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  1. Granted, but only when he rubs himself up against goats back to back. I wish I knew how far the rabbit hole goes.
  2. I used to a while back, and I'm planning on starting it again with much higher production values now that I've learned what works and what doesn't. Right now I'm just planning on what I'd want to do with it.
  3. On my bed in my bedroom. I play my PS3 on a mounted TV I own, and the bed takes up almost the entirety of my tiny room. So... I don't exactly have any room for a legitimate chair.
  4. I'll still be playing my PS3 since I think I'm too late to preorder one now. Which isn't much of a problem, seeing as how by its release I'll have a massive backlog to work on.
  5. - Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Victor! "Gamindustri's got nothing left to offer you! Thanks so much for being awesome!" -Neptune Gotta start working on one of my other low rank games now.
  6. I still kinda want them to go off the deep end and make like, Call of Corgi DLC. Because outside of that I don't really know if co-op would really tempt me to buy a CoD game again.
  7. Forum: Cartoon drawing of myself. PSN: That blue angular arrow symbol. I need to get myself an avatar of Plutia from Neptunia Victory. Freakin' love Plutia.
  8. I only buy a game on release date if I'm hyped to get my hands on it first thing, regardless of what trophies or achievements may be in it. Normally I wait a while for the price to drop before purchasing something since I'm a complete miser when it comes to my money. The fact I have a constantly growing backlog of games to play helps out in that regard.
  9. Thanks. I'm studying to become more or less a cartoonist, so my avatar is something I drew of myself.
  10. In no particular order my queue is currently: -Jak 2 -Jak 3 -Lollipop Chainsaw -DBZ HD Budokai Collection -DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi -Demon's Souls -Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles over Mystara -Atelier Totori -3d Dot Game Heroes That, and I still need to clean up trophies for: -Deadly Premonition Director's Cut -Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory -Scott Pilgrim -Disgaea 3 -DIsgaea 4 -Mugen Souls -Dragon's Dogma It's a pretty big queue, but most of the more time extensive ones like Demon's Souls, Disgaea, and Mugen Souls I'm holding off till my next semester starts so I can play for extended periods without really being bothered by anything.
  11. I'll just leave this here. :I
  12. Not gonna lie, I've come to quickly love the Dragonball Z fighting games. That and Marvel vs Capcom.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I came here for the statistics, but I can promise I'll be sticking around for the community. In a bit I'll add everyone who said they'd let me. It'll be great to get to know new people after all. c:
  14. I don't know why it's taken me so long to get around to actually making an account here, but yeah, hi. I've always been partial to the Playstation consoles ever since I got a PS1 as a kid. Up until recently I was being stupid and selling off games to make money for new games, and ended up remaking my account a while back because I couldn't stand how many entries I had on my list that were far from complete. Ever since I got a job I've been working on expanding my PS3 library as fast/large as possible before the ps4 comes out, so I'm finally able to get games I've had to put off for the longest time due to monetary reasons. I've pretty much got an empty friend's list at the moment, so feel free to add me if you'd like. It'd be pretty cash to get to know some other people to do multiplayer stuff with.