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  1. The thing that annoys me is the title card, that blue on gray is difficult to look at, hard to even make out the title itself. But this could be interesting to play. Wonder if it's VR compatible or not too. I've done classes that's to do with building computers, but that side of things... not my cup of tea as much. But hey, I can always see how well I do in this sort of thing anyway
  2. [Lego DC Super Villains] Slowly going to go back through these levels and will be collecting everything now.  It's that as well as stuff still to do around Gotham and Metropolis, including finding all these character tokens laying about.

  3. [Lego DC Super Villains] Huh, the game actually made a small reference to Teen Titans Go in the game.  Though a reference not many people I would guess, know about.

    Side mission, character mentions Butterbean and Sparkleface, the two pegasi from pretty Pretty Pegasus that Raven loves to watch in TTG.

    I know, weird reference indeed xD

  4. [Lego DC Super Villains] Hey, small question, but where do I go in the game, to buy red bricks? Which location would that be? As I do want to see how much the 8x multiplier brick is, as that's the only multiplier brick I've found so far in the levels.

  5. [Lego DC Super Villains] Looks like I've cleared out Apokolips fully... well, I might be missing some character tokens, but I'll find those later on.  Still got these other Lobo side mission/bonus missions to do before I head to Earth and do stuff around there.

    But yeah, been enjoying the game as is.  Not sure if I can give my custom character a power ring or anything like that.  Heck, they didn't even give me flight in the main game.  Ah well, I'll keep playing and go from there xD

  6. Pfft, they better give my custom character a damn Power Ring... cause I want one xD


    Yeah, been playing through Lego DC Super Villains some more still, been enjoying it so far, but I am curious as to what other abilities my custom character will get.  Last one I was given was electricity, and that was on Oa... was sure I was going to get a Power Ring instead though.

  7. [Lego DC Super Villains] Huh, had to reload the game as the game got stuck on a screen.  Obtained another power for the main character, but it wouldn't let me press okay, but reloading the game worked.  It even put me back at the start of the Beast Boy fight too, which was nice.

  8. Traded in a few of my games and managed to get two games in return that were half price each.  Grabbed Lego DC Super Villains as well as Skyrim for the PS4, so I'm happy with that.  In particular the Lego game, been meaning to get that sometime.  And Skyrim was nice that it was on sale too for half price at EB Games.

  9. Trying to figure out the best way to earn money again. Used up a fair bit in the Quickstarter stuff (and I do need to use more in it for some remaining skill books as well as the G.A Labs stuff). I mean, side cases are a good way, but with how many I've done so far (over 30 of them), I wont have much left in regards to that. So after side cases, not sure which would be the better way to get more money in... just so I don't loose too much money and can obtain things like healing items and other such stuff. I am curious on what others think is the better way to earn more money, especially to also add up to the... I am guessing it's to be 50 million yen amount in the Go app thing for one of the list items (I've earned around 4.5 million yen so far, progress towards the silver medal of it, the gold medal is unknown to me at the moment).
  10. Finally decided to watch Shazam and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed that movie.  Curious on what happens next with that set of movies.  I know there's suppose to be a Black Adam related movie at some point, which could be interesting.

    1. Copanele


      I guess this was genuinely the best DC movie released. Maybe they will release Black Adam too , but perhaps they will take their time. Still having to wash out the shame that was Batman V Superman.


      Thus being said, hopefully they represent DC universe more properly. For some reason no matter how good the Marvel movies are , I can't get into that universe. Maybe because they keep throwing dozens of movies each year IDK. DC however feels more...mature and grounded? Just watching the Justice League and Young Justice animation makes me want for proper movie adaptations. So far I am content with Shazam and maybe Aquaman , that one was pretty funny too!

      Also was there a rumor that The Rock will play Black Adam? Not entirely sure about that one.

    2. RedRodriguez87


      I totally misread that as Kazaam.


      But that's good to hear about Shazam, I'll have to check it out soon.

    3. ee28max


      I still have to watch it. I've heard good stuff about the movie and as far as my predictions go, I certainly won't regret watching it. DC has been improving with its content. Aquaman indeed ended 2018 with a huge splash in the kingdom of Atlantis. 


      Always been a Marvel fan. Looking forward to seeing the new phase of the MCU after witness what was one the best storylines in movie history from 2008-2019. 



      I agree that Batman V Superman was kinda bad.

      In the DC Universe I take pretty anything thrown towards me. I still have to watch the Christian Bale Batman movies, though. I just felt like Ben Affleck lit the recent movies on fire. DC's movies do feel more matured than Marvel. Marvel goes all-round with the jokes here and there, filling the scenes with gags, laughs, humors and comedy. 

