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  1. Hmm, not sure why it did it, but my computer just crashed and had to reboot, that frowny face thing happened to me.  Scanned my computer afterwards, but no virus or anything like that, memory seems to be fine with it as well.  So not sure what actually happened, and it was in the middle of watching a YouTube video too.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah I know.  Funny thing is too, tried to look it up (after checking the Event Viewer), but Googling it didn't seem to help too much.  But I think it might have just been my CPU failing or something along those lines.


      Hopefully it doesn't happen again, freaked me out for sure, especially since it's never done that before x.x

    3. Paleblood


      What you could actually do if you're willing to, is check if your thermal paste on your CPU is kicking it still. I've had that happen to me once as my thermal paste was dried up.


      But all in all you shouldn't worry all too hard about it if it doesn't happen frequently. Only one crash in a long time under Windows is almost something to brag about xD 

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Well, I have a laptop, so... I'd rather not pull it apart, not comfortable doing so with a laptop xD


      But yeah, I guess as I said, it freaked me out that it happened, the whole frowny face blue screen while it restarted from that.  Maybe it's just me starting to be a bit paranoid with it, but hopefully it's only the one time it happens and doesn't start to happen again and get frequent.

  2. Yeah, just so you know, in the final area after Gnasty is defeated, the dragon there does explain that sort of thing to you once you free him. It's unlock whenever you free him and have 100% so far (he explains it all). So you can very well have everything, free the dragon and in turn, have Gnasty's Loot unlocked right afterwards for gem collecting
  3. I saw the under $35 at least on the web store and the one game in there that does interest me is Agents of Mayhem, it's for a good price right now. But not sure on it either.
  4. No problem To be honest, I too was uncertain of it at first, but when I think, it was a YouTube video about the trophies, someone mentioned the Chinese calendar ordeal, which then made sense. Rather clever I think.
  5. There is for this one, collecting all the gems in Gnasty's Loot, which of course, only opens up once you collect the gems, dragons and eggs in the game.
  6. Apparently it's the next year of the dragon date in the Chinese zodiac calendar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_(zodiac)
  7. I agree, though I am curious with her, on how she looks like with her cloak/hood covering her face mostly, you know, when you first meet her. But hey, at least when you play Spyro 3, you wont get to wait long, since you first meet her a little ahead of the home world
  8. RocketeerLight 3 fireworks within 15 seconds Isn't that level in Terrace Village? Based upon the image there, it seems to be the look of Terrace Village and I'm assuming it's the 3 fireworks up top. But I imagine that it can be missable, since if you fire them off, they wont return? Can't recall if that it the case. But aren't there two up top then one down bottom? So really, you would have to leave the first one be until you've essentially gotten to the end of the level so you can light all three quickly enough. But really, other than that, I don't think others would be missable as far as I can tell.
  9. [Scribblenauts Unmasked] No wonder I never played this one, these missions are terribly done.  I do what the game wants, and even that's not good enough to complete an objective >.>

    1. Rottenbeard


      Maybe it's bugged?

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Nope, just to me, bad game design.  Not as fun as the first one.

  10. Yeah, I mean I'll go for the ones that are the easier ones, but ones like the yeti boxing and the likes, no thank you Still gonna get all the gems and eggs at the very least
  11. I think only this one doesn't require 100%. As defeating the Sorceress is on here, but only from her lair, not from the Super Bonus World. If it was from there, then it would be the 100% completion one.
  12. Here you guys go:
  13. Doesn't seem to be the case, as it does say her lair, which is the area that Bianca tells you about to face her for the first time.
  14. Oh sure, I got to class for the the afternoon (two classes, back to back sort of thing), I return and the Spyro trophies are all uploaded xD


    But hey, glad they each got a platinum :D

  15. Spyro 2 even has the least amount of trophies, only 30. Spyro 3, there is defeating the Sorceress, but it does seem like it's the first time you defeat her, not the second time. Ah well, still gonna 100% all of these games regardless (well, first 2 cause it's required), but the third, also 100% it anyway