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  1. i contacted sony and they said to try out 3 differend things first one was to Restore default settings from safe mode.. didn't work. 2nd was to Rebuild database from safe mode too... didn't work. 3rd was to Initialize PS4 in other words format whole thing to factory settings.. and guess what it didn't work nether... gonna call them tomorrow again to see what they want me to do next.. this thing is just pissing me of so much just got my PS4 last monday -.-
  2. I updated my ps4 system with newest firmware and now when i try to log in to psn it only shows me "privacy settings update" and when i update my privacy settings like my ps4 asks. it still can't connect and when i hit login again same thing pops up everytime... does someone else have this same problem? I updated system again from safe mode and it still does the same thing. i tried to reset my network settings and restarted my modem too like it asked in troubleshooting but that didn't work nether. i can get on to my psn profile from ps3 and psvita normally so i think the problem is on my ps4 system.
  3. Feel free to add me too and everyone else can add me also ID: Elvu89
  4. Welcome to Psnp
  5. Add me if you want or anyone else who is reading this just let me know you are from here
  6. thank you all again
  7. yeah
  8. Thank you all
  9. Heya! i'm quite new here and i wondered if someone would like to be friends on PSN? i mostly play single player games but i have my online moments too send me a friend invite if you want! and i'm sorry if theres already topic like this.
  10. i'm new here too you guys can add me in psn if you want i rarely play online but i got my online moments too