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  1. [SR3] While playing this, this first few hours, there's been something showing up in the bottom right corner, a progress bar towards... something.  Not sure what it is though, cause looking into the Saints Book, it's not in there.
    It is a mystery for sure to me xD

  2. Decided to go and buy Saints Row 3 Remastered as well, so I'll have that to mess around with.  But I'll do so after I finish off Maneater.  Got story stuff to do in this and collecting stuff (and infamy level).

  3. [Maneater] Man, the framerate at times isn't the best... it slows right the hell down sometimes.  But ah well, I can live with it.  But man, I'm very much unsure on how to actually get some of these licence plats on bridges/walkways and even some underneath bridges where they seem so high up.

    I wonder if my Mega shark will work and jump higher out of the water or not.

    1. Sir_Bee


      From what I have seen/read as you grow and evolve you will be able to jump noticeably higher. Not sure that is the solution to all problems, but it is a good place to start.


      How are you enjoying the game overall so far?

    2. NERVergoproxy


      When you grow bigger you can shoot a lot more higher.

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Been enjoying the game.  Will probably finish it off today.


      My shark did get to the Meg status before I headed off the game, so not sure how much higher she can jump now, but it better be a lot, cause that one license plate underneath the bridge xD

  4. [Maneater] This is a neat game, nothing fancy, but it's still rather enjoyable.  Just gotta get through the story and then it should just really be cleanup for collectibles.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Some who have the plat say back up regularly.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      I've only had it crash on me twice.  Once when respawning, and the second time when heading to an objective.


      But I can understand why they would want one to back up regularly.

  5. Ah, wonderful. Yeah, I'll do that, upgrade what I want to with this shark and all should be good. I just hope the size of Meg status isn't too big (only cause of these grates and all that). But I shall see, don't want to know until I try myself
  6. Been playing it. Game is at least fun. But these evolution trophies for collecting evolutions, not sure if you do have to upgrade them all, or just have the base of them obtained.
  7. [Digimon: HM] After doing the Gold cup in the offline coliseum, it feels like the final matches in these cups have been the hardest for sure.

    I mean the match before the finale, Paildramon did take a hot minute to take out, but that wasn't tough, but the final match, defiantly had to switch Digimon around for that one.


    I do wonder how tough the final cup will actually be (if it's available now, or not until post game).


    Also, I'm so close to getting Lucemon on my team (79 out of 100 ABI away.  Granted, he only needs 80 first, but I did read up and his last form needs 100, and I think his second form does too).

  8. [Digimon: HM] I did not enjoy that boss fight in the slightest.  First round, got my ass kicked, second round I got through it.

    Hopefully there wont be any more bullshit boss fights like that one in the main game.

  9. [Digimon:HM] Of course my Mega dragon Digimon (who I am not going to try and spell) can DNA Digivolve with Alphamon, but of course he needs more ABI to do so (and for me to have Alphamon in general).

    But ah well, not a big deal at all, so far, not having much trouble with fights, which I'm fine with.

    Then again, I've not done any more of the offline coliseum yet... and there is the post game Abyss Server, which I've no clue on how tough the enemies in there will be.

    But I'm going to stick with what Digimon I have right now and do proper Digivolving for ones I don't have post game.  Well, not counting those I am aiming for right now like Beelzemon, Barbamon, Lucemon, Cherubimon (dark version).

  10. [Digimon: HM] Yeah, getting all those chests in the large office building would have been nice, but it was too much of a maze for my taste.  I only wanted to get that Memory UP from there after all.

    Curious on where the story will go from here.

  11. [Digimon: HM] I did not realize that my Antylamon could actually Digivolve into the evil version of Cheruibimon (I think that's how you spell its name).  At least I assume that's the right silhouette I'm looking at anyway.
    Also going to see if I can get Lucemon as well and his other forms too (even though I like first form Lucemon the most).

  12. [Digimon: HM] I swear I've done the 3 Digimon scenes for Agumon and Gabumon, as they got one where they asked about a gift for Nokia.  Unless that wasn't an actual scene with them, but I did get something from them I believe... I think so anyway, unless I'm missing something.


    Wish I could take Ryuji on some of these battles, his Digimon is rather useful to have.

