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  1. Was considering getting that Doctor Who game next week, the Edge of Reality one (not the VR version, the non VR version), but I wonder how the trophy list is, because it seems like there's misables in it, like getting through a temple without getting caught by Daleks. Unless the game is level based and not open world (the store page didn't give me much in terms of explaining the game).


    But hey, I might get Red Faction: Guerrilla this week because having looked up, it's like $10 right now on sale, which is a real steal for sure. And hey, I enjoyed it on PS3 too, so replaying it on the PS4 will be a blast for me. And I assume that does include all the DLC and all that right? As in, nothing to download? Granted on the PS3, I never did play the DLC, so that would be a new experience for me.

  2. [AC Valhalla] Bleh, game annoyed me. Ran into a glitch where a key would not spawn on the body. Luckily, reloading the autosave fixed it and the body for the key could be looted so I could get the book. Would've been a save to reload, but I hadn't actually saved the game before that (and my last save was from last week when I played last).


    So glad it worked, because if that didn't, I probably would have stopped with the game x.x

  3. [AC Valhalla] I now know where on the map these three daughters are. I'm not going to fight them though, as I'm still a bit too low of a power (only around 60 I think when I last looked).

    Heck, I can't defeat this first drengr I found, didn't even realize he was a high level xD


    But yeah, running around East Anglia at the moment since I'm good enough to collect stuff from here.


    Going to take quite a while to get the platinum with all this stuff I have to do in free roam x.x.


    Also, Seahenge is my favourite name for a structure in the game so far xD

    1. Copanele


      To be honest, fighting that way too overlevelled Witch at only lvl 100 was the most satisfying Assassin's Creed battle I ever had in the series.

      That should have been the final boss of...anything really xD

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Well for now, I'm avoiding them... even though for a kick in the teeth, I found the location of where you get Thor's helmet from from just running around. So I have to beat them to get that item xD


      Ah well, at least I know where it is. I also found one of the alpha animals and tried it. Did not realize how high a level it was and got beat. But I went back to have it discovered again :D


      At least level 90 stuff is now in the white for me, so I can technically take on some of the zealots if I want to. But man, I was running around with a zealot nearby, but some of these guys who try to ambush you tried going after me, and it alerted the nearby zealot... which was over level 100. So I had to book it out of there xD


      But I now know that I can make the seer's hut next. I built the museum and the stables before that and afterwards, Valka arrived. So yeah, she's my next priority. And weird thing was, I was going to do some missions in the game too, but I got side tracked with clearing out most of East Anglia instead with some blue things to do including flyting... which I don't really want to do xD

  4. [AC Valhalla] Bleh, I despise having to catch those flying pieces of paper. Not a fun parkour thing to do at all.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Wait, do I need a fishing pole to fish correctly? Cause all I have is the line, so maybe that's why? But then again, the kid didn't show me what to do, I got the hut... and that's it. I spoke to the kid, but he just wants stuff.

    3. AK-1138


      Here's a trick I discovered: assuming you have it, if you use the ability that slows down time, you can halt the movement of the tattoo paper thing and just pick it out of the air, potentially eliminating the entire chase, as it were. You can't activate it in certain situations though, like when you're running across a rope.

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah @Copanele mentioned it before. I don't believe I have that ability, but man, that would be useful for sure because oh boy, those chases and the parkour stuff isn't exactly the greatest.

  5. [AC Valhalla] With building the places in your little village, is there any importance in getting anything in particular? As in, should I focus on certain buildings or not really?


    Just been curious about that now, as I just built the Hunter's Hut so I have access to any of those legendary animals. I have the Assassin's place as well so all that's unlocked too. But now, not sure which one should be next, if I should go for the Fishing hut or the museum or anything else (I have some Roman artifacts I can have displayed. But I do need to fish, get these Bullhead fish for an offering too).


    Tough call. But I'm still enjoying the game for the most part and finding most things is pretty straightforward. Though one side quest I can't complete until my charisma is up by doing more flyting, so that's going to be annoying. But ah well.


    I did complete an amusing side quest last night. Dude had an axe in his head, which just amused me. That and I don't think I realized right away, even took me a moment to realize he had it in his head.


    Still glad I got those 10 assassinations in a row out of the way already thanks to a story mission.

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    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Seconded on the Seers hut. The Stable is a good one too as it affects the performance of your horses and in turn your ability to traverse terrain faster and easier.

      Trophy-wise 'Overdesign II' is the one that usually gives most people a bit of an issue, so it's worth researching that one a bit if you haven't already :)

    3. Willstown


      Ooooh yep do the stable as well, training your horse to swim is superhandy

    4. DrakeHellsing


      I'll get that building when it's available for sure, as right now, only level 2 settlement xD


      Also, a question for you guys if you can clear it up. I checked the trophy guide in regards to a mastery point and it sounds like they are available after I get all the nodes filled in. Is that correct that I do actually need to obtain every single node before I can get mastery points? Just want to make sure I'm understanding that correctly is all.

