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  1. I no longer have access to this PSN ID, due to the email address associated with it expiring. There's no solution to it. My new PSN ID is CandraSoftware. I'll start playing the PS4 I have later this summer.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Did you try to make same email. It worked for me with yahoo email. Friend made account and bought couple of games for me as birthday gift. At some point later I went to account and tried to log in, but I had to update password and confirm it on email  that was no longer existing. After i made same email I got no problem to do confirm thing and got account access back.

    3. Sukezaemon32


      I used as an email site, and it expired after 3 months of not logging into that email address (I didn't realize this would happen, so it's my fault). What a fatal error! Once a GMX email address expires, you can't register another email account with the same name. "Chosen address is not available, please choose another! " And I have to sign in to PSN to change the associated email address.


      So I can no longer sign in to PSN with this PSN ID. I'm not sure if a Japanese PSN (which is what this PSN ID is) is acceptable for customer support in the US. Please tell me if I'm wrong, but It seems that you need to use the email address' password to login to your PSN. This PSN ID is "registered" to my PS4, but not my PS3. It doesn't help that I can't remember the exact password I used for this PSN ID.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Fook I don't really remember. I think you need psn id, email, and birthday, but I could be wrong. Birthday will be problem if you used random day.  Anyway good luck getting it back.

  2. Super Mario 3D World was tons of fun playing Co-op.

  3. I buy my Japanese PSN cards from Amazon. But first, I read the seller comments carefully so that I find the ones I can request their codes for.
  4. This and its predecessor.
  5. Karate Master Beat all your enemies in Super Level in Chao Karate 1P mode.
  6. ^ Go plat Sonic Generations, it's an easy one.
  7. The only time I'd accept a blank request is if we talked to each other during a boosting session or if they message me about something particular.
  8. If the Trophy Advisor and Trophy Guides aren't enough, I don't know.
  9. As long as you have basic knowledge of Katakana, you should be okay with navigating the Japanese PS Store.
  10. Avatars are one of the reasons that I stuck with my Japanese PSN ID (this one right here). Sorry about avatars cannot be shared between accounts.
  11. Next I'll watch Frosty's Winter Wonderland.

  12. Okay guys, off to get my popcorn and watch Frosty the Snowman, Frosty in Winter Wonderland and *insert gross word here* Frosty Returns.

  13. Sorry, I forgot to say both versions of Jetpack Joyride are still free in US PS Store.
  14. Heavenly Sword might be a good choice to remaster so that it has trophies.