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  1. At least the price on Steam has it for cheap in general, just under $10 normally by the looks of it. I'll probably pick the game up on here anyway. I find clickers to be an okay waste of time
  2. I got frustrated with this game. For me, in particular, it was against Gulp. As I swear the PS1 version of that fight was so much easier, but the PS4 version took too many tries and got me so frustrated.
  3. I got curious and decided to look at the Dead by Daylight trophy list again and so I searched for it. Search came back with the "additional list" in first place (not the main list, the list where it had to split it into two with the second half of the list, that's what came up first for the PS4 version)... and then a bunch of POWGI games afterwards. That just confused me on how the other lists from the game weren't up top either.
  4. It doesn't seem to be stated in the guide itself (the PS3 guide anyway, no PS4 guide in general), but with getting the red orbs for the three trophies, do you have to hold them on you at once to obtain them? Or can you spend red orbs and still get the trophies? As in, say you spend 5,000 orbs, you collect another 5,000, will I get the trophy for the 10,000 red orbs, or will I need to have all 10,000 of them on me to obtain it?
  5. I saw it earlier on, like yesterday, but searching again today, it's gone. Must've been a mistake on their behalf so I assume they had it removed.
  6. I've seen the gameplay of the first one, both an actual playthrough of the game, and of course, the Nerd's own review of it. I'll probably pick it up eventually and be terrible at the games
  7. They're up on the store now. So yeah, the release date mentioned above is about as real as can be. They're both $31.95 each over here in NZD. So whichever the equivalent amount for you guys is is what they'll be so to speak.
  8. [Planet Coaster] A question for those that have played the game before. Is there a way to play a version of a sandbox mode, but to have funds? As in, remove the whole, unlimited funds ordeal? I mean, sure, that's a nice idea, but I wouldn't mind a version where I get to build my park up, but also worry about funds too.


    Unless I am missing something and the option is there elsewhere? Cause I did go with the first option in sandbox mode just to take a look, but it seems like everything is unlocked from the start. I mean, there were a bunch of mascot characters, a lot of rollercoasters, scenery and the likes.

  9. [Planet Coaster] Editing a rollercoaster in this game is not that intuitive. Trying to do the simple tutorial and apparently my rollercoaster is too scary and not exciting enough. So yeah, I try and edit the damn thing and it's not that great with trying to move pieces to either lower all these airtimes or whatever.


    Bleh, I'll deal with it again another time. Might mess around in the sandbox instead for a bit, that way, no constrained by stupid challenges that limit how I want something to be. I mean, heck, if I want to make a scary rollercoaster, then let me. It's everyone else's fault if they're too much of a wimp to ride it :P

  10. You never know. I mean The Lion King/Aladdin release has a platinum and there's only 15 trophies plus the platinum: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9883-disney-classic-games-aladdin-and-the-lion-king
  11. You had me at The Lost Vikings. Loved that game when I played it way back when. Don't think I got to finishing it though, but I want to pick this up solely so I can replay The Lost Vikings all over again.
  12. It mentions in the link that it included all the content from Lord of Destruction
  13. Wait, it's coming to PS4? Now that's awesome. I can't recall if I did play it way back when, or just watched gameplay of it. But I do recall the game regardless and will play it when it comes out for sure
  14. Finally got the Warrant of Fitness done for the car. Got it tested last week, but the door needed fixing and they could do it yesterday. So I'm just glad that's finally done. They had to replace the lock since that's what was messed up (the lock on the front passenger was stuck in the lock position, couldn't unlock it).


    But ah well, that's done for the year, so that's all good :D

  15. I don't mind the show (though Future I'm not as a big a fan of). But the way some of the descriptions with the trophies are worded, it sounds like it might play a bit differently than the previous game. I think it's been out for Android and IOS already, but I could be wrong. But it seems that it's the same playable characters from last time but now plus Lapis. Hopefully it wont be as bad as the previous game was at launch with soft locking and glitched stuff.
  16. Haven't even been back to the game lately. But good to hear that the Garden DLC is coming to consoles. It is a shame the Apocalypse DLC wasn't approved, but ah well. Garden stuff is always good. It just means that I can get a house, make the Garden look horrible because of my terrible aesthetic and sell the house at a profit.
  17. IGN shared this info earlier on: https://www.ign.com/articles/the-great-ace-attorney-chronicles-for-pc-ps4-and-switch-rated-in-taiwan?fbclid=IwAR1U-OnxW4k1O8Nj0LgRyuzJYu8CY76ctqiR29A3NDXbkMnNsqKVIPGsO0Q It's been rated in Taiwan by the looks of it and been rated for PS4, PC and Switch.
  18. Aww man, and here I was hoping for Danny DeVito as Joel and Ellie. Heck, they should have just cast Danny DeVito in all the roles. Now that would have been perfect casting.
  19. Hopefully it releases over here. I recall that I think it was one for the Vita that never released here in New Zealand (could be wrong though). Would like to check it out.
  20. Really now? Huh. I mean, I recognize the name Polybius at least. So at least it's not in the same category as whatever that Lizard Lady game is all about. It just means that I need not dismiss it so easily now
  21. In regards to the two bars one has in the game, which is bar is essentially which?> I know the bottom is tied to stamina at least. The top isn't health though, so is that hunger maybe? I only know it's not health as when I healed, the bottom bar was fixed
  22. That was more or less how I saw it. Basically thinking, why would it come to PS when Sony is supposed to be Microsoft's biggest competitor? I mean, if it did come to the PS, that would be cool. I've played one of the Halo games once before. Don't recall which one it was though, but I'd still play them if they ever did come to PS, even if it's extremely unlikely.
  23. Tried looking this up, but couldn't seem to find a proper answer to this. How long do I have to wait before I can collect money from the Cash tab on the phone? Cause I have waited, even did some more activities, but still can't collect more money. Is there suppose to be a day/night cycle? Or is cash a bit limited at the start of the game in that regard?
  24. Don't quite understand what these are all about... I would have assumed that it's when the girl is on the ground and you're blasting water at their swimsuit with the rubber duck, but the best I can do is remove, say, their tops. So not sure what it really means. Unless, I can't do it in the story side of things?
  25. Well, I have an endless shaft, but you don't see me bragging about it. Okay, I'll see myself out now.