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  1. While I will get back to playing Dead Rising 2 some more... I decided to replay the Spyro games again, just for old times sake sort of thing.  Though I forgot how glitchy they can be at times with gems at times, not even spawning unless you exit and re enter the level.  Like in the 3rd game in Molten Crater, one gem didn't spawn from a crate (out of 3 or 4 from said crate/basket).  But reloading the level and heading back to where it where it was suppose to drop made the gem spawn.

  2. A question about this side mission. I don't have it available to me this time around (the previous round it was there, but I never went around to completing it), but this time Stacey's not giving me the info for it. Can I still go to where the shop is suppose to be located and have the event trigger so I can buy stuff from him? Just wondering that as an extra option for more zombrex if need be (in case I can't obtain any more). I've looked up on where other ones could very well be, but would like the shop as an alternative if I run low on time in the game. Edit: Okay, I headed to the store where it's suppose to be located and the looter was there, so I was still able to open up the store and head inside.
  3. [DR2] Had to skip 2 survivors right now (even though I'm not actually aiming for them all), only cause both accounts they'd need some zombrex, so getting my hands on more will be a right pain.

  4. [DR2] Looks like my damage output was a nice one, managed to defeat Brandon in one go without too much problem.  Did need to use up a milk and orange juice, but at least my damage output is better than before.  And I learned the dodge roll too, and I am so glad in this game you activate it by clicking in the left stick.

    1. DrakeHellsing


      And heck, even beating Leon wasn't so bad, took him out with a bit of time to spare before Katey's dose of Zombrex (well, time to get back to the safehouse).

  5. [DR2] Right now with the game, I do have one small complaint.  I mean it may just be me, it at least seems like it's happening to me in the game, but these zombies seem to be able to latch onto Chuck rather easily, even if he's not quite in grabbing range, yet, they'll still magnetize to him, or so it seems.
    But ah well, no big deal... I do need my dodge roll though, haven't obtained that move yet, should be getting it by level 20 I believe.


    But hey, at least I've rescued some extra survivors and so far, have not missed anyone to rescue (gonna get as many as I can anyway).  Not sure if I can kill Leon yet, or that other dude... Brandon I think his name is, the one in the casino bathroom.

    1. ResoluteRock


      Are you finding the game to be really fun? I've owned it for about a year now (picked it up on a Halloween sale) but I haven't given it a shot yet. I remember watching videos on the game when I was a kid and it looked really exciting to me

    2. DrakeHellsing


      So far I am.  On the PS3 version, I got up to... I think a little further than where I've gotten to before (a psychopath boss fight, story related).  But couldn't get past that part on the PS3, but I am going to try and get past it this time around and hopefully, be able to finish off the story :)

  6. [DR2] Not sure how I'm going to play this out.  Right now I am saving survivors as best as I can while waiting for cases to become active.  Not really worrying about the psychopaths right now, but I am trying to do my best with the PP I obtain, just to iron out my levels a bit more... just so I don't die so easily xD

  7. I believe you have to go to the cauldrons around the area and interact with them, the polyjuice thing. Orange ones I think... been a while since I've played, but I believe that is the case where you do so and can pick which character to use from there.
  8. [DR2] Decided to restart the story with my current stats.  Want to at least keep leveling up so my damage output at the very least is more easily handled, especially against these mercenaries right now (and psychopaths whenever I cross them).

  9. Saw this pop up in my YouTube recommended, even though it was posted 5 days ago. Doesn't look like there's another topic about it either.
  10. [DR2] Jumping onto the train with the bike proved to be far more annoying than need be.  Half the time the bike would land on the front wheel, causing me to do a 180 to face away from the train.  But I got there in the end... especially after deciding to reload my save from before the scene instead.

  11. [DR2] Small question I have, each time you level up, are the rewards the same? Or are they randomized? I mean, apart from the combo cards, which I assume you are suppose to obtain on specific levels.  But I mean things like what gets increased and what have you? The first level I got increased my max damage by one, which was nice.

    1. DrakeHellsing


      Hmm, turns out that is the case that every 10 levels, what you get is essentially randomnized.  Did not know that actually.  So before level 10, from what I understand, I'd have gained an extra 2 health, 2 inventory slots, 1 attack, 1 throw and 1 speed.  At least if I am to understand this chart correctly anyway.

