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  1. Decided to watch Aladdin (2019), and it was better than I thought it would be, heck, the Will Smith Genie didn't really bother me in the movie.  Sure, him being blue was still weird, but the acting he was giving off, the performance in general was fine.  And the guy playing Aladdin was fun.

    1. starcrunch061


      Man, not me. I hated Will Smith's genie, mostly because it seemed like Will Smith dressed as a genie. His genie seemed far more interested in looking cool than anything else. 


      Aladdin was OK. I didn't care for Jasmine, and I really didn't care for Jafar's backstory. In fact, it was hard to tell much difference between Jasmine's and Jafar's view of ruling the sultanate. I was actually more sympathetic to Jafar, since Jasmine's only real claim to the throne was hereditary, whereas Jafar at least had risen to his position.


      It was a misfire on almost all levels for me.