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  1. [Hollow Knight] Grabbed the game today and gave it a go.  So far, it's pretty neat, tough for sure, but I'm doing okay at it.  Even made it to the first boss and gave him a go.  Got my ass handed to me, but I did get him into his second phase, so there's that.

    Gotta figure out how to heal the knight's cracked head so he can get full heals available.

    1. iGGTheEnd


      I wish I could get into this game, I played a couple boss fights and they were very fun and challenging but getting lost over and over again did me in and I ended up putting it down.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I am getting a little lost, but I think I'm going to need that compass thing from the shop.  it says it'll mark me where I am on the map.  A shame I don't have the money for it right now, gonna have to grind it out a little bit xD


      Hopefully the knight can get stronger with his attacks too, but not sure.