    2. Yuna4353


      Sre you talking about online?

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Nope, cause I don't play games online as is.  But yeah, just the normal leveling up in game.

  12. I would go with FPS games off the top of my head, especially the faster paced ones like Doom... I would say Call of Duty, but I'm not familiar enough with those games to know how fast paced they can get. And I agree with others with Bullet Hell games, just looking at them alone, you can tell you need good reflexes to dodge everything on screen.
  13. And I went ahead and grabbed Dead Rising 2 for the PS4, thought I'd grab it while it's on sale, one of the ones I did enjoy playing.  Sure I still have to do more on Days Gone, but I can put that aside for a little and play the other zombie killing game for a bit xD

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Let zombiefest begin!! I dont think I can ever have enough zombie games. But I really want to see them include dual coop zombie survival more.  I think Dying Light did an amazing job with the coop option and I wish more follow suite. But it seems most devs are lazy to go that extra mile for coop.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      I've not played Dying Light in co-op, but I still had fun with that game as is.  But yeah, co-op zombie killing fun times would be, well, fun I think too.  I mean, sure, I don't really play co-op stuff and the likes, but I still have to agree with you, it would be fun I think :)

  14. From what I'm getting at, there's going to be some questions possibly answered with Luxord and Xigbar. You also get to play as Riku, Roxas and Aqua some more (possibly just in the Keyblade Graveyard area, as that's all that was really shown with them). And another form for Sora as well. But not much else really just yet.
  15. I've had lag and even the game freeze up twice... but only for a moment while on the bike. But nothing major for me. Game did glitch out on me with a nest which I destroyed, but the game didn't count. Luckily reloading my save fixed that issue. But really, nothing horrible so far, no crashes, just the long loading time at the start and at least twice where it froze up while on the bike.
  16. [Days Gone] Man, game decided to glitch on me.  I had destroyed a nest and got into this Nero Checkpoint (the two were in the same area), but the game decided that it would be funny to not count the destroyed nest as destroyed, so it was still on my map even though I had destroyed it.  Reloaded my previous save and got it to work as intended (and run from a damn Horde while I'm at it xD ).

  17. [Days Gone] Close to the 100 stealth kills now, about 6 to go.  But looting corpses is annoying at times, especially when a few of them hold rags, sterilizers and bandages and you can't really use your bandages up unless you're hurt, so if you're not hurt and are at max bandages, can't make any more of them and in turn, can't pick up those items.

    The skill I'm working towards grabbing next is increasing inventory capacity for items (I think I need to get one more skill to unlock the next section where said skill is located in).

    But even so, I think I've done well with progress towards that trophy, I believe I'm close to half way for it.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Yeah that sounds like it could be annoying, but god I remember games/mmos were you have to individually choose what to loot before the loot all button. Now those days were annoying as fk. Thank god those days are over, haha.

  18. Man, it's amusing reading all these disputes to see how each dispute is handled, mostly from the one who's disputing and how they behave in the threads in particular.  I mean you get ones who are nice and all that, accepting their fate whether it be their own fault or something out of their control.

    Then you get those that snap back and throw around insults, which don't help their cases, those are probably the real fun ones to read through.


    But I wont lie, I do like those that get resolved from being wrongfully flagged, they're rare, which makes them that much more nicer to read.

    1. MomentsInTime


      Cheaters don't usually like to be found out, so they'll make up any number of excuses and stick to them as fact. It is funny to watch though, you're right. Especially the deeper they go with their lies.

  19. [Days Gone] Made some progress, did at least one thing in the game I was after (heck, a mission sent me in the general area so I could do two things at once).  Then did two other side missions and yeah.  So bit by bit I am making some progress in the game.  Probably will play more of it tomorrow though.

  20. Was looking at the PSN store yesterday, well, the webstore anyway, to get an idea on a price of a game.  Dead Rising 2, was curious on how much it is, saw that it's on sale right now until the 27th.

    May try and pick that up sometime and play through that.  I've done so before on the PS3, but not finished it (got up to those two female assistant girls, couldn't beat them last time I tried).  But I've still enjoyed the game and just getting it for the PS4 might be the better option.

