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  1. Just considering grabbing this right now, but I am curious as to those that have played it, what you think on the difficulty of said trophies. The main ones I am worried about are the 2 million points (and the trophies leading to that of course) and these Midnight challenges, since I don't know what they entail. I have seen people play it before, so I do know what the game is like, and it still does interest me at the very least.
  2. https://www.polygon.com/2019/9/4/20849946/assassins-creed-odyssey-discovery-tour-release-date-pc-ps4-xbox-one Finally, been waiting for when this is to release at the very least. So I'll be checking it out next week, especially since I loved the mode in Origins as is.
  3. I shall get back to FF8 eventually! Just got assignments to get done, both due next week (luckily we got an extension on one of them to give us a few extra days).  So I am focusing more on the one that's due first next week... can't distract myself with video games if I can help it xD

  4. Decided to watch Aladdin (2019), and it was better than I thought it would be, heck, the Will Smith Genie didn't really bother me in the movie.  Sure, him being blue was still weird, but the acting he was giving off, the performance in general was fine.  And the guy playing Aladdin was fun.

    1. starcrunch061


      Man, not me. I hated Will Smith's genie, mostly because it seemed like Will Smith dressed as a genie. His genie seemed far more interested in looking cool than anything else. 


      Aladdin was OK. I didn't care for Jasmine, and I really didn't care for Jafar's backstory. In fact, it was hard to tell much difference between Jasmine's and Jafar's view of ruling the sultanate. I was actually more sympathetic to Jafar, since Jasmine's only real claim to the throne was hereditary, whereas Jafar at least had risen to his position.


      It was a misfire on almost all levels for me.

  5. Ah, thanks for that, defiantly clears up what I was wondering about in regards to that. Was worried I just had to take a wild guess and hope I would draw it on the first go, especially for the next GF I have to obtain, Siren (at least according to the guide, that's the next one).
  6. It's mostly to do with the trophies, in particular, ones where it asks you to draw from an enemy. Such as the next one I need to obtain, where it says to draw straight away from the boss. Would that mean the boss only has one thing to choose from? I'm just not certain as to how it works in this sense is all. I understand the draw function and have used it on normal enemies already, but I mean with normal enemies, there are different things you can draw from them, and the first time, it is unknown. So that's why I'm asking is that if the boss is suppose to have more than one option, or if it's the only thing you could draw from a boss. Or even if you pick whichever and you would still get the GF as needed.
  7. [FF8] Got some small questions here on the game.  The limit break stuff, how do I know when that's available to activate? The game told me it's a thing, but nowhere does it show me where in battle it's available.
    Other thing, the GFs, in regards to healing them in battle, if someone is preparing to summon one, can I use a potion on them and the GF will be healed that way?

    1. Matrim_Drasgen


      I forgot to give the info about using 'Triangle'. Thanks, Masamune. Dope-ass name by the way. 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, that will be nice to know, as I found it weird when the game spoke up about the mode and told me about the :r1: button to us, making me think it was just with regular attacks... and then they explain it a bit more afterwards before the Fire Cavern.


      But I'll keep that in mind for whenever I do get Aura in the game.  I only had just beaten Ifrit not long ago (who was a fine fight, did it all within the 10 minute limit), where I was just really attacking, using Shiva and healing when need be.


      Still gotta get use to the game, but I think when I hit the save point, my GFs were healed... maybe? Not sure if they actually were or not (been watching YouTube is all, so haven't been back to my game yet xD ).


      But yeah, it's just that the game didn't seem to explain it too well... or that it was just out of order where it just had confused me about the limit stuff, telling me about the trigger thing, then actually explaining it afterwards.


      Thanks for the answers anyway, much appreciated :)

    3. Matrim_Drasgen


      Yea, VIII is screwy. So many different mechanics and most don't work well with each other. You can use some to their full advantage but at the expense of others.

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  8. Yeah I know, I said I'll play FF7 again, which I still will, but I decided to go ahead and grab FF8 today, so starting that up first and foremost, going to use the guide as well so I don't miss the missable GFs in the game (which I constantly assume the name "girlfriend" whenever I see GF xD ).

