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  1. Same here, been curious about this game as is, will play it regardless. I mean, it's a shame no platinum, but ah well.
  2. Huh, was trying to get one of my games on Steam to work this morning, but for some reason it wasn't working, had an odd error.  Restarting my computer fixed the issue though and it could get the update installed.  Wasn't a fancy game, just a more time-waster type of game to play on the side is all.

    1. skateak


      What OS are you running? Sometimes steam acts funky with my bosses computer and won't launch a game if Windows 10 is updating.


    2. DrakeHellsing


      Nah, wasn't anything like that, was a thing to do with "content file locked".  A rare bug with Steam I think.  But hey, restarting my computer fixed it in the end.  Funny thing is, first time I had seen such a thing show up, but if it happens again, I'll just restart my computer, should fix it again :D

  3. So that game, Observation comes out next week.  It had caught my interest a while back when I read about it where you control the AI of a space station.  So I might just grab that next week and give it a go, as the idea sounds very interesting.

  4. Shame about the list, but ah well, I'll probably still grab it anyway, depending on the price that is (I'm usually just careful in general on what I get, just so I don't overspend or anything like that). Only one I've really played is the first one via an emulator once... didn't get that far into the game, was terrible at it. But I'll still like to play each of these, especially Simon's Quest to see just how bad it was suppose to be, if those bad translations/vague hints are in the game, or if they've been improved upon (I only know about that from AVGN's video ).
  5. Ooh, yes please. I thought the game was rather fun as is and would not mind a remaster of this at all.
  6. If it's like the Friday the 13th game, then I'm fine with that. Not a huge fan of competitive multiplayer games only, but I did mess around with that Friday the 13th game (granted, the single player side of it), and if this is like that, then I'd be curious to see how it all goes.
  7. The platinum name is just great, and the description for it too
  8. #116: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.  Got this done last night, the last trophy being the Lunchbox related trophy.  Very fun three games to play though.

    Only thing I'm disappointed about with having done this... is they don't have the next set of games on consoles xD

  9. Much like me, I'll probably rent it once it's available to do so. But Jim Carrey looks like he's having fun in this movie and might be the saving grace of this. Doubting he'll return as Robotnik though (if this gets a sequel, you never know), as I think it's said that Jim Carrey doesn't like doing sequels or something like that.
  10. Yes, you heard right, the damn movie trailer is out: So... thoughts?
  11. [Ace Attorney] That final case was amazing.  I'll get the last trophy I need a bit later on (it the lunchbox trophy in the 5th case of the first game), must relax first xD

  12. [Ace Attorney] This case has turned out to be rather interesting, did not expect things to go the way that it did.  Now all that's left is the trial (like 2 or 3 parts to it), so I'm getting there in the end.

  13. [Ace Attorney] The finally case is upon me! I am curious as to how this one will go now.  But after this case, I just need to do a small amount of trophy cleanup and I should have the platinum :)

    1. AlchemistWer


      I love Ace Attorney, the characters, the background story of each one, the comedy, is simply one of the best visual novel you can find.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Never played it, much to my shame, but I will be soonish.

  14. [Ace Attorney] That Jean Armstrong trophy unlocked for me while still doing the cross-examination, so I am pleased I do not have to do the whole case done again :D

    1. Yuna4353


      Was it a grind, or was it just glitched?

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Not sure, as the trophy guide said it should had unlocked after the third cross examination, as in, once all parts were pressed.  So not sure if it was a bit more glitchy, or if the guide was a bit off.

  15. New bosses? Now that's a good reason to get back into the game. Especially since I was one that wasn't as fussed about Critical Mode (cause I don't play these games on that mode... want to enjoy the games after all ).. So getting some new bosses would be nice.