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  1. I'm starting to not care as much to finish off Judgment's completion list now.  So really, I'm thinking I might just leave the game as is.  I've already done the story, and doing the batting center stuff for one friend, or doing poker for another, or mahjong... yeah, it's not really worth it to me.

    1. PooPooBlast


      And that's why I save the story for last in those games because I feel your pain :P


      In any case, I wouldn't continue either if I wasn't having fun.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, the batting stuff, even with the golden bat, I still didn't do great and that just wasn't fun.  Not a fan of poker either, did it once via the story and yeah, wasn't all that great.  I guess all the minigames just don't seem all that appealing to me now.


      I think I can live without doing those last two side cases too, one that needs all 50 friends (which for me, hides behind the batting center, poker and mahjong... and selling paintings, but that one was fine, just the others not so much).


      I'll still go to Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1 and finish off the story in those ones too eventually.

  2. [Judgment] Finally, got that stupid gold bat from the batting cages.  That was not a fun time trying to get it done.  And yet, I still have to waste time with the rest of this for another stupid friendship thing.
    I'm honestly not a fan of this minigame in the slightest.

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    2. DamagingRob


      I tried using that tell, but it didn't work all the time. Some pitches were thrown so fast, that if I tried to watch Kiryu, I'd end up with a swing and a miss. :/ I got into a zone somehow, though, and reached the 1 million profit mark 4 times in 15 minutes to end it. 

    3. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      The gold bat in Judgment is basically a cheat code, having done the batting cages in previous games I was easily smacking all ten pitches for HRs in any of the courses. It adds such a long window of timing for home runs.

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, when i tried it the gold bat myself, the timing was still very much fine.  I mean the homeruns were still a bit iffy for me, but I still hit most the marks and got 9 homeruns in the end, so that was good enough for me.

      So I think I would be better with these other courses now when I get around to doing them.  Gotta get that other friendship event done (and get the skill book too).

  3. [Judgment] In Premium adventure mode now, so going to slowly try and tackle this damn list.

    Already hit a tiny roadblock with it.  Can't seem to finish Kamuro of the Dead's Chapter 5.  It's those stupid "shoot the weak points of the enemies to stop their attacks" that get me, especially with enemies that do not need them.

    I know this chapter in this minigame isn't big since I made it to the boss once... but that boss needs at least three rounds to deal with, maybe more.  Since partway through the fight, it moves to the red skin zombies.


    Bleh, giving it a small rest and moving onto other stuff for now.  Did the next drone racing league, which was fine.

    I can tell that the championship is going to kick my ass though.

    1. PooPooBlast


      With the championship racing you gotta have twitchy fingers and being able to maneuver in tight spaces at fast speeds with little durability plus knowing where all the boosts are, the health squares and when to break for tight turns. 


      You are pretty much locked out to choose the weak frame with low durability because it has the highest cost availability for you to put all of those top tier engines and propellers and what have you in order for you to have a chance at winning. So yea not a lot of room for error but I enjoyed it so much. Got an adrenaline rush! One of my favourite minigames out there in all of Yakuza games 


      When to brake for tight turns**

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I figured that might be the case.  I should be okay with it, I mean the tight turns and spaces aren't that bad for me, like the tower sections, a good amount of the time I think I can avoid getting damaged when going through the back door in the race.


      I'll be after that mostly for that free pass voucher thing in particular.  I'll try and go for first place in all the races too, but if I don't get it first time around, I wont be upset about it :)

  4. [Judgment] Up to the point of no return.  So, I think I'll do that next, finish off the game.  But it sounds like I can save within it still, just not go back and do stuff.

    1. Yuna4353


      thier is a free roam thing after the game so whatever you didn't finish you can do it then 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I'm in that now, since I've finished off the game.  Free to do all this side stuff now :)

  5. [Judgment] I am so glad there's no trophy for getting every single consecutive bonus thing done in these conversations.

    Well, other than that one in one of the earlier chapters that is.

  6. [Judgment] Looks like 2 chapters to go now, since I believe chapter 13 is the last chapter, and i am on chapter 12.

