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  1. Okay, so I grabbed that Friday the 13th game and I have to say, even though it was an offline match, it was still fun regardless.  May very well get PSPlus this week just so I can play some online matches with the game, seem what it's like online and all that.

    1. KingGuy420


      It's a lot of fun. I've played a ton of it on my buddies Xbox. Gonna grab it on ps4 eventually. I didn't think I'd like it since you don't get to play as Jason a ton, but I realized I actually prefer playing as the counselors lol.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I mean offline, playing as Jason is fun for sure, but I would be curious myself, to see what it would be like playing as one of the counselors as well.  But hey, offline mode is still fine for the time being xD

  2. Ah thanks. At least it's something, so I'm not too fussed. May grab it tomorrow.
  3. From that image up top on the trophy page (header image or something like that), it looks like a zombie game for sure, and two trophies are about reaching a certain amount of meters. So maybe it's one of those runner games? Or it's a corridor of sorts and you need to reach the end. Hard to tell really, but that's just my guess anyway.
  4. Is there an offline mode to this game now? I just ask as I would like to get it and mess around with it, probably in offline mode, as I don't want to grab a PSPlus subscription just yet. I knew offline was suppose to be added at some point (or something like that anyway), so not sure what's happening there if it's already add in via a patch or what the deal is there.
  5. Hmm, saw that Friday the 13th game on sale for a decent price.  Not sure if I want to get it or not though, as then I'd have to get PSPlus to be able to actually play the game as well.  But it is tempting to play for sure.

  6. From gameplay I've seen of this, and going by the trophy list. Just how tough would this game be to complete? And in turn, how many playthroughs would one need? I assume quite a few in regards to all those different character trophies (some could be doubled up I assume, if you get lucky in finding a few of the characters in one run). But I just want to be able to gauge (I think is the word I'm thinking of) the rough estimated time/difficulty, just so I know what I'd be in for if/when I grab this game (probably this week still).
  7. I'd imagine it'll be one list, like the collection they did on the PS3. Each game in there had its own trophy for the list (I think only a select very few, like 3 or so had no trophy associated with it), and in turn, all made up for one platinum. Just my guess though, but again, one list I assume is what'll happen here.
  8. Oh yes please, I very much did enjoy Cat Quest in the end and would love to see how they'll deal with this from the game. Hopefully it'll come this year, need more adorable kitty cats in my life.
  9. Man, Black Panther is available on the PlayStation Video area of the store.  Problem is, it's only to buy, no renting it right now... and I really don't know if I'll like the movie enough to buy it.  Would rather rent it from the service to give it a watch (never did catch it in the cinema is all).
    I wonder if there's a small wait between the movie available to be bough to it being available to rent.



      A lot of people say it's good but I found it so boring...

    2. Phil


      Life of Black Tiger sequel? 

    3. PooPooBlast


      You can always watch it free from a source :eyebrow:


  10. Already a topic on it a few pages further up:
  11. That's right, that was their names. I knew them from Xenoverse 2, but could not recall their names. Didn't know Champa was Beerus' twin brother though. Just thought he was another version of Beerus with another name, like an alternative universe ordeal.
  12. Other than the two Dragon Ball Super movies, I've not been around to watching Super myself. So I have a feeling I'll need to start watching it to understand what this new Super movie will be all about and who the characters would be, if they introduce others into it. I know about some of the characters like Goku Black, Hit and that Zamatsu guy. But other than that, not too familiar with other Super characters, not even that fat Beerus and his female Whis.
  13. Thinking of getting that game Death Road to Canada.  I mean, one of the features does say you can teach a dog to drive... how can one say no to that?

    1. SaltyCatRemi


      It is a fun but hard game

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I can see it getting rather tough, but still it does look like fun regardless.  I can see it being a fair few playthroughs to try and get the platinum.

  14. More news for this: http://au.ign.com/videos/2018/05/18/sega-genesis-classics-mirror-mode-is-bonkers This here has a mirror mode of some sort, puts the game in reverse so to speak. So that should very interesting to see how it works for other games than what was shown.
  15. World of Warcraft on the PS4 would be pretty cool and heck, if that were a thing, I would probably play a bit more of it again (have not played that in years in general). But I suppose we shall see in regards to what would be shown and what wont. I for one would like to see another Spyro Trilogy trailer, hopefully a proper gameplay trailer, maybe a demo of the first area of the first game, just to see just how well the game will actually play.