  9. Finally watched Justice League at long last and I have to say, better than what I thought it would be. Wasn't great, but I had fun watching it, especially the guy playing the Flash. Not sure if it's the same guy from the Flash tv show or not (haven't watched the show myself, would love to though, so not sure). I'm not sure where it stands with the DC Universe of movies, if another Justice League movie is planned or not? Only cause of the whole, Darkseid being mentioned and the likes. But the end credits make it seem like another one is suppose to happen?
  10. Decided to redownload FF7 and see if I can get back into it enough to get through the game.  Last I played, I didn't do a whole lot on it, so maybe I can do more with it this time around.

    1. hugglebunn-e


      I had the complete opposite experience. I love the beginning of the game, but find the later half boring.

    2. Temmie


      This game was the hardest plat I done to date because I started it shortly before a long standing relationship of mine detonated.  I named Tifa after her and it became exceedingly difficult to work through the memories.  I started to use Yuffie instead and managed to finish it.


      Good luck!

    3. NERVergoproxy


      @TemmieMy ex could never live up to Tifa standards...

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  11. Decided to 100% the Discovery Tour in AC: Odyssey.  Sure, no trophies were attached to the mode, but it was still very interesting regardless.  Heck, some of the little spots on the map, Discovery Points I think they were called, were interesting as well, some even explaining the Labours of Herakles.

  12. Interesting, my PS4 decided to eject my disc when I was loading up the game, wouldn't let me put it back in.  Luckily, restarting the PS4 fixed the issue and I could put the disc back in.


    Still, not sure as to why it decided to do that to me.

    1. TugaSonic


      My PS4 also has the problem of randomly ejecting the disk. If you have an older model PS4 then it's due to a flaw in the design where the eject button sensor thinks you're pressing the button. There are some solutions like restarting the PS4 but they just temporarily fix the problem, the solution that's permanent is to use tape to basically make the eject button sensor useless (you can still eject the disk by using the eject option on the dashboard).





    2. DrakeHellsing


      Weird thing was, it's the first time it's even done that, and it was just when I was loading my game to play.  So if it happens more often, then I'll look into it some more, but if it's a rare instance for me, then a restart of the PS4 will suffice for the time being.


      But thanks for the info @TugaSonic as I'll keep that in mind just in case.  The tape option will be there if it happens more often for sure.  Besides, I usually eject the discs via the dashboard anyway xD

    3. TugaSonic


      The problem kinda shows up out of nowhere. From what I read and from my personal experience it's mostly related to heating since my PS4 starts ejecting randomly when I leave in on (rest mode included) for a few hours. At the start, it might have appeared like once a month during Summer but when Winter came it never happened (another reason why I believe it's related to heat) but then it became a daily issue with me having to plug it off from the power source during the night since it started beeping and ejecting the disk even when it was turned off. In the end, I just used the tape option to solve the problem since my games are mostly digital and I tend to play the same game until I complete it or get bored from it so any physical game I insert into my PS4 will stay there for weeks.

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  13. Okay, but I am looking forward to what was shown in the spoiler tag there But yeah, at least there's now a date attached to this. Not sure if I'd get this release date yet though.
  14. I still try to get physical games when I can, mostly the bigger games (so I don't have to wait to download them), exceptions to those are games like the Yakuza games, and Judgement, either, getting them physically is a pain, or thy're on sale digitally, or it's cheaper in general. Though the last part can still vary for me. When it comes to digital, it's mostly only digital games when I can, as in, games that don't have physical copies, or as I said before, they're cheaper. Size can also determine as I said earlier on for me, mostly cause of the whole, waiting around for them to download, which can be a pain (DOOM being an example, you know, the 2016 game where I got the digital copy of that and all up, the file was around 80gb because of patches, as I don't think the company knew how to compress them or something like that? Not sure, but that took me overnight to download x.x). But yeah, I still like to get physical copies of games, and I have store nearby I can get them from still, or get them online via Mighty Ape over here for usually overnight or Saturday delivery. But digital is also a thing if I have to for, as I stated before, with games with no physical copy available to obtain.
  15. The Discovery Tour has been pretty interesting as is, been doing the tours (and collecting them discovery points as well), and the tours themselves have been so far, very interesting, at least the ones I've done so far.