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    2. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      Well then go for it! I heard Dead Rising are great games, hope you enjoy it :)

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I've enjoyed DR2 on the PS3 as is, but I think I'll wait just a bit (there's time before the price off is done ^^), still playing through Days Gone after all :)


      But yeah, speaking of those DR games, I actually tried playing the first one... it was frustrating, mostly because of that dodge roll that Frank gets where it's tied to the left stick itself, so when I would be moving along, more often than not, he'd roll forwards, making it very hard to play the game.  Could not keep playing the game because of that.

    4. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      Hah good to know about the movement problems, I haven't played any of the Dead Rising games, but I am glad they have come to PlayStation instead of Xbox exclusives.


      Ooo enjoy Days Gone!

  21. Ah call scammers, such an amusing type of people they are.  Been having them call every so often, but it's usually been when they say they're from Spark (internet company over here), when it's clear that they're not.  Just had probably the worst attempt of a call happen.

    Lady on the other end (might have been a pre-recorded message), but man, she spoke with the most unenthusiastic tone and robotic-like tone there was.  She wasn't even trying to sell their scam.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I've gotten 2 email threat scams in the last 2 weeks that I must pay up to this "link" with $1800 of bitcoin or I will be exposed all over the internet becasue "they" recorded me masturbating using RAT hacks to my webcam which I dont even have...I do worry a little as they "proved" I got hacked by showing me a password, that I used. Unfortunately I used that password for a lot of sites, so its hard to say which site leaked it. Thxs to it I had changed every single use of that password.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      I've had a sort of similar scam email, though it was more that they found an old password (which they were correct, but it was my old email password, changed it since then... since before then actually), and it said something about bitcoins or something.  I don't know, I wasn't really paying much attention to the email xD


      But really, scam emails are an interesting thing as well.  I've had ones for Apple show up, never opened them of course, as I could tell the email address on its own was not even Apple related (generic email address instead), but the sender was "Apple" so to speak.  But I know that's a good old fashioned scam as I've not used an Apple products in quite sometime (if I did, I've no idea how long it would have been... too long at the very least xD ).

    3. TugaSonic


      Whenever I hear about Spam email the first thing that comes to my mind is this:




  22. [Days Gone] Hmm, had a trophy pop up in the middle of a cutscene, which isn't weird when you think about it.  Problem is, the trophy image wasn't there (default trophy icon instead), and the screenshot was apparently taken a few minutes ago before having left the location in question and a bit of riding.

    Very strange indeed, but ah well, no big deal there.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah I know, I think it's happened to me rather rarely.  But it was very weird when I checked and the image was a few minutes ago xD

    3. eigen-space


      I have the generic trophy image thing happen to me on an infrequent basis. I've also had it where if I check the trophy list, it'll say I earned it but won't immediately post the screenshot or show the trophy image.

      Never had a problem with a trophy popping more than a few seconds after earning it, though... and never had wrong timestamps (at least not that I've noticed).

      Definitely gives me a minor panic attack sometimes though 😂

    4. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, the one I earned was a story related one, but I didn't realize when it was going to unlock (had forgotten about it actually until I had earned it).  But when I had earned it still makes sense regardless.  But hey, at least it unlocked, would suck if it had not unlocked and instead, unlocked at a later date x.x


      And yeah, had it before with the list thing too.  Or even in my case, earning one trophy, then I check my list, another pops up as well xD

  23. [Days Gone] I swear the game got rid of my spiked baseball bat I had on me.  I know it didn't break either, that's for sure... a bit annoying when zombies are coming up on you and you go to use it, only to use the knife instead.

    But hey, the game finally told me about Hordes... but yeah, I am not dealing with them right now, not unless the game actually asks me to.

  24. [Days Gone] Yeah, I'm going to have to leave Hordes be until later on.  Tried to deal with one in the game (well, I wasn't going to, but the game kinda made me do so, not story related).  Was at a Nero Checkpoint, went in, got the injector... and the nearby Horde came in, so I tried to fend them off, could not do so.

    Luckily when the game reloaded after getting the injector, the Horde was not around, so I could grab the intel and leave in peace.


    Very much still enjoying the game.

    1. Anxiety


      When you get the Tommy Gun, you will completely destroy hordes :)   

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, that would be nice for sure :D