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  1. [AC Valhalla] Finally tracked down my first zealot in the game... and it went poorly. It was on the map near me and bugging me, so I went to fight the zealot and it turns out that the zealot was a level/power 90. So yeah, got my ass handed to me. But at least it's been discovered, so there's that.


    Also, I found a thing I need to give items to as well. I need like, 10 cow heads for a sacrifice of some sort (it was a blue icon, so a mystery to complete). I'm guessing sacrificing these things to Odin or something like that.


    The other annoying thing I have though is that whenever I collect just anything, my quests wants to update for some reason or another, even though nothing happens in there.

    1. AK-1138


      Yeah, the quest notification thing has been a bit of a problem in all the RPG lite ACs, always nagging you to set an active quest and all that. There's an option to turn it off, but it also disables the objective notification thing when you're on an active quest, meaning you'll have to consult the map screen for that information. And what you're supposed to do next isn't always obvious, either.

    2. MidnightDragon


      My PS3's current inability to stay connected to PSN more than a few minutes at a time will likely mean I won't be able to finish RDR before it goes offline...unless I figure out how to make it stop doing that. Does suck, but already pretending those are unobtainable for now.

    3. DrakeHellsing


      The one thing I hate with a passion is Ubisoft Connect. I mean, if you're signed into the internet, you pretty much have to be connected to their pointless service to even play the game. Can't even skip that phrase either. It's either sign in, or go back... to sign in again.