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  1. I get the same all I do is switch back to TV, and then select my HDMI that my PS4 is hooked up to and that fixes it.
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  3. Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Madden for me.
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  6. Welcome to the site. I am you are still a get off my lawn!
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  9. Bioshock Infinite. The story and interaction of Booker/Elizabeth was great...but the rest of the characters were flat. The gameplay was terrible, it was straight out of 2007...go into area...kill bad guys...get thing you were after...backtrack...kill more bad guys the same way...for levels and levels and levels. And, really, nothing prepared you for the terrible end battle. AC series...I just couldn't get into it...I tried...several times...but couldn't enjoy it
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  12. Welcome from a Canadian...always good to see another member of the Commonwealth here!
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