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  1. Gonna be starting the DLC soon (once it finishes downloading in about 30 minutes), but looking at the guide, it says there are buggy trophies in the game. Was looking at the patch notes, but there's nothing on fixes for the trophies. So I was wondering for those that have done so lately, did said trophies glitch on you or not? Especially for killing those three targets by the looks of it, the guide saying you should try and assassinate them with the hidden blade (while I do prefer the head on approach with things ). So I hope I can kill them however I want and still get the trophy, as well as of course, finishing the quests and get the trophies for those too.
  2. So, for those that have played this, how hard we talking about here? Anything missable? I must know for next week myself
  3. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/12/06/become-jesus-in-the-new-game-i-am-jesus-christ?sf113841221=1&fbclid=IwAR3njTrSjvuCXansgngkhgjkpMMwFu5Ne_9_f5-BPtwI8meiXfd-qz8Y7QQ According to this, it a game that's only coming to Steam sadly, but I figured it'll be interesting to share here to see what others think on such a thing. I personally am surprised that we haven't seen as many biblical games like this (not counting all the... not good ones, like the Bible Games games that AVGN has covered), as this one actually looks good. A shame it's not coming to consoles though. I mean maybe much later on down the track, you never know.
  4. From what I'm getting at, there's going to be some questions possibly answered with Luxord and Xigbar. You also get to play as Riku, Roxas and Aqua some more (possibly just in the Keyblade Graveyard area, as that's all that was really shown with them). And another form for Sora as well. But not much else really just yet.
  5. Played a bit of Ancestors yesterday, which I still found to be interesting.  I did look up some tips on the game, just for things that weren't as explained to me, mostly the whole, mating ordeal to get tiny monkeys, since I need them to be able to get more abilities in the game (well, to obtain them, not just unlock them).


    I think my main complaint for the game right now is the UI so to speak.  Just as an example, I was stuck at first on how I was suppose to make a nesting ground/place to sleep, making me wish there was some sort of menu that would at least show me how it was done, as in, which materials I needed (I did figure such a thing out in the end).

  6. There are trophies for the game up by the looks of it from Exophase: https://www.exophase.com/game/untitled-goose-game-psn/trophies/ Haven't looked into when this goose is coming though, probably next week is my guess, or the week after.
  7. [Ancestors] So far, despite reviews and all that, I am enjoying the game at the moment.  Already had my monkey die... from falling too high.  He hit the branch by falling on his back and ended up perishing.  That for some reason, just made me laugh though xD

  8. Huh, did not realize Big Pharma is out this week.  I wanted to grab it, but it's awkward for me in regards to money right now.  Bought two more Christmas presents, so I wouldn't be able to grab that game this week with the price it is.  Will have to grab it later on though, as it still seems to be rather interesting (not played it on the PC, so not sure how it works out in the end).

    1. MidnightDragon


      That sounds amusing. 

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah I know, drugs up the wazoo xD




      Also kids, don't do drugs.

  9. Images make sense for this game, all based upon the image from the movie. But the image I don't like is the game image, you know, that nothing but static thing. It does not look good.
  10. It is a shame about the trophies, as they all seem to be just story related in general. But I was looking forward to the game as is, looks interesting to me still. But it sure does sound like there's not a whole lot to do in terms of other stuff in the game then, if we're going by the trophies.
  11. Yes, the game that was on the Xbox One is coming to PS4 on December 3rd, according to this post from IGN: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/19/blair-witch-announced-for-playstation-4?sf112741457=1&fbclid=IwAR3vF2S7V-wpPnC57y2OBIZuU1EtcU1yER1uQtOaAPqtGFXz44E-5x9g5Vk And guess what? You can customize Bullet the dog. But it's nice to know that this game is coming to the PS4 in the end.
  12. And it looks like it's not out over here in NZ either, as I checked but nothing on that part. It's possible it may come a bit later, as I believe that's the case for Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion game, as that's suppose to be out in the EU territories later on sometime.
  13. Huh, the pre-download for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, thought the file size would be bigger than that.  Only about 5GB, not counting any day 1 patches they might add in on Friday.