  6. [AC Valhalla] Finally tracked down my first zealot in the game... and it went poorly. It was on the map near me and bugging me, so I went to fight the zealot and it turns out that the zealot was a level/power 90. So yeah, got my ass handed to me. But at least it's been discovered, so there's that.


    Also, I found a thing I need to give items to as well. I need like, 10 cow heads for a sacrifice of some sort (it was a blue icon, so a mystery to complete). I'm guessing sacrificing these things to Odin or something like that.


    The other annoying thing I have though is that whenever I collect just anything, my quests wants to update for some reason or another, even though nothing happens in there.

    1. AK-1138


      Yeah, the quest notification thing has been a bit of a problem in all the RPG lite ACs, always nagging you to set an active quest and all that. There's an option to turn it off, but it also disables the objective notification thing when you're on an active quest, meaning you'll have to consult the map screen for that information. And what you're supposed to do next isn't always obvious, either.

    2. MidnightDragon


      My PS3's current inability to stay connected to PSN more than a few minutes at a time will likely mean I won't be able to finish RDR before it goes offline...unless I figure out how to make it stop doing that. Does suck, but already pretending those are unobtainable for now.

    3. DrakeHellsing


      The one thing I hate with a passion is Ubisoft Connect. I mean, if you're signed into the internet, you pretty much have to be connected to their pointless service to even play the game. Can't even skip that phrase either. It's either sign in, or go back... to sign in again.

  7. [AC Valhalla] Quick question, do I have to unlock flyting in the story before I can do these flytes? I just ask as I'm in one of the towns where it says there's one, but no one's there to talk to. Don't ask me how to spell out the name of the town either, but it's the one you can get to at the start of the game.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I try and aim for both attacking and favour as an example, or block and favour on one dice sort of thing so I can try and get the favour up all I want and hopefully use it. But I'll see how they get later on in terms of difficulty.


      I imagine soon I'll get to the whole, settlement building and all that, since that's what the brother mentioned in the game, or something similar.


      But yeah, so far, I'm enjoying the game for sure :)

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Settlement is fun. Its hard to prioritize, but really, for what the game is, it really is up to you. Its good. 


      I'm curious if we see a new AC in fall 2022 since they still did DLC for this one. Or if its fall 2023.


      If going for plat, i advise doing Cairns asap. They were the most boring part and difficult... even with a guide.


    4. DrakeHellsing


      Well, I've yet to run across them, but I'll keep them in mind for when I do.


      The treasure maps. Do I need to collect the treasure from them for the platinum too? Or just having the maps are good enough? Since I found one map so far and the treasure I can go and get, since the general location is my next quest anyway.

  8. Bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla today at long last. So gonna give that a go soon enough. And yeah, got the disc version too... but no, I am not going to wait a whole 3 hours for the patch to download. I'll let it download in the background while I play the game itself and then reload the game once the patch is done.

  9. That's what I was thinking, as the voice as the start gave me Kraven vibes with the accent for sure. Hopefully he is actually one of the main villains in this game.
  10. Hey, small question for a later date, but I'm thinking of grabbing Surviving Mars on the PS4. Is there one of those packs that includes the main DLC as well? As in, Space Race, the underground one and the terraforming one? Or do I have to get the main game and purchase those separately?

    I mean, I guess I can, if need be, get the season pass. But I wasn't sure if any of those, say, deluxe packs or whichever works for what I'm after instead.


    I guess I just have an itch to play one of these, build a colony type of games on the console xD

    1. Cleggworth


      Yes and no. The first colony edition contains the season pass with the two expansions and a whole bunch of other bits and pieces. Then they went and released another DLC like 2 days ago which isn't included🤦‍♂️

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Ah okay, that might still work out regardless. Didn't realize that the newest DLC, the underground one by the sounds of it, was so new.


      But good to know that the first colony one could be the version I get. Though the price is a bit up there. Not sure, I'll see next week when I get paid and all that. But thanks for the answer anyway :)

  11. This would be nice to be able to play again. I don't own an Xbox anymore, I used to years ago. And this was one of the games I played a little bit of. So if it actually does come to PS4/PS5 like the rumor suggests, then I'd defiantly want to pick it up and play it once more.
  12. I've been meaning to get this game, just keep forgetting to do so. And the list looks interesting. That 10 hour straight trophy, yeah, that'll be a pain to leave the system on for a while. Hopefully you can actually idle it for 10 hours, if so, could start it up in the morning (whenever I get to buying it) and then just leave it be all day while I just chill on the computer or something like that (I don't like having things on overnight, I'm not good with sleeping with noise going on ).
  13. Yeah, game looks intriguing. I know it was on the store before the list showed up as I was having a look at the new releases and this game was there. And looking at the Steam page for it (the 2018 one), it seems like it's the same sort of list. I do hope the building part of this game is easy enough, as in, nothing finicky or anything like that.
  14. I imagine goal mode is things like say, "Knock over 20 plates" or "Knock over 2 vases" or things like that. It's been forever since I played the original, so I don't remember if goal mode was in that one too or not.
  15. [Fishing: Barents Sea] Picked this one up and so far, it's okay Only issue I have right now is the boat controls, in particular, getting it to actually stop and not start reversing xD