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  1. Last of Us. I played a bit of it, don't know how far I got, I know it wasn't that far into it, at least past the opening sequence. But then I just got bored of it. Game didn't pull me in as such so I've not even tried getting another copy of it or anything like that. GTA 5 was another one. Got a bit into it, but I don't know, just couldn't really be bothered with it as much. Al I recall was getting to that boat mission on the highway and that was about it.
  2. Yup, that's pretty much what I've been getting over here in New Zealand, where the store link would redirect to, to that new look it has... which I just don't like. I mean, I'll probably get used to it eventually, but right now as it stands, yeah, it just does not look good. I prefer the old design.
  3. A quick question I have. In the guide it talks about 3 side missions for each character, but does that mostly mean their face on the map so to speak, like I find Genos around, do a mission for him and his bonds increase? Because if so, my main thing is more so for Saitama himself. I just did a side mission for a shop lady which Saitama showed up for the coupon, one punched the monster and a bit of Saitama's bonds increased. Would that have counted towards the three missions for him? Even if the increase was small?
  4. I hope this works, but a link to the screenshot I took of the site. It's not the best, since I use a laptop, so smaller screen and all that: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SScvRoeDY6pAqiHKA Only one I have, but it was of the main page where the new releases and upcoming games are.
  5. [One Punch Man] The weapon grind isn't all that bad so far,  mean, they tend to level up much more quickly than I had first thought so.

    But completing at least 100 missions is going to be a bit of a grind, especially if I need to do more than 100 missions to level up to level 99.

  6. Maybe they're just doing it country by country for the time being? Who knows really, but if it's not changed for you, then hard to say why not in the end.
  7. Webstore itself. In New Zealand myself, cause I went to use the usual link I have, but it bought me to the new one. This is what I see anyway: https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/latest Not sure if it'll update for you guys though, on if it'll show you the white store page, or the older blue store page.
  8. Holy fuck, the new store is just... bad. I could navigate the previous one so easily, but now, where the hell are all the new games located at? Or the upcoming games? Unless I'm missing something here, I don't understand the need to even change the store to begin with. Edit: Okay, so the new games are there on the main page... still doesn't change my mind on how stupid it all looks.
  9. [One Punch Man] Hmm, rather baffled about getting this side quest to trigger, person says something about being strong and telekinesis, but not sure what that means... unless I need to be a certain level and need telekinesis powers to do that side quest.
    Ah well, no big deal.

    Though there's also that other side quest which is going to be interesting to finish off.  A 5 star mission up against this random martial arts dude.

  10. Been playing that One Punch Man game and so far, it's not bad.  I mean it's nothing fantastic, but I'm still at least enjoying myself with it.

  11. Yeah, especially if there are only 15 questions per game. Means about 66 or so games to get it done... and that doesn't even mean you'll get to the top each time. So could even be longer to get that trophy done.
  12. Don't know why the Video service is playing up, was able to watch a movie yesterday with no problems, but today, wanted to watch something else, but the video kept stopping every like, 10 minutes.  And yet, PSN status says everything's fine.  Internet is all good too, I mean, I can use the store just fine, so there has to be some problems with their server still.

  13. Yeah, I looked that up too out of curiosity to make sure that message was not just generic in general, but yeah, it said "PS4 only", meaning, they know what's on PS5 and what's not. And yeah, I do wonder what some of these features are. Hard to say which ones though, maybe the rumble feature? Or maybe the mic from the controller? Not sure what other features there would be that the PS4 uses that the PS5 wouldn't use off the top of my head.
  14. Seems like the store is showing games that are playable on the PS5. Was looking at LA Noire before just to check the price of it (and the file size) and it says that it's playable on the PS5. But the warning seems to be that the PS5 may need to be updated to the latest version, and that some PS4 functions might be absent on the game while playing on the PS5. Same thing was said when I got curious about Spyro too. But no left label for the PS5 has been added to compatible games yet by the looks of it. But at least games are showing off which ones are PS5 compatible now.
  15. Gave the demo of KH: MoM a go and it's fun... except... I almost failed one of the songs, got a bit hectic in the track with having to remember which button is which and some timing and all that xD


    But I'm defiantly going to get the full game when it's out, was still a fun experience for sure.