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  1. [Reverie] Beat the game last night, so today sometime I'll get through that bonus dungeon.  I don't recall what the dungeon was like, but I know it was a tough one to get through.  But that's really all that's left to do in the game (well that and grab the cloak afterwards once I get the last feather within said dungeon).

  2. Yes, the game that was on the Xbox One is coming to PS4 on December 3rd, according to this post from IGN: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/19/blair-witch-announced-for-playstation-4?sf112741457=1&fbclid=IwAR3vF2S7V-wpPnC57y2OBIZuU1EtcU1yER1uQtOaAPqtGFXz44E-5x9g5Vk And guess what? You can customize Bullet the dog. But it's nice to know that this game is coming to the PS4 in the end.
  3. I did read that these games were coming to the PS4 at some point, so it's nice to see at least 3 and 4 coming. A shame there's no platinum, but I guess there's not much in terms of trophies you could do with these games other than, just get through each night. But I believe that 20/20/20/20 mode is suppose to be very difficult. At least that's the assumption, since I understand that it is suppose to be the hardest you can make the game.
  4. On here: Smolder, cause that one look she gives off in that episode before the whole, "wearing a dress and having tea" ordeal is just amusing to me. ON PSN: Kit Kat from Cat Quest 1 and 2. I love her design as is, it's just adorable. And those two games are pretty awesome as is (even if I have yet to finish off the second game).
  5. Decided to grab Reverie for the PS4, since I had forgotten that it was a bundle in the end.  Usually I don't really bother too much with stacking games, but this is a game I'm fine with, the Vita version was a wonderful one to get through and replaying it again is just as nice.
    I really did forget just how Kiwi the dialogue actually is too xD

  6. Ah, gotcha... so... a bit of a wait before we can expect it by the sounds of it
  7. [Owlboy] Hmm, finding these coins I've missed so far is going to be a pain.  Especially in that Owl Temple.  And the few I'm missing around the village.

  8. [Owlboy] Decided to redownload the game to do more with it and man, that next section I had to do was pretty fun actually.

  9. Saw the trailer of this the other day and thought it was only coming to Xbox. However, this tweet here mentions Playstation as well, so it looks like we are getting it in Summer of next year (not sure which months those are for Americans, since it's already summer right now for us in NZ ).
  10. [Hollow Knight] While I am mostly doing this game blind, I did want to look up one small thing about the game in regards to upgrades, and it looks like I wont be able to upgrade my things until sometime after the first boss.  So beating him might take me a few tries.  I did well my first go I think though, got him into his second phase I believe (as in, knock him down, attack the maggot thing until he got back up again).

    1. Lorajet


      Finger dancing on the controller to beat those bosses!  Good luck!

  11. [Hollow Knight] Finally grinded out the 220... coins I think they're called (the currency in the game) for that map charm, helps me see just where I am on the map instead of trying to guess which room I'm actually in xD

  12. [Hollow Knight] Grabbed the game today and gave it a go.  So far, it's pretty neat, tough for sure, but I'm doing okay at it.  Even made it to the first boss and gave him a go.  Got my ass handed to me, but I did get him into his second phase, so there's that.

    Gotta figure out how to heal the knight's cracked head so he can get full heals available.

    1. iGGTheEnd


      I wish I could get into this game, I played a couple boss fights and they were very fun and challenging but getting lost over and over again did me in and I ended up putting it down.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I am getting a little lost, but I think I'm going to need that compass thing from the shop.  it says it'll mark me where I am on the map.  A shame I don't have the money for it right now, gonna have to grind it out a little bit xD


      Hopefully the knight can get stronger with his attacks too, but not sure.

  13. [Forager] Hmm, the spawn rate on some of these things I need is a bit annoying.  Been needing cows and chickens to spawn more than anything for leather and eggs... and the milk from the cows, but they've become more rare now x.x

  14. [Forager] Oh man is this game strangely addicting.  Granted, there are some small annoying parts in this... mostly, smelting steel, needing so many things to get one bar of steel xD


    But all in all, I'm enjoying the game regardless, making progress here and there.

  15. A small thing, how do hearts get replenished in this game? I know it's not from restoring energy. My hearts do get replenished in the end, not sure how though? Is it because it's a new day in the game?