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  1. Seen playthroughs of the game, not played it myself.  But I'd be all for giving it a go.  Not sure if I'd have the skill to actually finish the game, let alone do all these A rankings and what have you, but giving it a go and seeing how well I do will be good enough for me, even if I just finish the game once.


  2. Speed runs I am... okay with, I mean, like Kingdom Hearts, completing the game within 15 hours was fine, but then there's one like in God of War (the first one, not the 2018 one) where the game was suppose to be done in a set time.  So that sort of trophy... it's a hit and miss for me.


    But online trophies, no thank you.  In particular, multiplayer ones where you have to deal with humans online, those are just not my cup of tea at all (and I don't even drink tea).  So ones in fighting games where you have to win matches, nope.  Only did it once with PlayStation All Stars, and that was forever ago now.


    The only time I would really find them acceptable would be where you can just play a match or two, not worry about win or loose, you know, like getting a participation medal, I'll be fine with something like that.


  3. 17 minutes ago, AppleJinx said:

    I am pretty sure you need to deal the killing blow from the counterattack for it to count. Either way you should be able to unlock it naturally by just playing the game. 


    Also you can grab the Charm of Mizu-no-Kami from Spring Falls Shrine in Izuhara to have an easier time getting perfect parries. 

    Ah, so it doesn't matter on their health left? So long as the killing blow is said counterattack? Cause if so, that's defiantly easier to deal with, since enemies for me, die in two counterattacks, the first taking off like, half their health, or a little more over half their health.


    I do have a charm, which might be that one you're talking about, that does make parries easier to do as well, got one of those equipped.  That might be why parries are a bit easier for me to do xD


  4. In regards to this and the trophy itself, I know the killing blow needs to be from a perfect parry, however, can I do one twice if the first one wont kill them? As that's what I have been doing, pulling off a perfect parry and counterattack, they live, so I do it again, as the timing so far for them has been fine for the regular enemies (not spear dudes or larger enemies, I only have the basic one for now).


    I just ask as the trophy guide seems to be worded, at least to me anyway, in that the enemy is suppose to engage you, then you perfect parry and counterattack, and then they die, all in one go.  But I just want to make sure if that's suppose to be the case or not.


  5. 5 minutes ago, Redgrave said:

    I have had that happen a few times and I think it's because I'm overshooting it or not holding the stick down long enough. The jumping and climbing feels kind of sensitive at times but it hasn't been much of an issue.

    Yeah, so far, that's the only issue I'm having with the game.  Well that and trying to traverse small things where Jin seems to not understand it when I approach it, like little gaps, or on a little bamboo bridge thing xD


    But nice to know I'm not the only one having troubles with it.  As it was apparent when I was trying to get up to this shrine which needed climbing and jumping to trees.  Luckily the game was generous in that if I fell to my death, it would put me back on the last ledge i was on and not back at the start of the path to the shrine.


  6. A question for others in regards to the climbing aspect.  When Jin climbs and needs to leap to a branch to grab onto it, is he suppose to grab it every time? Cause sometimes I'm having the issue where he leaps for it, but he just doesn't grab onto it, which of course, causes him to fall, sometimes to his death.

    Unless of course, there's something I'm missing like, needing to hold towards the branch and hold x all the way or something like that.


  7. SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated.


    You may not think so, but Mr. Krabs wants over 100,000 shinies and just grinding out the majority of those (I had given him like, the first two lots he had needed), that took at least an hour of grinding the same spot over and over, getting like, 1k of shinies each time.  So tedious.


  8. Did you get to talk to Plankton beforehand? As in, did the little conversation with him trigger where he tells you to go and jump down and get it, where he then corrects himself to talk about bungee downing to get it?


    Cause that's how it happened for me, spoke with Plankton and he/the game asked if I wanted to pay for the clam, to which I did and got the spatula with no problems.


  9. You can even use the fast travel section to travel to specific sections of levels if need be by selecting the unearned spatula from the level selection screen.  Not sure if it's for unknown ones though.  But I used that to grab one I missed in the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, put me just a little bit in front of where the spatula would be found, so that's useful in general.


    Doesn't help for socks though I'm afraid.  But it's something regardless which might make things easier for you :)


  10. I've only obtained 2 Golden Spatulas from Mr. Krabs in terms of collecting these.  His next one he wants 9,000 of them, problem is, I've been needing to use some of my stash on clams that need like 2,000 or so of them to open up.  And according to the mission list thing, he still will want a bunch more shiny objects.


    So, what is the best way to get a lot of Shiny Objects?  Especially if Mr. Krabs wants a butt load of them by the end of his little quest line thing xD


  11. The game told me I can unlock these via the courses, but all I have right now are all these courses on the editing, computers and all that.  I figure I'm suppose to get these done for the recipe courses to show up, as I am using a chef Youtuber (or U-tuber as it is in the game).  But so far, nothing, as I completed one of the courses completely... but I think another course took its place.


    Am I correct though in that I'm suppose to do these other courses first to have these recipe courses show up?