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  1. And that's the Turf Wars DLC done for Spider-Man... a bit frustrating at times with so much stuff happening at once.  But glad I got through it, and I am curious on what the last DLC is going to do with this storyline that's going on with this DLC so far.

    1. DiegoMolinams


      yeah, the new enemies and the stealth challenges were kind of tough

  2. Those shield guys, yeah, that's how I was dealing with them, or the instant finisher. The main problem I have with them is that red stuff they leave behind.
  3. Same here about the stones, I think I had the same rage stone, I would fall, had the boy use the stone to bring me back with rage meter and use it against her, especially when I would get close to beating her. I was like others, tried her on normal, didn't work, so bought the difficulty down. Granted, I also think I did that earlier in the game too for the mist area (been a while since I've played the game, so I don't quite recall what happened).
  4. I agree, the minigun dudes and the shield flying enemies are a pain to deal with. And yeah, those stealth things for Screwball, it tells me I can web up those things temporary, I tried to... didn't even let me.
  5. One good thing is that now in the Turf Wars DLC, I can at least go around to the districts and get everything done in them now before I do the story part, which I might actually do so.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Sounds like a plan.

  6. Just started the Turf Wars for Spider-Man, but oh man, this is going to give me a headache in the end with these enemies that they introduced in The Heist and the one in this DLC too.

  7. It's near where Moneybags was to teach you to swim. You should see it when you come out of the doorway that leads towards the water, come out of there and it's to your right, up against a hill of some sort.
  8. Can't wait to get through exam week, because after these exams, from what I understand, the campus is actually getting rid of end of semester exams.  Can't remember the actual reasoning for doing so, but for me, that's nice, especially since it's a pain when you do so well in assignments and a test, but all of that wont matter if you fail the exam in the end.

  9. Well now, I decided to start Ripto's Rage once more... and I did not realize I had the superflame ability, that is going to make certain parts of the game that much more easier for sure xD

    1. Armored Squirrel

      Armored Squirrel

      Wait you can keep superflame if you do another game?

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, new save slot, start a fresh Spyro 2 game and superflame right off the bat :D


      I didn't realize I had it until a bit into Glimmer when I was like "Wait a second..." and fired, seeing it be said superflame :)

    3. Armored Squirrel

      Armored Squirrel

      Awesome! That'll make me want to do another playthrough just for fun lol

  10. Just for those wondering, it also works on the PS4 version. I just started a new game to play through again and I have the superflame already (granted, I did not realize it until halfway through Glimmer). So starting a fresh save/game for this after obtaining the permanent superflame powerup will work, you will have it from the start
  11. I will get to these eventually, but I may just wait for a bit until Spider-Man is done with those releases, just because of space on my PS4 and all that sort of stuff. But I am curious about these even newer additional feats. But I have a feeling Arges is going to be yet another cyclops to fight... which is okay and all that, but I wish there were other mythical creatures to fight still.
  12. Just so you know, you can refresh the meter if need be... but not let it run fully out. As in, you can refresh through the gate thing when it's about to run out and still get the trophy. That happened to me, I had one left, flew through the gate as I was about to run out and blasted the last one and the trophy popped. So I would say, if you can do it in one lap, go through the gate before you run out and keep doing laps until you get them all... by all accounts, that should work so long as it doesn't fully run out. But I know the pain, this one took me many tries to get done x.x
  13. #113: Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon.  Yeah, only had two trophies left in that to get, so I could platinum this not long after Spyro 2 was platinum.


    So my dream is essentially fulfilled, get a platinum trophy in each of the 3 games.  Never though I'd be able to have that even happen, but so glad I did :D 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DrakeHellsing


      In the end, it wasn't so bad.  I haven't gotten all the gems and eggs though, but ah well, not fussed about them at the moment, still enjoyable :)

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work! These games are really much shorter than I remember, or you are some kind of speedrunner. Lol.

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Well, the first game is indeed short, the second game is longer, the third game, you don't need to do the Super Bonus Round for the platinum, just 100 eggs to open the door to fight the Sorceress, so it does get cut down a bit.  That, and I switched between 2 and 3 in the end xD

  14. #112: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!


    Yeah, I still liked this in the end, Gulp was a pain to fight, him and his homing belly flop xD

    But all in all, I am pleased that I actually completed Ripto's Rage in general for once, as I don't think I ever got around to 100%ing the game on the PS1 myself (or even the PS3).

  15. Huh, so it looks like you just take it easy, no rush or anything. Edit: Taking it nice and slowly actually worked wonders and did it without getting hit and in turn, got my platinum