  16. Really? It's almost as if this is a trophy hunting site where people wonder what the trophies for a specific game is going to be. Imagine that.
  17. Checking out the Discovery Tour for AC: Odyssey right now and it is interesting.  It's a bit different from Origins, but that's fine.  But I feel like there aren't as many tours in this one compared to Origins.  Ah well, still going to do a good amount of these tours, as the first one was interesting enough as is.

    1. Masamune


      So since my game is still at 100%, I'm assuming it didn't add anymore trophies? I'm kinda relived by that. 😅

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, doesn't look like it, but I'm not fussed at all.  I mean, would have been nice to have some, but ah well, no big deal there... so you may rest easy xD

  18. Ah, shame about the no trophies, but ah well, still going to delve into it later on after class.
  19. #121: Life is Strange: Before the Storm.  Lovely story in the end.  Wont go into details in case of those that have yet to play it.  But I think my decisions I made in the game resulted in the better way so to speak.
    I'll keep the game on my system for now, just in case I want to grab the bonus episode as well.  Haven't decided on that just yet though.

  20. Deciding to reinstall AC: Odyssey onto my PS4 so I'm ready to check out the Discovery Tour when it drops.  Didn't realize how big the recent patch makes it... about 20gb or so x.x

  21. Yeah, same here, as I just want to learn! But yeah, seriously though, as I said, been waiting for it as well. As for trophies, could be, if they do add them in, hopefully the trophies would be to do with completing all the tours, that would be nice. But quizzes at the end of each tour? Yikes, means I have to pay extra attention to them now
  22. [Before the Storm] Interesting, ran into a weird glitch, nothing major, just the game wasn't letting me look my graffiti tags, as in, I couldn't select either episode one or episode 2 to look at.  But ah well, it fixed itself when I get the one I needed in the end.


    By the way, story has been interesting so far.  No spoilers though, but I am indeed curious about episode 3 now.  And I might grab the bonus episode this week as well.  Not sure yet, I'll figure it out.

    1. BeTheBesty


      My partner and I loved Life is Strange and LiS:  Before the Storm.

      We could both relate to the characters and felt closer as we played.

      Sometime we'll try Life is Strange 2, I guess it'll be interesting playing as a boy hahaha

      Anyway hope you have fun with it like we did 😊

  23. Still gotta do these other two episodes of Before the Storm, but I have a question about the demo that was released as well, Captain... something... was is Awesome? Off the top of my head, not sure what it was actually called, but yeah, that superhero demo thing.  That is a prequel to Life is Strange 2 right? As in, play that before I get around to the proper second game?


    I know it has no trophies, but I'll still be playing it anyway :)

    1. Yuna4353


      Yea I would say play it, are you waiting till LIS 2 is done 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Well, I do need to finish off Before the Storm, which I should be able to do today... or tomorrow.  At least playing episode 2 today.


      As for LiS2, depends.  I'll check the price on the season pass at the very least and go from there.  But I'll still play the other one beforehand to get an understanding of things.

  24. [Before the Storm] Game could have made it easier to grab the 2nd and 3rd episodes from the store a bit easier instead of just taking me to the episode 2 and 3 bundle page each time.  But ah well, though I didn't realize that the other 2 episodes weren't actually downloaded in the complete season.

    Thought that is what the case was suppose to be, but no big deal.

  25. Not sure if it's an EU thing or not, but for those that have played the level Scorch, what is the Flagkeeper's name for you guys? He was called Bob this time around for me (even in the trophy list for me, he's called Bob and not Bombo). I mean, no big deal at all, just curious on if his name change is region or worlwide.