  14. Much like me, since I don't own a Switch myself (too expensive for me to get one). And what's more, I've not watched people play it, since I want to experience this sort of honkingness myself
  15. Man, I wish at some point that Dark Souls Remastered would go on sale, only because I would like to have a proper go of it at some point for sure, especially with some experience in DS3 and Bloodborne.


    Speaking of which, I should get back to them sometime, but the disc drive on my PS4 still likes to be weird, so not sure if I should use it as such.  Don't want to be doing well in one of those games and all of a sudden, the PS4 spits the disc out x.x

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Annoying thing is, Dark Souls 2 on the store is about $35 (the whole, PlayStation Hits price that all but Fallout 4 seem to follow).  Which I would like to play eventually, but would like to get Dark Souls Remastered beforehand.

      But ah well, I'm not fussed in the end, I'll get it eventually :)

    3. LegacyJKO09


      yeah i 100% SW Jedi. and i want Uncharted lost legacy which is selling for $10, and i want Days Gone again, but kinda dont also, as well I want Nino Kuni remastered. 


      but... ill probably just settle for Uncharted and then bank the $. Starting Cold Steel 3 and that may take me a few weeks.

    4. ZoutjeNL


      Definitely worth it! A great game which I picked up for about 20 euros (physical). Keep your eye out for a deal and you should be able to grab it around the same price. 

  16. Ah, thanks for that
  17. With the first four games coming, it does also make me wonder if Sister Location is going to come to consoles as well. But like 3 and 4, this seems to be following the same suit, get through the game, then do the hard custom night thing you can do. Would have been cool if all 4 were in one list with a platinum at the end of the tunnel.
  18. Hopefully the trophy list for "Where the Water Tastes Like Wine" gets uploaded to the servers soon.  Going to be annoying getting the trophies int he game without being able to sync them.  Got a trophy as is, so I could view the list now.  It does have a platinum.  Gonna take some time with how your character walks along with no run option.  But yet, it suits the game in general.

  19. Just went ahead and put the pre-order down for Ancestors.  So the game will do the download thing next Wednesday, so a week's time.  But I have been looking forward to that game for a while.  The game had piqued my interest back when it was first announced.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hope you enjoy it

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I hope so too.  I mean, the trailer on the store for the game shows off gameplay in it and it does seem very interesting for sure.  So I hope it is a good game in the end.

      But hey, it wasn't a full priced one, so that was a nice plus for me, almost half the price of a full game (full games here rang from $100-$120, and this one was a little over $60, so that was nice).

  20. No wonder I can't find it, for some reason or another, it's one word and not two words? As whenever I type in "Lost Ember" into the search function, that does not show up at all.
  21. In about 2 weeks, Ancestors comes out, been looking forward to that game ever since I first heard about it.  Looks very interesting and I know it's been out on PC at the very least for a bit, but I'd rather get that on console.  My laptop wouldn't be able to run a game like that too well I don't think.

    So I might put down the money for it next week.

  22. https://www.exophase.com/game/lostember-psn/trophies/ Looks like the game is out and Exophase has the list, but I went to search here, list doesn't seem to be up on here. I mean come on, there's a Keanu Reeves related platinum for the game
  23. I did read that these games were coming to the PS4 at some point, so it's nice to see at least 3 and 4 coming. A shame there's no platinum, but I guess there's not much in terms of trophies you could do with these games other than, just get through each night. But I believe that 20/20/20/20 mode is suppose to be very difficult. At least that's the assumption, since I understand that it is suppose to be the hardest you can make the game.
  24. [Reverie] Beat the game last night, so today sometime I'll get through that bonus dungeon.  I don't recall what the dungeon was like, but I know it was a tough one to get through.  But that's really all that's left to do in the game (well that and grab the cloak afterwards once I get the last feather within said dungeon).

    1. hugglebunn-e


      Need to play this sometime. I have the physical from Playasia. Graphic wise it reminds me of earthbound.

  25. On here: Smolder, cause that one look she gives off in that episode before the whole, "wearing a dress and having tea" ordeal is just amusing to me. ON PSN: Kit Kat from Cat Quest 1 and 2. I love her design as is, it's just adorable. And those two games are pretty awesome as is (even if I have yet to finish off the second game).