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  1. Well, I do like the trophy images, so sparkly
  2. I'd like this to happen, the themes would be cool, and trophy icons as avatars would be lovely. Or hell, whenever you unlock a trophy in general, we should be able to use it as an icon if we wish to.
  3. I do want to get Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter this week, since it's on sale.  Curious from those that have played it, on if the puzzles themselves are difficult or no? As in, the difficulty of said puzzles in the game is all... since I'd rather try and not use a guide to go through the game, try and Sherlock Holmes it myself xD

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I have the game on the PS3 still, just haven't been around to doing much on it, so may get the remaster when that's released, who knows.


      I guess I just like some of these puzzle solving games, like those Artifex Mundi games, I do enjoy most of the mini games in those.  And then there's that game Slayaway Camp that's coming out soon too, I think this week by the looks of it.  It's essentially a sliding puzzle game... where you have to murder everyone on screen xD

    3. Spaz


      Can you recommend any games out there that have an element of crime solving?

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Not really? I mean you mentioned L.A Noire.  I suppose the other games that come to mind are the Batman Arkham games, I mean you are Batman, a detective and technically you do solve stuff in there.


      But really, not off the top of my head in the sense of Cole Phelps and Sherlock Holmes detective levels.

  4. While I was going to save my 80th platinum for Save the Light, not sure if I'm really going to be bothered as to what number that platinum will end up being in the end.  Maybe when it's time to get a 100th platinum, I'll try and get something special then xD

  5. Mine would have to be the Lego games... at least I'm sure of it. Haven't counted them though, but I know the number is up there. Second would probably be, off the top of my head, the Sly Cooper games on the PS3. If you had counted Publishers as well, then Arifex Mundi would be up there too
  6. Also, I do like the references to other movie titles as trophy names, including House of 100 Corpses being that to House of 1,000 Corpses. But my favourite has to be this one here: The Bees Unlock the gorepack called Not the Bees.
  7. And yet, I don't mind TTG too much... the PPG reboot on the other hand...
  8. Ah, cause I've only heard of it, never seen it myself. But at least it means I'll be familiar with the aliens again more or less. Depending on the price, as well as how the game plays, I might check it out, who knows.
  9. Curious on what others think on this one. I mean, it looks simple enough, the usual for these sort of games. And it seems like the levels are short enough, but I will assume that those times will be easier with upgraded aliens. I'm not familiar with this version of Ben 10, is this version suppose to be a more child-like version of the first few seasons of the original show? I ask as I do recognize the aliens like Cannonball, Diamondhead and all of those, more or less aliens Ben used in the first few seasons before he got a few new ones (if I'm not mistaken, been ages since I saw the second series with his new aliens).
  10. Not gonna lie, Slayaway Camp looks to be very interesting, and it seems like it releases in a few days.  So I may get that... if it releases the same date as America that is.

  11. Huh, thought this was a multiplayer game, but seeing as it's a single player game... I might look into it when it gets released. I mean, I do like me my horror, and puzzles are pretty awesome too. So combining the two where it makes it look like you're the killer... yeah, call me interested. I mean I know some YouTubers have played it, I just haven't watched them play it is all. But yeah, will give it a go I think, depending on price and all that. Edit: Okay, watching Markiplier's one of it... and yes, it looks very interesting so far:
  12. Heard the game is nothing but decision making, no character movement, no puzzle solving, no, well, nothing... which honestly make me not really want to play it as such now.
  13. Well, there is that online trophy which could be rather rare... I mean who the hell would want to get together with friends to play this? Let alone purchase it in the first place.
  14. Might grab that Sherlock Holmes game this coming week, have been wanting to play that one eventually, and the price it's at now isn't so bad.
  15. That is true, eventually I get used to things getting changed, so it'll probably be the same here