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  1. I'm surprised this is finally happening. Motorsport Games has been dead silent about patch 1.5 since they posted the roadmap in late April. I got the platinum for the PS4 version, but it wasn't very enjoyable. Even if the PS5 version has a better framerate and resolution, it's still gonna suck. Ignition is by far the worst NASCAR game I've ever played and this is coming from someone who's played most of EA's, all of Eutechnyx's and all of Monster Games' NASCAR titles.
  2. The number also resets to 0 if you go back to the main area.
  3. Yeah, I didn't get it either. This game definitely needs to be patched again. I had an audio glitch during the Robo-Patrick boss fight. EDIT: I just got it. There's a spatula on top of Squidward's house and the game told me I got it when I didn't. The same may have happened to you.
  4. Roughly translated, her name means "The Darkness of Hell," but unfortunately I wasn't able to fit all of it so I had to take some liberties 😄
  5. @Anke I noticed that too. I guess trophy data can only be stored on one profile at a time. If I were to change my name a second time, the Kuro one would probably be blank as well. Speaking for myself, the oldest game I have that has active online support and DLC is Burnout Paradise (the original on PS3, not the PS4 remaster). I have all the DLC and was able to load up Big Surf Island (a DLC map) and access all DLC cars without issue, and that game was released in early 2008. If that still works, hopefully everything is fine.
  6. In a way, yes. My new name is Kuro_Ankokuboshi.
  7. I just changed my name a few moments ago, and I haven't had any issues. My new name shows just fine on PS4 and PS3, I still have all my trophies and so far I don't seem to have lost anything. However, there is still more inspection to be done.
  8. DS4.
  9. The Classic Space Pack is $3.99. The Monsters Pack will probably be paid DLC too.
  10. The latest patch, which was released today, fixed these trophies. If you've already won at every track at least once, they will all pop upon winning the next race you complete.
  11. Dude, every WWE game since SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 has had online trophies.
  12. No trophy for having to get a 105 speed rating at every track. Good.
  13. My main trio is Kingpin, Fortune, and Daisy. Sometimes I switch out Daisy for Scheherazade.
  14. Platinum or no platinum, I'm getting this game.
  15. I remember seeing a video posted sometime last year on the Xbox One version of this game, and it looked (and ran) horrid. Hopefully this version doesn't turn out the same way.