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  1. #121: Life is Strange: Before the Storm.  Lovely story in the end.  Wont go into details in case of those that have yet to play it.  But I think my decisions I made in the game resulted in the better way so to speak.
    I'll keep the game on my system for now, just in case I want to grab the bonus episode as well.  Haven't decided on that just yet though.

    1. AndyKazama


      My only issue with BtS is a very small one. The problem I had was playing this after LiS, so I chose options that I knew Chloe would pick based on that game. Wish I had played BtS before LiS so I could play it blind.

      P.s. the bonus episode is pretty good.

    2. DamagingRob
    3. dermarx


      Congrats :yay:

      Loved the bonus episode

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