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  1. Thanks mate!
  2. So this mode, it's so poorly designed. The AI has hard time hitting you most of the time which is good but when they do hit you, it's sometimes 1 hit kill so it can be really easy to die. I got to wave 9 now couple of times on few different maps and only once to wave 11 so i need some great tips. Is it easier to play with 1 friend? I played 1 match in public with 4 randoms and there was just ridiculously large amount enemies coming at you from every angle after wave 5 so does it increase the amount of enemies if i play with only 1 friend?
  3. Going for 85% completion

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      For a second I thought you meant in a game not your profile. I was thinking "Go for 100 dude, why stop there?" Goodluck, you're not far off!

    2. Maxximum


      You're almost there. Good luck! :) 

    3. zafira1290


      Thx! :) I'll get there eventually. Takes a while though

  4. 200th platinum achieved! :D

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    2. Ala-Arska


      Sweet deal, congrats :yay:

    3. DamagingRob


      AC3, nice. :) Congrats on the huge milestone!

    4. zafira1290


      Thanks everybody! :)

  5. I'm done with the game now so don't download mine anymore.
  6. Only need 20000 xp so pls download mine and send pictures as a proof. i return the favor
  7. Table Top Racing: World Tour 100%! Gonna have nightmares from this game lol... It was so stressful to play and go for those 3 stars on every event but now thankfully i'm done with it. One less game to clean up from trophy list. :)

  8. Still need about 50000 xp for level 28 trophy so any help is much appreciated! I download yours after u have sent me pictures as a proof.
  9. I have 10 mods, 1 track and 1 kart. Just started and looking for people to download them, i return the favor once u have sent me a msg and picture as a proof
  10. Very excited about the new assassin's creed and far cry! Can't wait, maybe gotta pre order both.
  11. So i'm very positive that i have opened atleast 5 chests right now but trophy just didn't unlock. Do i have to open all 5 with one character? I don't understand...
  12. Shadow warrior. How hard was it? Platinum name is so nice!
  13. If someone could gift me premium on this site, damn it would be awesome and so much appreciated. :)

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    2. Artful


      I could do it, in exchange for a $10 PSN card, because I'm Australian I pay $15 for lifetime :)

    3. TigressLion


      Banking credit/debit cards work and so do credit gift cards if you can get those.

    4. zafira1290


      Ok Artful, I'm gonna buy 10$ PSN card and i get lifetime premium. I let u know when i've bought it. :)