, with different technical issues reoccuring. First with the #connectiongate which was caused by a mix of PSVR + the new PS4 Pro model blocking out the audio and video signals to the headset, and later on the numerous CE-34878-0 crashes.