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  1. My main problem with these games is the price they ask for them, a bit too pricey for me. If the price was lower, I'd be happy to play them on the PS4, just as a more or less, time waster really
  2. Man, that new Adventure Time game isn't available yet, even though it is the 17th right now.  Though maybe they're waiting until it's the 17th in general, who knows.

    Hopefully it is available in NZ to begin with though.

  3. Well, I do love how each trophy description starts with "You need to...", something about that just sounds so demanding
  4. I imagine this is a first person sort of horror game? I mean, I suppose it depends on the level of spookiness on if I'll play it or not, cause I'm not the greatest in regards to horror games in general I don't think (maybe the odd game I'd be fine with ). But I suppose it would depend on if everything can be done in one go or not. But I do see there is a trophy for finding all the collectibles, so there is that.
  5. Yeah, once you get the trophies, you can switch weapons and put things onto Sora and the others. In other words, you get the trophies, load up the save before the final boss and say, switch to a better keyblade and other such stuff
  6. I actually forgot that they were making this, heard about it a while back, but hadn't heard much about it. Hopefully it wont be a tough one to complete, but it looks like it wants you to do everything. As for characters, not sure if it's traditional RPG style with all 4 in a party, or if you pick one of them to use on the adventures, switching between others as you see fit.
  7. I'd give these a go for sure, doubt I'll have the skill to get platinum in this or the second one though
  8. I've seen a video on this sort of game before, and while it seems like it's fun, yeah, there's going to be a grind to get 100% in it. Especially since I believe it's a mobile/ipad game of some sort, so yeah, pretty sure there would be microtransactions in this. But even if you don't use those, it'll take a while to get everything done by the looks of things.
  9. Hidden or not, afraid you wont be reinstated to the leaderboards, since they still count towards your total trophies regardless. 3 flags is the limit and you seem to well over said limit here.
  10. Honestly, so long as the gameplay itself is fine and not all that bland, as in, having to do repetitive things over and over again before you can do something else in a game is not fun. So long as there's at least a bit of variety, I'd be willing to see what the game is all about. Well that and the price of it, so long as it's not that expensive, about $20 would be fine. But hey, at least the platinum has a proper title, not just calling it "Platinum" or some variant as such.
  11. I know we got essentially an image of what Ripto will look like in Spyro 2, but I do hope we'll also get to see what others will look like from the second game, in particular, Crush and Gulp.  And yes, I suppose the other supporting characters like Hunter and others too.

  12. Just thinking, the main thing that concerns me right now is the powerup gate in particular. Because in the video it shows Spyro go through it, powerup activates, but the problem is there's no actual indication that Spyro has obtained it. I mean in the original game, there was at least a zap to Spyro to indicate that the powerup was active. So hopefully they add something like that into the final build of the game.
  13. I wonder if I can use a gun myself.
  14. Well, Leon hasn't beaten the living crap out of a boulder... but he did go toe to toe with Krauser in a knife fight, and that was pretty awesome. So no, I don't think so, knife fights are no laughing matter I don't think
  15. Well, game is out and it says said DLC is included in the game itself.