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  1. 44 minutes ago, Arcesius said:

    The level cap is 300, it used to be 100 but it was increased twice since. 


    As far as I know, there is no cap for the individual attributes. I know that some have increased some of their stats past 150.

    Personally, my 100% file is at level 100 as it was the last trophy I got (I needed to do a fresh save for the last DLC since it glitched for me), there is absolutely no need to farm for levels. 

    Ah, thanks for that.  Was just wondering is all, but I think I'll focus more on health and damage... and then the odd arcane damage boost.  Dodging in the game for me is a little wonky at times, so dodging into an arcane attack I might not pull off all that often xD


    But yeah, was just wondering on if they had any sort of cap at least.  I mean, I know I'll aim for level 100 and that's it, not going to get to level 300 in this game.  It'll either take me this playthrough or my next one to do so, hard to say.  Still got the other 6 Sins to deal with though, but I think I'm close to one (the Watcher spoke up about the amulet anyway... but I went the other way to get back to the shop area xD ).


  2. Just wondering if the attribute levels have a max level to them? I'm mostly focusing on health and damage for Fury, but will throw in the odd arcane damage as well.  But was wondering about max levels in regards to the attributes themselves, as in, if they stop at a certain point to even it out in regards to max level (which I assume is level 100 based upon the one trophy from new game plus).


  3. Just now, Maahniac said:


    Isn't it a bit weird, that 12 of the 15 trophies are related to Aladdin, while Lion King only has 3 for completing each difficulty?

    Yeah, that's something I did notice when I saw it and thought it was rather odd.  But you never know if the trophy list will be the same or not.  I think there has been instances at times when the trophy list is a bit different to the achievement list, as in, sometimes a little more, sometimes a bit less.  Off the top of my head I can't think of examples though.


  4. A small one about this, the crows, do they have to be crows you kill for the trophy? Or will any actual distraction count? Such as spiders, bugs, rats and the likes?


    And another quick one, is there a place in the game this amount it kept track in? Was looking earlier, but found nothing, unless there's a section I'm missing somewhere.


  5. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2019/10/league-of-legends-is-coming-to-consoles-phones/


    A console version of League of Legends is dropping for consoles at some point.  The article mentions alphas and betas at the end of the year, but an actual release date doesn't seem to be apparent.  This version seems to be a little different than the console version implementing twin stick shooting as something different, with games seeming to be able to be finished in around 15-20 minutes.


  6. Fatal Frame... I believe the second one, where you're in the mansion (I tend to get the two mixed up on which is which).  I remember playing it when I was younger, game ended up being too much in the spook compartment and in turn, I just never finished off the game, spooked me far too much it did.


  7. 4 hours ago, SupakGaming said:

    The collectables have unique names! So yeah cross-check with your book in-game and PowerPyx's guide.

    Yeah, I noticed that with each one I find, which is nice.  Does help out as well, but at least the lighthouse area isn't as big, so just by looking at the locations more visually, I should be able to figure out where it is I'm missing one.


  8. Just now, ZenRhino said:


    I know Powerpyx has a collectibles guide up...check his website.


    I know there is definitely nothing in Lunas room so it's not there.


    Good luck!

    Ah, he's got a guide up? Nice, I'll check it tomorrow for sure, as I might not be awake for a whole lot longer xD


    I know most of these, or at least as many as I can I'll look for myself, then use his guide for those that I'm missing in the end :)


  9. Been all over the lighthouse, even went into Luna's little area, but this last moment I'm not sure where it could be.  Unless I was suppose to do a bit more in Luna's room, but Ash did mention that she has enough friends in there, so maybe that's all I needed to do?


    Heck, I'm not sure what else Luna's room was needed for other than to give Luna a few friends to hang out with.


    Still got other places to get done, but this one moment to find is going to bug me otherwise x.x


  10. 14 minutes ago, MidnightDragon said:

    According to their social media accounts, coming to consoles sometime this month.

    Really? Gotta keep an eye out for it then, as I liked the first game for sure, it was an amazing little indie game where the cat you play as can fly in the end by flapping his arms xD


  11. 1 hour ago, Cilbi said:

    People who don't have 100% accounts... why exactly do you care if there's a 100% you can't get without VR?

    Even though I don't have 100%s on my account (heck my percentage is just average all up), for me, it's really, as I said in my post, on if I can play with the VR side with my controller.  I have my VR set of course, but no move controllers, and I know some VR games need those controllers to play them, but some don't need them.


    If I need the move controllers, ah well, the VR stuff can then wait (I'm still going to get some... eventually x.x).


  12. The game itself seems to be rather interesting as is and the trophies look like they would just be fun to do.


    But I didn't realize that VR could be used for the game, but hopefully I don't need the move controllers and a normal controller will do.


  13. As the topic says, it's still mostly a rumor, but it seems to be more and more possible lately.  According to this website anyway: https://twistedvoxel.com/demons-souls-remaster-ps4/?fbclid=IwAR3KTg3rly61tkJvuCRTBqt9YN56ZjSa4uViCrTytxmGIaOL_jWB5v65TsM


    Apparently there was suppose to be an announcement of some sort, but that didn't seem to work out.


    So really, don't take my word for it that it is happening, but it seems like it could have happened.  So whether or not it's still suppose to be happening or not is unclear.  Hopefully they can clear things up soon enough.


  14. Yeah, sure seems like it, though Dead by Daylight might be the next one under at just over 125 trophies (it seems to have been split into another list with the Stranger Things update, trophy limit ordeal).


    But if you were talking about Driveclub only and not the Bikes extension, then my above example would technically be more.  But I did notice that Bikes has about 50 or so trophies attached to it on its own (but I've not played that myself, so I'm uncertain on how Bikes works, if you need Driveclub to play it or not).


  15. 12 hours ago, sephiroth4424 said:

    Bosses have more than one option to draw, but the GF will be always shown (it won't be ???) and i believe it's always in the bottom of the list

    Ah, thanks for that, defiantly clears up what I was wondering about in regards to that.  Was worried I just had to take a wild guess and hope I would draw it on the first go, especially for the next GF I have to obtain, Siren (at least according to the guide, that's the next one).


  16. It's mostly to do with the trophies, in particular, ones where it asks you to draw from an enemy.  Such as the next one I need to obtain, where it says to draw straight away from the boss.  Would that mean the boss only has one thing to choose from? I'm just not certain as to how it works in this sense is all.  I understand the draw function and have used it on normal enemies already, but I mean with normal enemies, there are different things you can draw from them, and the first time, it is unknown.


    So that's why I'm asking is that if the boss is suppose to have more than one option, or if it's the only thing you could draw from a boss.  Or even if you pick whichever and you would still get the GF as needed.