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  1. I played the Vita version first and easily got the online trophies in a day or 2 i think and then i couldnt get the ones on ps3 and put it down... finally got them but all I need now is to finnish the repetitive story 😫
  2. Glad i got those online trophies out of the way they are so annoying... Im supprised they remmebered about the game after so long.
  3. I hope it's true 😁 I've been wanting to play those games for a while now.
  4. It works perfect except that you can't bring up the XMB and some games don't support it.. the only game I know of that didn't support it was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.
  5. When I play all 900+ games I got on my account or when it dies and I can't fix it.
  6. 9,700 😂 Trying to lower it to below 8,000.
  7. Mine 😀
  8. Thanks 😀 exactly what i was looking for. I'm i the only one trying to achieve all Ps2 Platinums?? I really thought Bully would have a NA and EU list.. i wouldn't of mind replaying it again, I know i could earn the platinum in 24Hrs 😁
  9. The color Black goes with everything 😂
  10. I play my vita on my way to and from work and sometimes i will play during my lunch break 😂
  11. Raech 50% Completion Rate (38%) Raech 80 Plats (61) Reach 10K trophies (6.5K) Stay Below 10K on Country Rank and Below 20K on World Rank. Also to challenge myself and achieve rare platinums.
  12. I have this free one 😁
  13. I was watching Family Guy the moment i was creating my account and i couln't think of a name and then the evil monkey comes out 😂
  14. It happens to me all the time but some days I go through the whole day without getting the mesaage once. I'm just starting to think i got a dead battery :/
  15. Welcome Park 😂 didnt have enogh money for Uncharted Golden Abyss at the time.