  11. Huh, looks like it is the cable for my laptop, doesn't charge my laptop right now.  Luckily I'm at my mum's and her laptop charger works for my laptop and can charge it up.  So that's all good.. will have to try and get a new charger at some point though.

  12. Been watching Teen Titans Go on Netflix lately, watched all 4 available seasons as is.  Does make me wish the original show was also available on Netflix to watch too though.

    But ah well, I'll take what I can get as is.  I mean, I'm one that does enjoy TTG on its own.

    1. Dreggit


      Does it have any moments like this one? I remember the original cartoon was a twist of light hearted humour and dark undertones



    2. AndyKazama


      I enjoyed TTG for what it is. At least they got back all the OG actors. I do miss the OG series though.

    3. Spaz


      I was a Junior in high school when the original Teen Titans dropped and by that time I was more entertained and concerned with anime on Toonami and stuff on Adult Swim like Space Ghost Coast to Coast and The Venture Brothers. Sure it wasn’t all that bad, but I felt it could of been better. 


      Teen Titans Go just looks like crap. It premiered in 2013 which I’m not surprised because cartoons were down the shitter by then. 


      Batman Beyond and the cartoons that were ‘Cartoon Cartoons’ (Johnny Bravo, Cow & Chicken, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n’ Eddy) blow today’s shit cartoons out of the water.

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  13. Been checking out some of the games that others have made in Dreams.  Got to say, they're pretty cool, not too fancy, but I did like the ones I played.  Like one I played, a simple little game, find 5 cats around the house, amusing little game xD

    1. PermaFox


      Are you playing the early access?  Looks like a cool game!

  14. Decided to get the Dreams Early Creator mode thing.  So downloading that now and will give it a go, see if I can create anything interesting or not.  But hey, who knows if I will or not.  I very much doubt it, but you never know ;)

    1. Dreggit


      Someone recreated a portion of FFVII with it. Pretty impressive!

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah I know, I did look through the games there and the screenshots alone were pretty cool.

  15. Something I saw today, posted by PlayAsia actually, a game that comes out in September. https://www.play-asia.com/blog/2019/07/19/blacksad-under-the-skin-coming-to-the-video-game-consoles/?utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign= From what I can tell, it's a detective like game featuring anthromorphic characters with puzzles, dialogue options and some QTE stuff too. It does intrigue me at the very least, may have to keep an eye on this when it releases in September.
  16. Finally managed to get myself some slippers to wear, $12 for them.  May not seem much, but it was trying to get them in my size, since most slippers only seemed to go up to size 12... a size to small for me.  And wearing slippers on cold nights would be nice, especially since it's still winter over here.

  17. Gonna watch season 3 of Stranger Things a bit later on.  Season 2 was pretty interesting for sure, enjoyed it.  But I have heard that some people didn't like season 3 as much as the previous 2 seasons?

    I mean, what intrigues me right now is at the end of S2, there is the Mind Flayer thing lurching over the Upside Down version of the school.  My guess is cause it wants Will back under its control.

    Just a thought, wont know until I start watching Season 3.

    1. Charizarzar


      I’m about half way through. It’s ok so far, I liked the tone of S1 a lot more though. Gets too silly at times for me, that was partly why I didn’t like S2 as much

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I enjoyed S3 a lot more than S2.

  18. Stranger Things continues to intrigue me, up to episode 6 of season 2 as is (have yet to watch episode 6, stopped at episode 5 for the night)... and there's a character I already despise in the show.  Max's sibling, whatever his name is.  The one who's been a douche to her.

    But yeah, glad I've finally been able to watch the show as is.

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Glad you're enjoying it! Yeah, Billy is really just a dick in this season, he fills the trope of the bully you'd typically see in an 80's movie, 'cept it's a TV series.

  19. I finally decided to do it, got a Netflix account.  30 days trial for sure... should be enough to watch all of Stranger Things :P

    But seriously, I may end up keeping it anyway, already am intrigued with Stranger Things after having watched the first episode.

    Have wanted to watch it for a while now.

    1. DrakeHellsing


      @Dragon-Archon Yeah, I saw that was available too, so who knows, I might watch a few of those episodes too.  Such a good show that is.


      But for now, Stranger Things and some Yu-Gi-Oh, not going to overwhelm myself with shows xD

    2. Dragon-Archon


      @DaisyVilla102 Does Umbrella Academy get better after the first episode? I almost fell asleep watching it.


      @DrakeHellsing Yep, it's awesome to see the show again after ~20 years.