    Not spoiling the story for those that have yet to play it, and i don't want to know how this game ends either, so no spoiling it for me either.
    I mean, I know who the Mole is at the very least, but I still want to see how the game ends on my own account :)

  7. [Judgment] I think what I'll do with the game is finish off the story next time I'm on it, then after that, do a few more side stuff... and then go from there.
    I'll still try and complete the completion list... or get as close as I can with it until I get annoyed with it :P

  8. [Judgment] Looks like for now, it's mostly the main story to focus on with the very odd thing on some side stuff.
    I mean there's other side stuff I could do, but I don't want to deal with them just yet x.x

  9. [Judgment] Seems like that one guy showed up because of the cop running.  He was just hanging out in the end.  Had to wait a bit in the chapter before I was a bit more free again.

    And I did run into another side case without meaning to, since I was after a friendship request instead.  But ah well, got those two things done.  Well, can't complete this one until the person show up again.

  10. [Judgment] Up to chapter 10 now, so I'm closing in on the end of the game.  Not sure how many more chapters there is to go though.

    I do hope I get that stray cat trophy, as I don't think I've missed a cat, but I'm not sure either.  I'll find out once I find the last cat needed.

    1. Yuna4353


      There is 13 chapters in total. You got this stray cat trophy down I know it 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, so very few chapters to go, that's nice.


      And yeah, hopefully, would be nice to get it, just not sure if I have missed others, since there was a gap from when I played it a bit ago.  So with that in mind, not sure if I missed one back then or not.  If so, ah well, not too fussed, but I shall find out :)

  11. Thinking of going back to playing Yakuza Kiwami after I finish Judgment's story.  I mean, I could do Yakuza Zero as well, but there is a small problem with that.  I have the physical version of that game, and the disc drive on my PS4 likes to spit discs out, even when there isn't anything in the drive.  So I don't really want to go back to playing that one and all of a sudden, it spits the game out without letting me save xD


    Besides, I don't think with those two, it doesn't matter so much, since Zero is a prequel as is, after all, I did play Kiwami first before Zero anyway, and I wasn't lost at all.  But we'll see, I mean if not, it'll only because of the other game I want to play when it comes out soon.  Kakarot.


    Yeah, still planning on getting that game... most likely a bit after release date.  Only because I'll be out of town when it releases is all.  But I'm not fussed about preordering that game, since all you really get, from what I understand, is food items and an extra character to meet.

  12. [Judgment] How many Kehin gang leaders are there suppose to be on the streets in the end? I'm just wondering for that one side case that says to defeat them, but I'm not sure if a 4th is going to show his face yet or if it's just these three that are active.

    Of course, I don't want names and such for spoiler reasons, just on if there's another or if it's safe to go beat these three up next time they show up or if I need to wait for another as well.

    1. Larx


      Wait for another. More than 3.

    2. PooPooBlast


      4 in total are in the game. 


      Seems like you already met three (one guy that yells YAGAMI that sounds hilarious :lol:, another that yells GOOHAAAN or FOOOOD, and the final guy that's a mini Mr shakedown from the Yakuza series lol). 


      The last and 4th guy will unlock as you progress more in the main game. He's a pain to deal with.  


      Also I'm not sure if you have to beat them all at once when the game tells you that the keihin gang are in kamurocho before the threat meter goes down and they leave (I did it this way) but I've also heard that some didn't have to beat them all at once.. idk..

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, thanks for that.  I'm on chapter 9 as is, so I wasn't sure if another was to show up or not.  But that's good to know.  And I guess I can figure out if I need to beat them all at once or not by beating up the new guy when he shows up and maybe the 3rd one (I don't recall if I beat him outside the story or not).

  13. Going slow with playing Judgment at the moment.  Not because I don't like the game, no... it's because it's just so hot right now.  It's one of those days where I don't want to do as much x.x

  14. And for me, it is officially 2020 now, so Happy New Year one and all!


    Now time for me to get some sleep xD

    1. damon8r351


      When I wanted to be a smartass after someone in a time zone ahead of me said happy new year, I used ask if there's flying cars in the future.


