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  1. Disagree. I gotta agree with you @PViddy
  2. I can definitely say this is NOT an easy platinum. It requires quite a bit of skill.
  3. One final question. Why is it okay to break one rule, but not another? Seems kind of contradictory. Plus, you are not a criminal until proven guilty in a curt of law. Now, I know that is Australian Law.
  4. They haven't publicly. But Game developers haven't bought it up either. And no. Not yet, but this is possibly in the works
  5. But you do that with physical and it's a-okay? That bring up pre-owned games too. But you know what? You're right. Fuck Sony and their ability to let us save money. How dare they let us Share stuff with our family! What kind of law-breaking scum of a company are they...
  6. I highly doubt Sony would advertise such thing if it were against the law. Moreover, are you saying that if you go halvies with your mate, that's breaking the law too? since both of you will play it?
  7. Wait...... Wait wait wait. Does that mean that anyone who has access to the PS4 that my account is activated on is breaking the law cause they didn't buy it?
  8. Sure. So why does it change if it's digital or physical? Reps from Sony have LITERALLY SAID you can give your activation to FAMILY OR FRIENDS to play games together.
  9. It breaks copyright law, does it? I guess me lending a physical game to a friend breaks that law too. Moreover, Sony wouldn't allow you to play your games on more than one console if it broke the law, would they?
  10. I hardly see how? It's not like Game sharing is against the Terms of Service.
  11. I'm sure there are some... You just have to look hard enough
  12. Omg almost 2k games and 54% completion! You have my respect. Can we be friends?
  13. John "Soap" McTavish He is a boss.
  14. He wasn't saying that it was wrong? He was asking how he was doing it. Root Letter can be bought physically.