    3. DaisyVilla102


      @Dragon-Archon I seem to recall thinking it started out slow but it does pick up soon. :)

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  20. I would agree to a point. I mean, it would be nice to have a trophy for completing a game all the way when there is none. But I don't think developers should be forced to do such a thing. It's really up to the player if they want to go for everything or not. Though having said that, it can be disheartening when you get to 100% in the game and you get nothing, no trophy, no ingame reward, nothing at all for all your hard earned work.
  21. #117: Adventure Time: PotE.  I've said what I needed to say about this game in my other statuses about the game, but all in all, I still found the game to be a nice little adventure around Ooo.  Hopefully another game gets made, but you know, isn't a pirate adventure, as in, dry land instead.

    I mean, the ending of the game seemed to imply a sequel.  But it could also easily be foretelling of the series own finale, which I don't think had aired when the game was released? Not sure on that, but the way Gumbald spoke about Princess Bubblegum makes it seem like he was talking about the show's own finale anyway.

    But I still did like the simple story of this one, nothing all that fancy, and seeing characters again was nice.

  22. [Adventure Time: PofE] Yeah, I'm sure I'm close to the end of the game now.  Got the last two side quests showing up for me, I am level 8 as is.  So really, not a whole lot left to do on the game by the looks of it.  Though if need be, I may have to grind the characters to level 10.  Well, BMO not so much, he seems to not need as much experience as the other three, so he's already a bit ahead in terms of XP.

    But so far, I have been enjoying the game, only things I'm not a huge fan of are the interrogation parts (especially the one against Cinnamon Bun).  And the stealth parts with Marcy.

    1. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, but at least there's so few of them.  But that Cinnamon Bun one was the worst of them, do the wrong thing and you have to start all over x.x


      But now, I have to figure out the best place to grind now.  Jake, Finn and Marcy are all still level 8, BMO is level 9 and I've just beaten Uncle Gumbald in battle... who was actually pretty simple.

    2. Elvick_


      Yeah, I had to do teh Cinnamon Bun one twice too. It's used so little that you forget it's even a mechanic by the time you get it again. Further proving how pointless it is. 

      That spooky island/forest is where I grinded it out. Forget what it's called (obviously) it's where you had to steal with Marcy. Not sure if it's the best spot, but that's where I did it.

      stealth* with Marchy lol

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Hey technically, you did have to steal something stealthfully, so "steal" was still correct :P


      But yeah, I might just go there, see how that works.  If not, the Fire Kingdom and the two islands could also be a good place too.

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  23. [Adventure Time: PotE] Okay, I managed to get into the Fire Kingdom now.  That enemy was level 7, so I did get my Finn, Jake and Marcy to level 6 (with BMO leveling up on his own, using him for charging the special meter).

    So now I can advance the game some more.  I have a feeling I'm not too far off from completing it? I mean in the trophy list there's a Fire Giant to fight, which I assume is at the end of the Fire Kingdom, then Uncle Gumbald whom I assume will be the final boss fight... wherever that may take place.

    But oh boy, that interrogation sequence with Cinnamon Bun, that was frustrating, 3 times.  And the hints Finn and Jake were giving each other didn't help.  Jake getting annoyed, wanting to go Bad Cop, so I try that... and it's wrong.  And the dialogue could not be skipped, so listening to it 3 times over was annoying.

    1. DrHambone


      Are you enjoying the game? I really love the show and thought this looked like a fun little RPG style game.

    2. Anxiety


      It's a good game, just a bit slow in some places.

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I'm still enjoying the game.  I do like the fight side of things, turn based is fine.  I mean the boss fight against Fern wasn't all that bad, especially realizing the best way to beat him down.


      Only issues I've had so far are the interrogation sequences, which aren't the greatest, and then the odd audio glitch.  As in, sentences get cut off a second before the end.  And while not a glitch, I find it interesting that the subtitles are different in some places than what is said.  Like Finn said one thing, the subtitles said almost the same, except for a different number (like the next number up).


      But all in all, it's still a fun little game.  Should be able to finish it today hopefully.

  24. Hey, maybe you can help answer this for me, the Adventure Time game, the pirate one.  How often does it autosave? It told me to watch for the BMO picture to show it's autosaving and unless I'm blind, I've not seen the BMO picture.

    1. Elvick_


      I honestly don't remember. But I don't remember really having an issue with the saving.

  25. [Adventure Time: PotE] Hmm, I think I should go and do a bit of grinding somewhere.  I just arrived in the Fire Kingdom and already there's two fire guards there and one is skull level, you know, a much higher level than me.

    Does the game ask you to do a bit of grinding elsewhere? I mean Finn, Jake ad Marcy are at level 5 and getting them to level 6 is taking longer than need be, allowing for BMO to play catchup easily.