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  1. Played a bit of Subnautica earlier on. It was interesting for sure. But I found it amusing that not long after I started and went for a swim into a cave, that I just died from an exploding fish xD


    I wasn't even mad when that happened. That was just amazing xD

    1. DrBloodmoney


      Fish really are the dark horses of the gaming world.


      They seem all innocent and standoffish, but beneath those unassuming exteriors, beat the, cold, vicious hearts of killers 😱


      If they aren't smashing into Mario when he's just trying to have a swim, or shooting deadly bubbles at Link just for having the audacity to walk near their lake, or hiring feline goons to take out Earthworm Jim, they are arming themselves with high-tech weaponry in Shutshimi or James Pond, or even building themselves robotic suits to kill you on land in Timesplitters.


      Hell, even when dead, they will team up with Agent 47 to do more cranial destruction.





      Beware the piscine menace, friends.


      Fall not for their innocent, scaly smiles.

  2. Finally thought I'd go and download Subnautica before the freeness of it's gone. I might also grab Enter the Gungeon, but unsure.


    I'll at least make some more room on my PS4 for Horizon Zero Dawn and download that at some point too.


    And yeah, I know there's those other games too, but they honestly don't really interest me enough to warrant grabbing them, even if they are free to download. I mean, even if I did, I'd probably just acknowledge I downloaded them and then just not bother with them.

    1. kindajustin


      You can claim titles without needing to make space for them on a console or anything. If space is the main issue, don't let that stop you from claiming stuff that appeals to you. It's not often they give away genuinely free games.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, but even then, some of those don't appeal to me so much. And yeah, while I have VR, those VR titles don't sound all that interesting to me. But hey, still glad I grabbed Subnautica as is.

  3. I wonder if the new level has things you need to collect to 100% the game, or if the 100% trophy is still only for the main game. As I'm sure some other games have done it where new levels are required for 100% if you own them (at least, it feels like games have done that sort of thing). But I am curious on how much easier the game can be with Connie & Lion. I'm guessing because of both Connie's sword and Lion's abilities... maybe Lion is a bit op or something?
  4. A question. Subnautica is free right now for the play at home thing, which I'll pick up before the 23rd rolls around. But does the game still have those issues people talk about? Such as crashing and other such issues?


    And yeah, it's the only game right now I want from the free stuff (HZD I'll be grabbing once it's up on the 23rd).

    1. Atoya


      Not really sure, but I think the game should be Gucci 


      grab all the games even tho VR ones maybe one day u will play them

    2. JoesusHCrust


      The performance is fine. I've had one crash but nothing serious. I lost I think 6 minutes of gaming. Save often and you'll be fine. I'm enjoying the game, even though it isn't a genre I'd usually play. I'd recommend picking up all the games. You might as well. Who knows, one day maybe someone will give you a VR set or something. Weirder things have happened!!! 

    3. DrakeHellsing


      I actually have a PSVR headset, so I'm good there too. But yeah, I might get them all in the end. But at least Subnautica for sure.


      I never did pick up Ratchet and Clank when that was offered. No need to as I had bought the game way back when and had played it then xD

  5. Looks like, according to the game page on the main page, they have it set for April 28th for the EU. So hopefully that's the right release date, cause I'd like to play it too.
  6. I would... if the game was available to buy. So far, it hasn't shown up over here and I'm not sure when it will show up on the store.
  7. Not available over here. But huh, thought it wasn't even supposed to be on the PS4 according to things. Guess they still went ahead with it or something like that? But doesn't the game have microtransactions or something similar which has made people hate the game?
  8. Ah, wonderful. That's nice to hear. Just means I'll have to make some room on my PS4 for it then. But thanks for the answer
  9. I've yet to play this game... mostly because I've not seen it go on sale. So getting it for free would be good for sure. How big is the game in terms of file size anyway? Based upon patches and all that anyway. I mean, I'll get the game for sure, but knowing my luck, it'll take me at least 2 tries to download it
  10. Ah, thanks for that
  11. Thanks for those answers. Is there a way to switch factions later on? So that way, I can get the other points needed for the other faction. I didn't play a whole lot of the game yesterday
  12. How do I know how many faction points I have in this game? The first time I got to pick, I went with the mob, which I assume is one point from picking. But is there a way to check or anything like that?
  13. It's actually on the PSN store now. Here in NZ, it's about $11.25... which isn't so bad actually.
  14. At least the price on Steam has it for cheap in general, just under $10 normally by the looks of it. I'll probably pick the game up on here anyway. I find clickers to be an okay waste of time
  15. I got frustrated with this game. For me, in particular, it was against Gulp. As I swear the PS1 version of that fight was so much easier, but the PS4 version took too many tries and got me so frustrated.