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  1. [FF8] Got some small questions here on the game.  The limit break stuff, how do I know when that's available to activate? The game told me it's a thing, but nowhere does it show me where in battle it's available.
    Other thing, the GFs, in regards to healing them in battle, if someone is preparing to summon one, can I use a potion on them and the GF will be healed that way?

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    2. Matrim_Drasgen


      I forgot to give the info about using 'Triangle'. Thanks, Masamune. Dope-ass name by the way. 

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, that will be nice to know, as I found it weird when the game spoke up about the mode and told me about the :r1: button to us, making me think it was just with regular attacks... and then they explain it a bit more afterwards before the Fire Cavern.


      But I'll keep that in mind for whenever I do get Aura in the game.  I only had just beaten Ifrit not long ago (who was a fine fight, did it all within the 10 minute limit), where I was just really attacking, using Shiva and healing when need be.


      Still gotta get use to the game, but I think when I hit the save point, my GFs were healed... maybe? Not sure if they actually were or not (been watching YouTube is all, so haven't been back to my game yet xD ).


      But yeah, it's just that the game didn't seem to explain it too well... or that it was just out of order where it just had confused me about the limit stuff, telling me about the trigger thing, then actually explaining it afterwards.


      Thanks for the answers anyway, much appreciated :)

    4. Matrim_Drasgen


      Yea, VIII is screwy. So many different mechanics and most don't work well with each other. You can use some to their full advantage but at the expense of others.