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  1. [DS3] Game decided to crash on me before, luckily I had made it to the next bonfire and the enemies I had killed stayed dead upon reloading the game (wasn't sure how they worked), needed to get my souls back and the two items I was after.

    But hey, progress in the game.  Just not sure if I should go back to Lothric's high wall area and get the cell key or not.

  2. [DS3] Okay, so I found the Road to Sacrifices, wasn't where I thought it would be.  But ah well, I found it anyway, got the bonfire lit there.  But I went to help out the dude in killing the fire demon and even rescued that lady from the jail too.

    But looks like the Road to Sacrifices area is the next part.

  3. [DS3] That stupid curse-rotted tree is now dead.  Took me 2-3 tries, only cause I kept getting unlucky in the second half of the fight.  But I managed to beat it and got that transposing item.  Made a ring with one of the boss souls as well.  But hey, glad that's out of my way.

    Not sure which boss is suppose to be next.  Then again, I could always go and help out onion knight dude next and slay that fire demon thing.  I saw it, but didn't go for it (as I had no estus flasks at the time).  But the giant is friendly at least :)

    1. thepeaguy


      The tree is definitely annoying with close range combat.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, hitting some of the sacks, especially the ones on the back were annoying.  Managed to get the last hits I needed from the white hand, which was nice.

      I did look up on what I'm suppose to do next and I think it's to do with handing these ashes I've found in to the handmaiden.

      But I could also go help kill that fire demon thing as well, which I saw but did not take on (had no estus flasks at the time).  And I did read that there's suppose to be a bonfire at the bottom of the giant's tower as well.  So when I'm on next, I think that's what I'll aim for.

  4. [DS3] A question I have about rare drops for the covenants you join and need to pledge to in order to get rings and stuff.  Which stat is suppose to affect the drop rate of said rare items? I take it luck is the one, but even so, how much luck should I end up going for in the end to get said items a bit more easily?

    1. thepeaguy


      If you want all of the rings, give me a holler. It will save you the agony.

    2. Hemiak


      Don't actually invest in luck. Just get the items that raise luck and farm that way, much more efficient. 

  5. [DS3] Managed to beat Vordt a bit earlier on, so been making my way through the Undead Settlement.  Found an NPC in a cage and freed him, which is nice.  Also got that dude on the bridge at the start of the area.

    But man, so many other paths I can take x.x

  6. [DS3] Before I decide to try Vordt again, going to get to level 20 at the very least, and I am putting my stats into strength for now, just that little edge in damage will be helpful I think.  And yeah I know it's not a major difference, but hey, every little bit helps.

    I do have the base weapon at +3 as well (found some shards, and some enemies managed to drop them).  I wont be getting this weapon to +10 though, especially since I'm sure I'll end up getting better weapons later on.  The +3 for me is just an extra edge in damage for the time being.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, not sure what I am after just yet as I don't have many weapons to pick from just yet.  But when I get some more, then I think I can figure out what it is I want to use.  But I think swords would be a good option, but again, I shall figure out as I play :)


      But I think I might try and aim for nice stamina and good damage so I could maybe tank my way through some things, as in, not heal as much (but of course, still healing because it's Dark Souls and enemies and their damage xD ).  But yeah, not too sure what I want just yet, especially after having beaten Vordt :D

    3. DrakeHellsing


      You also might be able to answer my question here, boss souls.  I was reading you need to get an item before you can turn them into weapons and armour.  Is that all I need to do with them? As in, only to the guy sitting in the throne in Firelink Shrine?

    4. Hemiak


      I'm pretty sure in 3 it just requires you to turn them into the Throne guy yeah. And buying those weapons and rings and stuff is the only thing you need them for. 

