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  1. This is bullshit! I finally just got to the top of that motherfucking tower with electricity crap all over it. Then realised that u have to do that actually faster than the scroll! arggghhhh!!!! So much raged already! I didn't thought about this being so challenging because of the rarity of platinum!
  2. zafira1290 LittleBigPlanet 2 All my LittleBigPlanet 2 main game trophies popped when i accidentally joined in a hacker's game. I have no idea why someone wanted to report me and lie. Please unflag me.
  3. Alright. That's fine.
  4. So it's easy platinum but is it any good game or what kind of game it even is? i saw the guide showing it being 3 hour plat...
  5. So i have read from some of the topics that people are complaining about controls how awful they are. Is it really that hard and how fast you get used to the controls? It's currently something under 5 € in ps store so i was thinking to pick it up.
  6. How would you rate this game? It's 5.05 very rare platinum and i thought i got the much more common platinum version which has ps3 vita and ps4 cross play or something but instead i bought this version which has much more rarer platinum so does it differ from other version somehow? I feel like i'm gonna have so much problems trying to plat this game already even though i just started...
  7. So is it really hard to find 8 player lobby to get max xp and level up fast for level 30 trophy?
  8. So i see that it's a kids game but i watched a couple of videos played by adults from youtube and they didn't seem to be really good at it so are the controls awful or something or what makes the game so hard. I really would like to pick this up when they fix the save corrupt problems. Anyone who has completed this to 100%, tell me was it hard.
  9. So is this game full of hackers or not much players to play the game for 100 matches trophy? I could get the game for 5 euros so is it worth it?
  10. This is the last trophy i need for this dlc and i've tried 3 methods to try get it but it doesn't work... I've tried to get minifun to spawn in tutorial but it won't, then tried to build the relaxer/minifun and get those 7 kills but it's really hard since it only has 2 mags with 6 shots each and it takes 2 hits to kill zombie so i can only get 6 kills with it and then i tried building the relaxer/minifun again and this time get the zombie on fire and then only having to shoot them once with minifun but even though i got even more than 7 kills with that method it didn't unlock the trophy... So what in earth i have to do? Please help...
  11. So im really wanting to buy this game but i just want to know what are the hardest trophies in the game? That 10,000 kills grind is maybe long but it's not keeping me to get the plat. Are those covert, demolition and precision contracts hard because they are pretty rare trophies?
  12. So i just completed game on crushing and now that i want to complete it on brutal with using tweaks, i need to delete the patch 1.02 to be able to do the glitch and so i need this my save to be able to play game on brutal and question is, can i do it?
  13. So this game is coming to ps plus this month and i would like to know that is it worth to go for platinum cause it takes 100 hours? Also is the game and platinum easy? What is the hardest thing in the game?
  14. so this is coming to playstation plus and i try to plat it. so is this easy to play, get the trophies and fun?
  15. So what's going on with this not updating it anymore? It's staying the same (13066.00 earned)... Somebody pls quick answer and how to fix this.
  16. How would you rate this game out of 10 when you look the trophies? I hope this is easy because this is coming to ps plus.
  17. Thanks mate!
  18. So this mode, it's so poorly designed. The AI has hard time hitting you most of the time which is good but when they do hit you, it's sometimes 1 hit kill so it can be really easy to die. I got to wave 9 now couple of times on few different maps and only once to wave 11 so i need some great tips. Is it easier to play with 1 friend? I played 1 match in public with 4 randoms and there was just ridiculously large amount enemies coming at you from every angle after wave 5 so does it increase the amount of enemies if i play with only 1 friend?
  19. Going for 85% completion

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      For a second I thought you meant in a game not your profile. I was thinking "Go for 100 dude, why stop there?" Goodluck, you're not far off!

    2. ee28max


      You're almost there. Good luck! :) 

    3. zafira1290


      Thx! :) I'll get there eventually. Takes a while though

  20. 200th platinum achieved! :D

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    2. Ala-Arska


      Sweet deal, congrats :yay:

    3. DamagingRob


      AC3, nice. :) Congrats on the huge milestone!

    4. zafira1290


      Thanks everybody! :)

  21. I'm done with the game now so don't download mine anymore.
  22. Only need 20000 xp so pls download mine and send pictures as a proof. i return the favor
  23. So i'm very positive that i have opened atleast 5 chests right now but trophy just didn't unlock. Do i have to open all 5 with one character? I don't understand...