      Instead, this time I'm going to ask if we've stopped destroying the fucking planet and started electing competent people into public office in the future, because that sounds way more fantastical and thus more humorous.

  15. Decided to get back to Judgment again.  Had to quickly look up a walkthrough, just for this part as I was uncertain on where I was up to... and the next objective was not on the map.  Wanted to do that just to get me back on track again.


    Want to at least finish off the story and probably these side cases too if I can.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      I am going to try the 100% still, but not sure if I will in the end or not, just some of the stuff is a bit annoying to get done for sure.  But I'll do what I can for sure.  Like darts, that's actually not so bad, I do even have the best darts to use... but I am going to have to look up a small guide on how to get the other dart stuff done for points, like that triple one and what have you.


      Gotta do the batting to max out the friendship for that dude as well.  So yeah, I'll do my best with it all and see where I can get to in terms of everything else.  I mean those arcade games aren't bad, though things like Virtua Fighter will be annoying.  I did it once, but that bonus level at the end, that was a bit much for me xD

    3. PooPooBlast


      Haha good luck! For the 100% completion imo puyo puyo was the hardest thing ever. Then drone racing comes after but that was lots of fun. Finally if you weren't able to use a cheat item in shogi that could've been the worse for me. 


      And btw when I said you needed 100% to face Amon I meant that you only need to finish 100% of substories. So you can actually ignore the completion list if you want. 


      And as a reference, plat time time took me something like 90 hours which includes my second playthrough on legend. 


      In any case, don't stress too much about the game and hope your enjoy your time with it :)

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah I know, cause I've looked at the stuff in the Agency and one of them is to complete all other side cases, and I know to complete the others I need all friends to do so as some need 50 reputation.


      But yeah, still going to do what I can with this list for sure.  But if not, at least the main story I'll get through for sure :)

  16. Well, it's New Years Eve at the moment, still another 12 hours to go of this year.  Not sure if I'll be staying up until midnight though.  I mean, I'll do my best, but if I get too tired, then I wont be, that simple xD


    But hey, I do have alcohol to drink, so I can do a sort of... mini celebration at the very least xD

    1. ee28max


      Never fell asleep before Midnight on a New Year's (excluding the very young years of course). Always acknowledge the noise of the fireworks and gunshots. Ironically, I sleep so deep that I don't hear much. :lol: 


      Happy New Year, here's to wishing you all the best that the new decade has to offer. :) 

  17. Trying to understand something at the moment.  The Yakuza Collection: https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/product/EP0177-CUSA15360_00-YAKUZAREMASTERED

    If I were to get that, does that there contain the 3rd game itself? I'm aware the 4th game is it's own game that you can only grab if you have the Remastered collection, something like DLC in a sense.

    But I'm not sure how it works out for the 3rd game is all, so I'm figuring I'd ask.  I probably wont get it until later on, closer to the release of Yakuza 5 for the collection.

    Well that, and I do need to finish off Zero and Kiwami and get to playing Kiwami 2 at some point xD

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, that's a good answer right there.  I looked at the link there and it very much explained my issue that you purchase it and it's all separate stuff.

      Thought it would be the case like other collections where you go in and select the game from a menu that way.


      But thanks for that :D

    3. PooPooBlast


      Yea that's what I originally thought but guess we were wrong. And no problem! Also I must've been drunk saying ps5 :lol::facepalm:. I meant yakuza 5 but I'm sure you understood what I meant. 

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Not going to lie, I thought Yakuza 5 as well... heck, I don't think I even read the part "ps5" at all as that xD

  18. Interesting.  Netflix sent me an email about a password reset, even though I didn't ask for one.  It was a legit one though, as in, the email was actually from them.  But looking into my activity only showed my own activity.  Looked a little online and it seems like it was to do with possible leaked info or something like that, so they were getting me to change my password to secure my account again.


    But still, it was strange, and I didn't click on said links in there unless I gather a bit info about it first to find out what was up.

