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  1. I'm guessing this would also work on AU Saints Row IV and German Saint Row The Third copies??
  2. Thanks you so much for your realm saved so much time on trying to pull everything off on one world 😁
  3. I don't think this is first time the 2nd season pass has been on sale but it's been dropping ever since. I've seen it atleast 3-5 times on sale already. Yeah sucks for those who paid full price but you already know the program around here either pay full price or wait until it's on sale 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Reason why I gave up on the 100% I'm gonna wait until the 2nd season pass goes on sale for like 80% off.. Even then I feel like I'm getting ripped off. Shit I honestly wouldn't of mind a 2nd season pass If the content was actually good. If they would of added Krieg or other characters i would of been sold for $20.
  5. The DLC comes thru patches no need to look for a GOTY Edition just buy Minecraft and download the patch.
  6. Thanks idk I really haven't thought about it I just thought I'll start with what I can 100% the fastest. I just started started with the Ps Vita since I can earn trophies at work 🤣 Thanks for the advice. Yeah some games I got burnt out since I would force myself to platinum them and some I got to rebuy. So far I've been 100% what I think I can but I'm gonna take y'all advice and look into some guides and threads.
  7. If I knew there was an event like this I would of join from the start. I was planning on making my account look better and getting back into trophy hunt again this year. I'm so in I'm going in with a 39.30% completion rate, my goal is to double that. Also wanna get rid of all my F,E, and D ranks have nothing but C's and up. Completion Rate: 39.30% Goal: 70.00% Completed Games: 106/494 Goal: 300 Completed Game Game Ranks: S (106) C (49) F(33) A (93) D (59) B (31) E (123) Game Rank Goals: S (159) C (105) F(0) A (146) D (0) B (84) E (0)
  8. I played the Vita version first and easily got the online trophies in a day or 2 i think and then i couldnt get the ones on ps3 and put it down... finally got them but all I need now is to finnish the repetitive story 😫
  9. Glad i got those online trophies out of the way they are so annoying... Im supprised they remmebered about the game after so long.
  10. I hope it's true 😁 I've been wanting to play those games for a while now.
  11. It works perfect except that you can't bring up the XMB and some games don't support it.. the only game I know of that didn't support it was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.
  12. When I play all 900+ games I got on my account or when it dies and I can't fix it.
  13. 9,700 😂 Trying to lower it to below 8,000.
  14. Mine 😀
  15. Thanks 😀 exactly what i was looking for. I'm i the only one trying to achieve all Ps2 Platinums?? I really thought Bully would have a NA and EU list.. i wouldn't of mind replaying it again, I know i could earn the platinum in 24Hrs 😁