  13. That's curious indeed, though I have a feeling it'll be a full price game with not much to offer maybe? I'm just thinking of other games based upon brands like Paw Patrol or Barbie you know, but you never know. I'll at least keep an eye out on this, cause the Smurfs are a fun franchise.
  14. Gone back to Digimon: Hacker's Memory for the time being.  I mean, I very much love Digimon World, but I think I just need a bit of a rest from that for now.

  15. Oh yeah, this game, forgot it was coming out soon. Gonna check it out when it does for sure. But this list looks pretty straightforward.
  16. [Digimon World] So glad I dealt with Paildramon when I did, that whole 1/5 HP and MP thing is annoying, especially to heal my Digimon back up again.

    I might have to rely on the ExE thing for some of these recruitments like OmniShoutmon, who I understand, will hit like a truck.

  17. [Digimon World] Looks like for my RedVeedramon, I need to play the guessing game since the game doesn't want to give me praise options after training, so I don't know what his options are.

    My Gatomon I at least know (and is already on route for Angewomon at that).

  18. Physical copy of FF7 Remake arrived today.  No need to play it though, but having it is nice as.
    And I even got some coasters with it too, 7th Heaven ones, so that's pretty neat too.

    1. MidnightDragon


      YOu could keep it to display.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, pretty much.  Keeping the game for sure, and the coasters... I'll keep them in the packaging for now, we have enough coasters as is xD

    3. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Nice!  That'd be an amazing display item :D At least it didn't come with a pizza box like Catherine did

  19. [Digimon World] Up to the point where I have to go to the Server Tower, which is that Titamon fight.  I may wait until I get fresh Megas, cause one thing is, my MetalSeadramon, I'm sure he doesn't like the desert (I headed through the desert once and he fell ill).

    But I think I'm doing fine with the game as is, close to 100 prosperity for the city, so about half way done with that.

    But I am at least pleased that I did the Piedmon quest and got that done in general.  Still got the Boltmon one to do, which is just going to get annoying, back and fourth stuff with that for sure.

  20. [Digimon World] Decided to deal with a few matches in the coliseum, though one match is proving to be a pain, even with 2 Megas on my side.  Doesn't help that there's a time limit too xD

    Might have to come back to these anyway, especially with Digimon that meet the requirements for some matches.

    But at least that was a good way to understand my strength in the game too.

  21. [Digimon World] I realized I should get one other thing done first before I continue with the story and that's go and beat up Vikemon and recruit him (and DemiDevimon as well).

    Should do that while I have my Megas available (Vikemon vs Vikemon baby xD ).

  22. [Digimon World] Now that's a good part out of my hair.  The whole Veggie/Meat war thing has been dealt with.

    Took a few ingame days to deal with, mostly because right after I fought HerculesKabuterimon, my Zudomon decided he'd digivolve, messing up the whole bond thing, so I left to get that bond thing raised up so I could go EXE against Rosemonn.

    But all in all, so glad that part has been dealt with at long last.  Now I think I can actually get back to the story xD

  23. [Digimon World] Trying to deal with this whole Meat/Veggie troop war thing between Leomon and Rosemon now, but the constant having to go back to Leomon gets annoying, especially when I need to fight Woodmon and those 2 Vegiemon each day (the Woodmon in particular, the Vegiemon aren't as bad), each time I want to get into the fort.  Having Ultimates seem to be my best bet too.

    Though I don't think my Zudomon is going to go Mega, looking in the Dojo, he's rather low, while MegaSeadramon is fixed to become MetalSeadramon.

  24. [Digimon World] Okay, so there is a trophy for raising almost all the Digimon types available in the game.  That really is going to be a grind in the end.

    But at least I can use the Dojo to get specific Digimon that I've not raised before.

    Just something I saw when checking the trophy list again, but I'll worry about that near the end (though still aim for new Digimon each rebirth to lessen the post game grind for that).

  25. [Digimon World] Progress had been great, but now I must stop and train my new Rookies up so I can at least take them out and about to survive these areas.

    Grabbed a Gabumon and a Gomamon in the end.  Not sure what Megas I'd really want from them though.  If their normal Megas are achieved, that would be nice, but I wouldn't mind if I get say, MetalSeadramon as a Mega.
    I shall have to wait and see.  At least I can control it with the Dojo if there's a Digimon I don't want them to turn into :D