    1. Scorpiio93


      I had this twice a couple of months ago. Both emails within roughly 2 weeks of each other. It would be nice if they could add 2 step verification though. 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Or if it's them that want you to do it, add in something else to the automated email thing or whatever instead of simply "Reset you password".  That was too vague for me as is, which is why I went ahead and looked it up as well as check activity on my account.


      Granted, I did get one spam email from "Netflix" before, but one way I knew it was a fake, it said it was "suspended because of not being paid for" even though I had just been watching something on my Netflix, and that may payment had gone through for the month needed.

      Also hovering over the "company" revealed some long bullshit, obviously fake/scam related email address instead xD

  19. Yup, it's Christmas here, so Merry Christmas one and all, hope you're all safe and sound.
    We're not opening up presents until a different date though.  That's only cause my nephew is at his father's until later on, so when he returns, that's when we'll be opening up our stuff.

    But it's no big deal to me, I'm not fussed, even though I do know what I am getting, since it's what I told them.  But all in all, it's all good :D

  20. Huh, Dragon Ball: Kakarot comes out at an strange time for me.  It's out on the 17th of January, but I'll be out of town then, that week, will be up at my grandparents for the week (it's something me, my sister and nephew do each year around that time).

    But ah well, I'll probably still be pre-ordering it and all that, just means I wont be able to play it until I get back xD

  21. [King of Cards] I figured there was a part 2 to the map.  But there's no way I'm doing a speedrun with this character.  I don't mind how he plays, but oh boy some of these levels are frustrating as can be.


    I'll at least do my best to finish off the campaign and collect what I can.  Not going to go for all these feats.  I just don't have the skill to get it all done, much like in the previous campaigns.

    1. KingGuy420


      I'm a little iffy on the speed run myself but I gotta try. I did the other 3 so fingers crossed.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, the speedrun is 1 hour 30 minutes as usual.  But it's not for me.  But hey, good luck for you :D

  22. [King of Cards] Yeah, not a fan of that card game they decided to throw into the mix.  Heck, I still don't understand why Knight Knight even got a campaign to begin with when the other ones are better options.


    But his gameplay isn't all that bad.  It's taking me a moment to understand what I can and can't do in terms of shoulder bashing and the likes (like those bubbles in the first two stages), since he has no proper down attack (only after shoulder bashing does he get one).

    1. hugglebunn-e


      I believe King Knight was chosen by Kickstarter backers. I would have preferred the Baz get a campaign.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Now Baz would have been cool for sure.  Or Mole Knight could have been rather interesting, just the whole, other digging aspect of the game.


      But I am still more or less enjoying King Knight's platforming, so far, it's not been tough... not yet anyway.  But I am almost done with the first area (cause I'm sure I still have other places to go based upon the other Knights).

    3. KingGuy420


      When they did the vote, King Knight was the only one people had really seen at that point, so I think that's why he got the votes. Personally, I can't believe the Enchantress didn't sweep the votes lol.

  23. Played a bit of Ancestors yesterday, which I still found to be interesting.  I did look up some tips on the game, just for things that weren't as explained to me, mostly the whole, mating ordeal to get tiny monkeys, since I need them to be able to get more abilities in the game (well, to obtain them, not just unlock them).


    I think my main complaint for the game right now is the UI so to speak.  Just as an example, I was stuck at first on how I was suppose to make a nesting ground/place to sleep, making me wish there was some sort of menu that would at least show me how it was done, as in, which materials I needed (I did figure such a thing out in the end).

  24. [Ancestors] So far, despite reviews and all that, I am enjoying the game at the moment.  Already had my monkey die... from falling too high.  He hit the branch by falling on his back and ended up perishing.  That for some reason, just made me laugh though xD

  25. Huh, did not realize Big Pharma is out this week.  I wanted to grab it, but it's awkward for me in regards to money right now.  Bought two more Christmas presents, so I wouldn't be able to grab that game this week with the price it is.  Will have to grab it later on though, as it still seems to be rather interesting (not played it on the PC, so not sure how it works out in the end).

    1. MidnightDragon


      That sounds amusing. 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah I know, drugs up the wazoo xD




      Also kids, don't do drugs.