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  1. Does anyone know if winning Sweet Theives counts towards Qualifications?
  2. This doesn't count as race wins. Only episode wins.
  3. Hey everyone, Just wanting to know - if my squad gets 1st place, but I'm not 1st across the line, does this count toward Track Star even though it shows 1st place medal for my squad? Or do I need to make sure I'm 1st across the line regardless? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the update man!
  5. Oh good. Fantastic
  6. I still haven't gotten the 100% on this game on PS4 due to the stupid gold body and helmet trophy... When I get that... eventually(?). I will autopop this.
  7. Yeah, but it sucks here as I (or we) all thought Fall Guys was safe because of how popular it still is so it wasn't a top priority. It just sucks now that we have to rush to do it before the new one is all we can play and maybe not even get all trophies required...
  8. Incorrect. It's a new SKU, so it needs to have another trophy list. Similar to how games like Adam's Venture and Sherlock Holmes have OR trophy lists and RR trophy lists. This is the same thing.
  9. I have a questions when it comes to Save Transferring through regions. Reason being, if I have a US copy of the Uncharted: LoT but an EU (Australian) save file of Uncharted 4, will I be able to save transfer? Or is it like Sound Shapes where it transfers between region?
  10. This is a game LITERALLY built for couch co-op
  11. Funny... Coulda swore this was in the other thread of potential solutions 100% agree
  12. I mean, from my experience on this website, it's more accurate than not. I have been on this site for going on 8 years. Sly was a lot more hands on with dealing with community issues back then. However, in the past few years at least, if feels like it it's entirely up to chance whether he wants to listen to us or not.
  13. Holy shit. How the fuck does this dev think that this pile of shit is worth $75.95AUD.... I want whatever they're on.
  14. Sure but like... what the fuck is this? There is no audio in this game other than a massive bang which gave me a heart attack the first time I heard it and also Text-To-Speech saying what item you picked up. This game looks awful and I don't even want to know what the original game looks like if this is considered a remaster.