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  1. Ah, so Powerlevel is for the second game? Got it. Wasn't sure if that was for the first one or not. But thanks for explaining where the line is. Wish the list did say in brackets in the explanation which game which trophy is part of
  2. Just started playing this today and I am curious on the list, as I know it's broken into the two separate games. I'm just wondering on where the first game's trophies end and the second begins? Especially since I am not familiar with these games, so it's hard to tell where the break between the two games is in regards to the trophies.
  3. I got it near the start of the game myself.
  4. [Saints and Sinners] Was playing the game last night and I got lucky, I came across a survivor in need and what was more, I had the clean bandages she was after. So that's one down, 9 more of them the go. But at least that's still one done regardless.


    Glad she didn't ask for medicine, cause that would be something I would not have had xD

  5. In regards to the two bars one has in the game, which is bar is essentially which?> I know the bottom is tied to stamina at least. The top isn't health though, so is that hunger maybe? I only know it's not health as when I healed, the bottom bar was fixed
  6. [Saints and Sinners] The climbing in the game is so weird, and I don't mean that in a bad way, it just was so strange to climb in VR for me is all xD


    But hey, I did the 10 different foods already, wanted to get that over and done with, one of the foods being a twinkie thing. Not sure how many of the foods were -15 health though to work towards that trophy. But ah well, it's all a work in progress for sure, especially for having  just started. Will go back to the first area for the safe next, since I was running low on health and weapons xD

  7. Just started playing Saints and Sinners now. So far, the only thing I'm finding a little off putting is moving in the game, because I swear the character moves just ever so slightly to the right whenever I'm facing forward.


    But ah well, other than that, it's pretty neat so far, will get more into it later on for sure.


    I think the first thing I'll do is collect 10 different food items and eat them in one day cycle to get that trophy out of my hair.

  8. Seems like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners actually went on sale, because I swear it wasn't on sale last week when I looked.

    Ah well, I shall grab it tomorrow, can't be bothered tonight xD

  9. [TWD Onslaught] I find it amusing how I can get turned out in my room. One minute I'm facing the camera, next thing I know it, I'm almost facing behind myself instead xD


    But yeah, slowly getting through this still. Collecting materials isn't doing too badly either, but man, a lot of wood is needed for these buildings. At least I can find the stuff people want and a new weapon now and then. Already found an SMG next. Granted, I probably wont use it, as I tend to stick with my knife, which gets the job done. But I'll at least get the kill in for the weapon (which I seem to forget after picking it up in the field).


    Not sure if I'll platinum it before tomorrow night though, as I do want to get Saints and Sinners then as well and give that one a go.

  10. Was just wondering something with collecting the weapons for the armory. When finding them in levels, do you have to take the weapon back with you for it to count? Or can you grab it and drop it afterwards and it'll still count as being added to the armory? That, and can you find all the weapons in say, the first two levels? Or are certain weapons only found in later levels? And I mean levels as in, scavenger sites, not the levels that you play as Darryl.
  11. [TWD Onslaught] Got that trophy I was unsure of. That "Walk With the Dead" one. Noticed there were two types of missions, supply run and an evac point. Especially in the evac area the Herd wall stops at the entrance.


    Found the heavy pistol too. So, it's all a work in progress. Still got all these buildings to build (other than the town hall of course) and other weapons to find. But I'm still enjoying myself with the game. It's just fun to approach a Walker and just stab it in the face with a knife xD

  12. [TWD Onslaught] Back to it again. Been using the first supply run to so far, just do these requisition requests, just because the Herd moves at a nice pace and I don't feel too rushed. That, and I at least have an idea on the buildings... and the fact that the map isn't a big one also helps.


    I know I have Darryl's missions to do, but that's just whenever for me xD

  13. [TWD Onslaught] Okay, while I think the very first location can't really be done well enough without being overwhelmed by Walkers (and with limited weapons and ammo)... I've still been enjoying the game.


    Already makes me wonder just how different Saints and Sinners would play too.


    The only thing that's offputting is aiming and all that. I think because of where I have my camera right now because of Vacation Simulator, it wants the Move Controllers up a bit more. No big deal of course, as I can work with it easily, but I feel like I can't bring them down too far without it being out of focus so to speak in the game.


    But ah well, still a fun game to play around with.

  14. When it says survive 3 minutes after the van arrives. Can you just stay near the van with no enemies around? Especially cause there's that Zombie Wall thing that approaches like in the second level. So I'm unsure on what happens, on if you can stay in the zombie wall or not. As in, will it kill me instantly? Or does it deplete my health within it? Or are there just a lot of Walkers in there to survive against?
  15. [Walking Dead Onslaught] Got the game earlier on and played a bit of it. Took me a bit to get used to the middle controls (using the middle button to move). But it's a neat game.


    Only thing is, I don't think there's a quick turn function. Or maybe there is an I've yet to figure it out. Still fun grabbing Walkers and jamming my knife into their heads xD


    Mostly cause I keep forgetting I actually have a gun in the game xD