  7. A question I have. In regards to the guide, it says bosses are recommended levels, my question is in regards to that in particular. Each time you level up, you get to pick the things you wish to level up granted you have enough souls for each level. Does something else also level up on the side as well? Say, you take less damage, or you do a bit more damage or anything like that? Because if that is not the case, then why the recommended levels? Just curious is all if there's something I'm missing. As I attempted Vordt yesterday, did not beat him yet, but I am about level 12-15 (can't recall which). But I can't really see what being a recommended level actually does is all, especially if all that means is that you have a few better stats in whichever you pick.
  8. [DS3] Knew it, Vordt's already giving me problems... so I'm going to give the game a rest before I try him again.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I got to his second phase, but did not know how many times he was to charge and got murdered.  I'll for sure try him again (got a shortcut to him, which is good).  And I mean, he's only the second boss for that matter too x.x

    3. iGGTheEnd


      In most games I just shut them off when I die to a boss too many times,  Souls games are an exception where dieing isn't necessarily bad because you can often see what mistake you are making,  even early bosses can be hard but it is so satisfying when you finally beat a boss you have tried 10+ times

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Oh I know, I was just getting too annoyed and needed a bit of a break.  So I will get back and try him a few more times (if I don't beat him right away when I jump back in that is xD ).

  9. Got class today, just 3 hours of one class, but after that and when I get back home, gonna do some more Dark Souls 3.  I think my next thing to do in the game is find that estus shard and maybe talk to that lady in the cathedral/church area... but that means getting by all those red caped guard fellas... and dealing with one was a pain as is xD


    Gotta do these before I take on Vordt, who I think I should be able to beat... hopefully x.x

  10. [DS3] Almost got lost on where to go... then I remembered an area I had to explore.  But hey, going well so far, only died twice so far, which I think is pretty good.  But oh man, that dragon is going to be an ass, there's items on the ground I want xD

  11. Oh no... oh this is not good...

    I'm about to actually start Dark Souls 3.  I wonder how I'll do in this in regards to how far I'll get.

    1. kingdrake2


      if you have experience it may bump down the difficulty from a 6/10. imo it just takes lots of learning the boss rotation there's hopes for you to complete.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Well, I have played a decent amount of Bloodborne, so I understand pain in the ass enemies xD


      But yeah, learning boss patterns will be one thing.  I did beat the tutorial boss first go (using all my estus flasks in the process) as the second form/phase was more doable than the first xD

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Hey, not sure if you can help me here, but a quick thing... how do I check which poses I have? I don't think it told me via the ground messages which the button is, so I'm not sure which ones I actually have.


      Also, I have yet to actually die... which I'm amazed at xD

  12. I've noticed most of the time, his replies to stuff are either more negative, or don't really pertain much to the topic in question. But on topic here, I do in a sense, agree. Only because I'm not one for rankings or leaderboards. So it doesn't really apply to me. Sure I'll look at my country rank at the odd time (I think I around 25 or so, that range), and it is neat, but in the end, doesn't really bother me. But hey, for those that do care, good on you, keep at it and all that
  13. Oh thank god, was worried that the game would be fake. Thanks for confirming this.
  14. Look at what has shown up. Seems to be a typical Souls-like trophy list. Kill the different bosses, endings and the likes. Will give this a go for sure at some point after it's released too
  15. Man, heard a little while ago, about an hour ago at the very least... that there was a shooting over here in New Zealand, in Christchurch.  From what I understand, it was at one of those mosque places.  Though I think there were at least two other instances.  So from what I'm reading, the city itself is on lockdown while police are on the hunt.
    As for deaths, a few people have been killed, not sure on the number yet though.  But oh boy, that all sucks, I am luckily in the North Island myself, so I'm fine, but still, heart and prayers and all that go out to those affected by what's going on right now in Christchurch.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, not sure about @FilmFanatic, I believe he is from what I understand, but I myself, don't live in Christchurch, so I am lucky I suppose you could say, if you wish to look at it like that.  But regardless of that, still crazy to hear what's been happening.


      From what I've heard in the past 20 minutes (my mum was listening to the news on the laptop), 4 people have been arrested, 3 men and one woman.  But other than that, not sure who else would be part of it, if anyone.

    3. FilmFanatic


      Yeah I live in Christchurch. One of the people that did this was an Aussie who live streamed it as well and has been arrested. School lockdowns have been lifted and multiple IEDs attached to vehicles were found as well.

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, thought so, couldn't quite tell if that's where you live or not.  But hey, glad to hear you're nice and safe too :)


      And yeah, heard one was an Aussie that did it, the whole live streaming thing (only read about it, not going to watch something like that).