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  1. Huh, that Buzz Lightyear game was free on the store. But when looking up on the online store, it's supposed to be like $10 and all that, much like the other PS1 classic games.


    Also, it seems like there's no trophies connected to the game, even though some sources show that there are supposed to be trophies for the game. I mean, I beat the first toy boss and no trophy unlocked or anything like that. But ah well, still cool to play the game again regardless.

  2. I got it my own way. I was able to get roughly 10 or so points each time from the 2 pointer (getting 3 points is a pain). Took a bit of time, but the moment I got the trophy, I just walked off the basketball court
  3. #130: Barn Finders.


    Hopefully the DLC from Steam comes to consoles at some point to give me another reason to play more of the game. But the platinum wasn't bad. There were some cases where getting the golden toilet paper was a pain.


    And getting 500 points in the basketball challenge wasn't all that fun. But other than that, enjoyed the game in the end.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  4. In regards to the trophy for repairing all broken items... are there some that are in the Bid Wars to repair? Because so far, I've gotten all items from all maps and have completed one Bid Wars, so not sure on what else needs to be repaired for the trophy to unlock.
  5. I'm probably missing a repair item somewhere myself. I've yet to go through the Bid Wars sections of the game, those three. So I don't have the big vehicle from there. But the other levels I've 100% gotten the items and repaired what I have, so no trophy there yet. I think the basketball stuff will be a pain, just aiming and getting the ball in really and getting points to add up to 500, which I assume isn't all in one go either. Though, not sure if you have to turn the machine on for it to count or not.
  6. [Barn Finders] Been enjoying this still. Had to take a moment to revisit old locations at some point just to get the required money for a location.

    1. MidnightDragon


      What kind of game is this?

    2. kingofbattle8174


      @MidnightDragon If you have ver watched the Antique picking show that plays on History channel. That is the basis of the game from what I saw in the trailers. Go into peoples barns and garages, buy junk and fix it up to resell. 

    3. MidnightDragon
  7. [Barn Finders] Hopefully the trophy list actually gets uploaded to the servers soon. Can't view it on the PS5 (playing it on the PS5), but have been getting trophies in the game.


    But hey, fun game so far. Seen playthroughs of it, but getting to finally play it myself is just fantastic.

  8. [Lego Star Wars] Are the Scavenger abilities locked or something right now? I'm in Mos Eisley having finally started/gotten to episode 4 and have a Tusken Raider to use for Scavenger stuff. But when I switched to him, I still can't break open these cracked walls or anything like that.

  9. [Lego Star Wars] Gah, I keep getting distracted by the collectibles in this game. I haven't even finished off episode 3 yet as is. Granted, I can't get everything as I do need at least a Scrapper to use for some of these weird... gliding areas I thinks? As well as cracked walls.


    I don't think I'll be able to get one until at least the original trilogy with potentially a Jawa or Tusken.

  10. https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/concept/10003542 The game from Steam, Barn Finders is finally coming to consoles on June 17th. It's for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Not sure if PS4 or PS5 for us guys, or both. As on the Steam page, it only says "PlayStation". But hey, still good news to those that have either played it on Steam, or now want to play it (like myself). No word on price, as is shows that it's there as "Announced" with no actual price. But I'll assume it's around the same as the Steam store has it. Maybe slightly more.
  11. [Lego Star Wars] Man, so many bricks to find. And I haven't even gotten though the main levels yet. I keep distracting myself with all the collectibles along the way.


    Doing my best to save up for the 1 million studs first to get the x2 multiplier.

  12. I've got a small question about the PS5. Been wondering on how the whole, PS4 games work on the PS5. The PS5 would improve the loading times dramatically right?


    And the whole "some features may not be available" ordeal, that's nothing to really be concerned about right?


    Want to get Mr. Prepper, but throw it onto the PS5 and play on that instead of my PS4 (since the game is only a PS4 game).

    1. CelestialRequiem


      Load times are an improvement, but it isn't instant like PS5 games are. 

    2. Troz


      Yep, load times are faster no matter what game on PS5. But the games that are optimized for PS5 --PS5 games-- work way better. It's not like if you slap Spider-Man PS4 on the PS5 that it will be exactly like Spider-Man PS5, but it will run quicker.

  13. [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order] Finally got this game. Been meaning to play it for a while, just being lazy about it. And since it was on sale, I picked it up. The Digital Deluxe version that is, since the regular one, for some odd reason, wasn't on sale. So the Digital Deluxe version was cheaper than the regular version.


    But man, it sucks where I find all these places on the first planet where I can't do much since I don't have the abilities. They're just there... taunting me. But hey, I beat that side mini boss frog thing. So that was something.

  14. Got a question about these. How often can you do them? As in, I've done the offering boxes at least twice now (working towards the 10,000 money for that one), but wondering how often I can do them, or if there's a certain time you have to wait before you can try again. Same with the Omikuji too in order to get the right stick from the box.
  15. Been wondering already, on what other games I want to grab for the PS5. I know Ghostwire Tokyo's on the list of games I want. But not sure on what else I want at the moment. Maybe Demon's Souls too.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      - Ghostwire Tokyo on a sale.

      - I'd suggest Returnal if you like.

      - Deathloop added accessibility options so it's easier.

      - Demon's Souls of course. 

      - FF7Remake upgrade

      - Miles Morales if you can get a discount or new launch version with SpiderMan remaster

      - Kena Bridge of Spirits 

      - Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart 

      - Forbidden West if you have yet to play

      - Ghost of Tsushima if you yet to play

      - Sackboy


      and Astro Playroom should come pre-installed 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      I always forget about that Ratchet and Clank game. But yeah, did notice it was on sale, Ghostwire Tokyo that is, which I might get soon. I've played Miles Morales, so I'm not going to get that again. Forbidden West I would, but I still have to get through Zero Dawn first.


      I've played Ghost of Tsushima, though I've not finished it yet, being lazy about it xD


      And yes, of course Demon's Souls. I've played it on the PS3 before, though not a lot of it.