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  1. You're a completionist and you prefer single-player experiences rather than multiplayer online play.
  2. That Wipeout HD plat! Also, I know how difficult the first Evil Within game is, as well as the long multiplayer grind in Red Dead Redemption. You're well on your way to a big platinum collection. 8/10
  3. Hi! If anyone could heart me and my levels, I'd be greatly appreciated! Just message me and I'll return the favor.
  4. GTA V! Only played it on PS3, but I couldn't even be bothered to get the platinum. Most of my online play was on PC, as well, so I didn't really feel like grinding it out on PS3.
  5. 6.5/10 That Friday the 13th platinum is really shiny, but you've got to work on your completion percentage! You've got some really great games.
  6. I got Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 and Black Mirror last week using the PS Now trial. Then I moved on to Horizon: Zero Dawn (had it on my shelf for three years) and finally played and finished it (I didn't do the DLC though). I'm currently playing Lollipop Chainsaw. Bought it five years ago and barely touched it. I just have a few trophies left and I'm done with it
  7. Oh, definitely! This happened 7 years ago, after all, and I've never done it again. Shame about not being able to hide individual trophies though 😞
  8. 10/10 You got some great ones, like MGS4, Max Payne, Super Meat Boy and Mortal Kombat! 99.06% completion rate is no joke, as well. Congrats!
  9. PSXRE52 The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena This isn't so much a dispute as it is a confession, as there is really no one to blame for this other than me - but in all fairness, I did not know what was going on when I got the trophies for which I was flagged.<br /> <br /> I looked up a boosting partner as we all do, and the dude asked me for my save file. He said it would "make things easier". Turns out he hacked the save (?) and I got the multiplayer trophies instantly.<br /> <br /> Now, I do not condone this at all and I would never have done this if I knew there would be, essentially, no boosting at all. I was 15 at the time and very naive. Apologies to those who have actually boosted the trophies and got the platinum after many hours of stress and frustration. To be honest, I'd rather not have the platinum than to have it this way. I hid the game in my profile as the site advised.<br /> <br /> Is there any way to hide individual trophies? The singleplayer ones were worthy achievements in themselves, so if there's a way for those to stay public, I'd much prefer it that way.
  10. I'd say 9.5/10, since you got some good ones in there