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  1. Agents of Mayhem, I'll try and download you again tomorrow and you better not get corrupted on me again.
    Yeah, managed to get to like, 30 or so GB before it stopped downloading and showed off an error (corrupt data one).

    Ah well, I decided to do the MK11 story and actually finish that off... even if I'm terrible at this game, it was fun at least (once I turned the difficulty down so I could at least try and enjoy myself with some of these story characters).

    1. MidnightDragon


      Rebuild your database before you do. Might help.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, possibly.  But usually for me, just redownloading from the start is fine.  Besides, not sure why Agents of Mayhem took so long to get to the 30GB when Saints Row 3 didn't take so long.


      Ah well, not fussed about it at the moment.

  2. I should go and pick up Agents of Mayhem off the store... it's like, $5 at the moment which is nothing but a steal at that price.

    Sure, I still need to play more of Saints Row 3, but man, that price... must get the game.

    1. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      See, that's what happens when you browse sales ;) 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Pfft, I wasn't even browsing a sale, I was just thinking about the game and decided to check the price of it xD

  3. Messed around a bit with MK11 and the whole Friendships as well as do some tutorial stuff with the Towers of Time, get that done.
    Got to mess around with RoboCop in said towers without having to  purchase the ridiculous asking price of Aftermath.

  4. Maybe try and get it to spawn first before accepting the theft mission? Maybe that'll work? I'm assuming this is hat you're after anyway. I've not gotten to this yet myself, but I had an issue with a different vehicle that kept getting destroyed. But going near the area then accepting the theft seemed to make it stay spawned so I could grab it. So perhaps that could work for this one? Just a thought anyway.
  5. [SR3] Man, these vehicle theft missions are going to get annoying.  Taking that Sweeper back was not fun... heck, it exploded on me and I had to get another one at that (and it exploded like, down the street from the destination).

    Maybe I should advance the story so I can meet up with the Mayor and have that whole, police wipe notoriety thing.

  6. [SR3] Morningstar Specialists dealt with, 50 kills completed.  Now unless I'm missing something, the only other gang related thing to do is for the trophy "Stay Classy Steelport".

    Wanting to do gang related stuff before I deal with taking over the rest of the city.

  7. [SR3] Time to get these next specialists to show up, still got a few of them to deal with for that challenge.  Want to get it over and done with so I don't have to worry about it in the long run, especially after taking over all of Steelport.

    But at least I've done the tank and helicopter kills (boats can be their own thing, not worried about them).

  8. That's a good point too. I've been doing them anyway to get it up. And I suppose if need be, redo some of the activities like Mayhem to get them to spawn too.
  9. Wanted to look this up, but not sure what terms to use to search for it. But basically, taking over a district, will that actually stop enemies from spawning or no? Just cause of these extra things in the challenges to do requiring to kill certain enemies like specialists and the likes. Will they actually stop spawning or no?
  10. [SR3] Got that stupid taunt 50 gang members challenge done (and the trophy for taunts/compliments as well).  At least the challenge for 50 taunts will be much easier to deal with.

    I am working towards upgrading one of every weapon as well so I can work towards that trophy.

    I do hope though, that I can earn more money via the cash transfer later on too, as $20,000 or so does not seem like much.

  11. Ah, gotcha. The tank thing I assume I have to accept it from the chop shop menu right? If so, that just means I'll need to work on the other vehicles, haven't paid much mind to them (only delivered a boat ). The taunting stuff, do I need to be unarmed to do that? But yeah, I'll have to keep that in mind at least when I get into another firefight.
  12. [SR3] Huh, looks like the Morningstar specialists show up in helicopters, 2 at a time.  That is good to know, since I was destroying some helicopters and the specialist kills showed up.  So that shouldn't be so bad to grind out.  The Luchador ones, maybe... but they're not too tough to take down.


    Brutes on the other hand, they are a nuisance, still got to take down a small handful for the trophy (already got the 30 done for the challenge).

    But man, I finally realized that the people calling on the cellphone in the game are to do with the survival stuff.

  13. Ah, thanks for the info, especially about STAG. Will have to keep that in mind for sure. Gonna have to do these taunts and kills before I forget about them. And I take it the STAG thing is to do with that tank? I'm only on Act 2, so not too far into the game, but I've cleared out the Deckers (I do have the specialist challenge done for them though). Need the specialist kills on the other two factions and then whatever STAG is all about.
  14. [SR3] Gonna have to hold off on some collectibles soon, as some are on top of rooftops where I seem to need a helicopter to get to.

    But I'm not a huge fan of the game stopping progress because missions requires you to play one of the side activities.

    But ah well, small gripe, otherwise, enjoying the game for sure.  Granted, the game did crash on me once.

  15. [SR3] A small question I have, that Genki activity thing, shoot mascots, collect money and head for the exit.  Is it best to do the harder versions of them with upgraded health?

    I know you can't regen health in that activity, only collect health pickups.
    I just find that one to be a bit annoying is all.

  16. It looks like they're also aware of the huge framerate drops as well, which is good. As for this trophy, I've yet to finish off the game (taking a break from it), so I've not come across it yet, though I do still have the Gulf at least to complete, which seems to be story related too.
  17. [SR3] Oh yeah... I forgot that the activities aren't that many for each one, like 6 each (though Guardian Angel has only 2), cause I've just done those Tank Mayhem ones.


    Should really get back to the story though xD

  18. [SR3] There's probably a better way to do some of these activities, but ah well... I managed to do this Mayhem activity by just getting the required destruction money right at the end.  No seriously, got the $200,000 needed just as the timer hit like 1 second left xD


    I think right now, the insurance fraud ones are a bit annoying to get done... but I'll get there eventually.

  19. [SR3] I am glad I checked before the mission that there was a trophy for finishing it one way and another for the other way.  No big deal, got both ways done.  So really, it's just going to be normal game time for a bit until I need to worry about the whole "Act 3" choice.

  20. [SR3] I think my best bet might be is to hold off one a few of these activities, especially the Genki ones until I've got better abilities.  Not sure though, I'll figure it out... still gotta do the main story some more.


    Though there is that one break later on with the whole "pick one or the other" for one trophy ad another.  Not sure what I'll do there, maybe save before said mission, play it, reload and pick the other option.  But that's not until much later on, so I have plenty of time to decide on my approach to it xD

  21. Tried looking this up, but couldn't seem to find a proper answer to this. How long do I have to wait before I can collect money from the Cash tab on the phone? Cause I have waited, even did some more activities, but still can't collect more money. Is there suppose to be a day/night cycle? Or is cash a bit limited at the start of the game in that regard?
  22. Ah, so it seems like it would be around 1 hour real time. If that's the case, that's fine, at least I know roughly how long I need to wait for the next cash payment, especially this early to start using them on the different stores to slowly increase how much I'll get in the end.
  23. That's... game hour is it? Or actual real time hour? Cause I did read people said that one hour was 15 minutes.
  24. [SR3] While playing this, this first few hours, there's been something showing up in the bottom right corner, a progress bar towards... something.  Not sure what it is though, cause looking into the Saints Book, it's not in there.
    It is a mystery for sure to me xD

  25. Decided to go and buy Saints Row 3 Remastered as well, so I'll have that to mess around with.  But I'll do so after I finish off Maneater.  Got story stuff to do in this and collecting stuff (and infamy level).