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  1. anyone able to use the new PS Remote play from their PC? Everytime I try to log in I get an error occurred after I put in my password and log in.
  2. Gang, As the corona or covid-19 rages on a nice holiday is coming up where many workers receive the following Monday off and is commonly referred to as the start of summer vacation aka Memorial Day. Of course the holiday is reserved to honor those who served and died for the United States of America; but also is a time to relax and earn trophies for those of us "essential workers". Look over your backlog and challenge yourself to see how many you can earn between Friday, May 22nd to Tuesday, May 26. Make a list of games you intend to platinum or work on and maybe see if others are willing to help out or even start a gaming session. Interesting to see what games and how many trophies users could earn in the time span. Good luck. PSN: bodigard GOAL: 15 s LIST OF GAMES: Yesterday Origins There Came an Echo 2064 Read Only Memories Cat Quest 2 Waking Violet Tower of Beatrice SkyTime The Escapists: The Walking Dead Milo's Quest Task Force Kampas COD: MW2 Knightin+ FoxyLand Jigsaw Abundance Active Neurons Mekabolt Gun crazy Casebook of Arkhady Smith Sea of Solitude Life is Strange 2 If I knock these out then I’ll move on to some more Artifex Mundi games to platinum
  3. thanks - i didnt want to bother especially with the minimog b.s.
  4. so get some of the better cards and then go after CC club in disc 2?
  5. Looking over the list and was wondering do we have to bother with finding all of the cards?
  6. 1. Bloodorne 2 announced 2.the last of us 2 release date 3. sony rewards goes back to rewarding cash/points for trophies 4. FF7 remake release date for chapters 1 and 2 and total chapters of 5 and release dates every 2 months 5. dino crisis remake with plats 6. playstation vr without the friggin playstation camera 7. doom eternal release date in the early fall 8. new Alien horror game 9. actually change psn trophy levels above 100 10. system shock 2 remaster release in the fall and system shock 3 release in february
  7. ill get with you tonite or tomorrow to start knocking out the MP trophies first.  we'll then start working on the lvl 50 stuff.

  8. PSN: bodigard i need to do this very badly and with the new job and better lifestyle im definitely down for this. I'll let you know the games beforehand. GAMES I HAVE SELECTED: space hulk deathwing zombi strike vector ex valkyria chronicles reverie we happy few shadow of the tomb raider sao: fatal bulett days gone sky time blasting agent marvel ultimate alliance vampyr AC:R seasons after fall shadwen earthlock the raven - invizimals RDR Rocketbirds: hardboiled chicken
  9. it's on the US store right for for $14.99. release date was 2.22.19 - today
  10. first things first you need to level up the gummi ship to at least level 10 or above in order to start adding in extra firepower (weapon gummis). I would fly around and do all the heartless missions and then go unlock the 3 treasure moons and then start upgrading your firepower. Once you hit lvl 24 you unlock mini gummi ships to help. The game will also walk you through each progression you make with the gummi ship so advance a bit in the story past world 3 and then start gummi hunting
  11. and by the looks of the trophy list it's going to be glorious. tough call on whether to start this or AC7......
  12. TOTAL: 93 s January: 1. Assassin’s Creed Origins 2. Energy Invasion 3. LEGO City Undercover 4. Life is Strange: Before the Storm 5. Bad Apple Wars February: 1. Senram Kagura: Peach Beach Splash 2. Black Mirror 3. Middle-earth: Shadow of War 4. Gunscape 5. Bully 6. Hellblade March: 1. Cat Quest 2. Little Adventure on the Prairie 3. Timothy vs The Aliens 4. Jak II 5. Midnight Deluxe 6. Midnight Deluxe 7. Nioh 8. Jak 3 April: 1. Batman: The Enemy Within 2. Friday the 13th 3. Farcry 5 4. Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms 5. Code Realize – Future Blessings 6. Enigmatis 3 7. Zeus Quest 8. Deep Ones May: 1. God of War 2. Silver Case 3. Suicide Case 4. Earth’s Dawn 5. Destroy all Humans! 2 6. InkSplosion June: 1. Pic-a-Pix 2. 25th Ward 3. Fat Princess Adventures 4. SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics July: 1. Old Man’s Journey 2. Metropolis 3. Grim Legends 3 4. Tesla vs. Lovecraft 5. Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk August: 1. Super Destronaut DX 2. Devious Dungeons 3. The Long Reach 4. Hotel Transylvania 3 5. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly 6. One Piece 3 7. Ben 10 8. Inner Space September: 1. Resident Evil 7 2. Nurse Love Addiction 3. Full Blast 4. Tetra’s Escape 5. Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 6. Sigi 7. The Adventures of Modi 8. Max: the Curse of Brotherhood 9. Word Search by POWGI October: 1. Yomawari: Night Alone 2. Borderlands: The Pre-Quel 3. Adventure Time: Pirates of Enchiridion 4. Paranormal Activity: Lost Soul 5. Word Sudoku by POWGI November: 1. Castlevania Requiem 2. Donut County 3. Nightmares of the Deep 3 4. Diablo 3 5. Mulaka 6. Knee Deep 7. The Wardrobe December: 1. Noir Chronicles 2. Persian Nights 3. Dragon’s Crown 4. Strange Brigade 5. 1979 Revolution 6. Spider-Man 7. Mega Max Collection 1 8. Energy Cycle 9. Eventide 3 10. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 11. One Word by POWGI 12. Call of Cthulhu 13. Embers of Mirrim 14. Jack n Jill DX 15. I Am The Hero 16. My Brother Rabbit 17. Storm Boy 18. Wailing Heights 19. The Gardens Between 20. Minit
  13. just added Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends on 12.20.18 Noir Chronicles on 12.1.18 Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders on 12.1.18
  14. Almost time for the weekend and earn some platinums.  Goal is 4 of them.