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  1. Like me, going to buy it tomorrow when I get paid again, cause it seems like a fun little beat em up for sure
  2. [Save the Light] Finally, got the other half of that damn tablet.  But not going to use it, just to be safe (that Team Building Exercise hasn't popped for me, so I'll wait until we get the patch as well before anything else).  But I will at the very least, go and beat the game, just got to go and see Lion now and hopefully this last part does count for the trophy to visit all zones, because that is all I have to visit too.

  3. Okay, I am at a loss here, I found one of those tablet things and put it in the slot underneath Rose's statue, but I don't have the other. This area is all that's really left to 100% (even though, for some reason, on the map, it says it's at 100%, yet going in, still the secret to get). Well this and the Forge itself, but that's to do with weapons. So, not sure where the other tablet piece is supposedly located. Tried looking up online, but that didn't help. They mention the Shield Schematic 2, but not the locations of the tablet pieces themselves, so I'm left with half a tablet. Especially since the other areas in the Forge itself are at 100%. Edit: Got it, apparently it's dropped by the monster on the left side of the statue. That was not very apparent, but hey, I got it, but I wont shove it in (my version is, for some reason, unpatched, and would rather wait till we get the patch as well that fixes the problem where it might not cough up the schematic).
  4. Don't feel bad about it, I mean, it seemed like it for sure that it was the full game, would've been nice if it was, but ah well
  5. Yeah, wish it would of said that in the store.
  6. It looks like it is. Got the email saying "Full game trial". So really, just got rid of the damn thing. Didn't want a glorified 10 hour demo of the game, which I probably wouldn't play anymore than that unless it were the full version of it.
  7. Don't think so? Cause here in New Zealand, it's free too: https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/product/EP0006-CUSA02491_00-MASSEFFECT400000 as I just checked when you said it was free. I wonder if it's everywhere or not. Even though I don't care too much for the game, it's free, so... I may just download it because of that alone, free is better than giving them money x.x
  8. [Save the Light] Yeah, I do have the unpatched version with no patch available for the game, since I've just done everyone's fusions and team attacks, but yet, no trophy for doing so.  Hopefully a we do get the patch soon so I can actually platinum the game.

    1. DrakeHellsing


      And the game softlocked on me in one of the areas while fighting a group of enemies.  Then again, we were getting wrecked by them, even Stevonnie didn't help out.

  9. That's some nice heavy as rain we're having right now.
    No not the game Heavy Rain, actual rain... but oh boy it's rather heavy at the moment.  I think they say it's suppose to be until around 6pm or so.  And it's only 2pm right now.  But we'll see.

    1. Masamune


      It poured here last night, I actually opened up my window so I could hear it better, it relaxes me... relax2 onion head

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Well, the rain didn't last that long in the end, it's already clear skies again xD

  10. Decided to at the very least, the trophy done for that Boltron thing in Save the Light and managed to get it.  But apparently I had already obtained the badge from it earlier on sometime... I don't remember that.  But at least Beach City is properly completed.
    Still would like to wait on an actual patch so I can gee the Shield Schematic 2 without it bugging out on me, don't want to risk that at all.

  11. At least it wont stack up to the masterpiece that is Life of Tiger, am I right?
  12. Well, at least I know what I want to try and get this week, since, unlike Save the Light, O.K KO was actually released when it was suppose to (saw it on the PSN store just before).  But until then... I might try and get more done on Cities: Skylines, or play more on Save the Light, I don't know, I haven't decided yet xD

  13. [Cities: Skylines] Went back to this for the time being and so far, my city seems to be fluctuating at around 42,200 people.  So getting it to at least 48,000 is going to be... interesting, let alone, all the way to 100,000.

  14. This whole thing is getting out of hand, in particular, with those involved in the argument that's going on. Yes, argument, not discussion, because so far, that's all I'm seeing, just people bickering at each other for having different opinions.
  15. So, thoughts on this one? From what I understand, it is a beat em up game, much like the show itself, granted, I only managed to see 3 episodes, but I enjoyed the episodes as is.