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  1. And everyone went to Sony because what? Let me lay it out like this: 1. The mod team approved it, meaning you are able to do it without getting removed off the LB. 2. The Email app has been part of thr PS Vita system's OFW since its launch, this isn't a 3rd party app 3. You still have to buy the games. I could understand if it was like the R4 card for the DS, but it's not, you still pay money to buy the games.
  2. They say that cause you technically aren't meant to have alt accounts. But nearly every trophy hunter has at least one!
  3. How were your timestamps messed up? Just given different times or something?
  4. No, Grey. Inflict you are correct in the fact that the vita version of this game is hot garbage The trick has absolutely NOTHING to do with the frame rate issues you get. You would only get framerate issues if you were streaming the game and we all know that isn't the case here. Has anyone experienced this yet?
  5. So do you have to restore your vita after each time you sync to your main profile? Or after you sync the game to your main, you're good to go on the next?
  6. Ill try it when I'm home from uni and im not using a hotspot. And you can sync multiple games or no?
  7. Nope. it brings me to a screen saying: Thank you, [Alt name here]! Welcome to the Vast Playstation Network community (etc.) Furthermore, i do the disable wifi and all but I can't get to the sign in, it errors out
  8. How did you get the email thing to work? I cannot seem to get the sign in screen >:(
  9. So you have to use the PSV email app? Cause I can't send or receive emails with it cause of error C2-14389-5
  10. I just want the Taco Master platinum
  11. Hey guys, I was just wondering how long it takes for performances to show up under the "Me" tab. Cause I have 16/16 PUBLIC performances uploaded, but can't take any down to upload the remaining 4 due to them apparently not being there. Is there any fix or way to get them to appear? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  12. I have the same glitch lol Any chance on fixing this?
  13. Surely hackers would have some pretty obvious stuff on their profile, they always do.