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  1. Regardless, we have a pretty good idea of what will happen due to these things being in the "What constitutes a flag" thread
  2. I know. Using "hacked" as a broad term here. I'll rephrase though. OP: You have two games that you have admitted to using a modified save file and one where someone has used a mod menu to pop trophies. You're off the LB I say.
  3. You've got 3 hacked games which you admit to. You're off the LB I'd say
  4. Import the photo into photoshop and look at the photo with the checkerboard overlay. If you're claim is correct the checkerboard won't line up with the rest of the image. Tell me how that goes for you.
  5. Not to mention trophies are buggy as fuck. I decided since I paid $30 to play the game. My first 2 games were lost yet at the end of my second game I got the trophy for winning 5 rounds as a reaper? That makes no sense??
  6. no. It's a paid for title for $20USD. However if you live in Oceania DON'T BUY!!!! I have no idea who's fantastic idea it would be to release the game over here with no servers and forcing us to play on 100+ms ping servers. Should not have been sold over here or at least some warnings on the storefront page!
  7. Not quite. A user who has waited 10+ years to sync a game with online and a looong online at that, where the servers have shut and no proof. I think there is a need to be suspicious there. As I said, it should be a case by case basis. Ultimately I don't think there should be a "sync time limit" - but if it were to be implemented, that's how I'd want it done. Case by case.
  8. I did a boost on my Dad's PS3 (we have 3 in my house) and I earned 1-2 trophies up there and forgot to sync (or maybe didn't see the trophies pop) it at the end of a long boost session (I believe maybe NFS or something, I don't remember the game... Anyway, fast forward a year and a half later when I played another game on his PS3 because my PS3 was being used for netflix, I sync a few more trophies from the current game I was playing and the game I boosted appeared next to the current game I was playing. Shit happens. A one-size fits all situation just isn't going to work.
  9. The solution is pretty obvious... If something is BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT (eg. Syncing something 10+ years late with Resistance 2)... sure, go ahead and flag them. But a year, 2 years, hell, 3 years? Leave them alone. The community seems pretty set on what they want. They don't want time restrictions.
  10. No, that won't work. What about people who don't realise they earned a trophy on their alt PS3 cause they were out of the room or something (in terms of boosting for example). And if they have their PS+ set to automatically sync trophies on ANOTHER PS3, then it won't auto sync a second PS3. I know you're trying to help, but that won't work. A lot of legit people will get forced off the LB. Sure syncing a game from 10 years ago is a bit how ya going but a few months, its not even in the same league.
  11. You may have mis-read, and that's fine, but what I meant was the trophies/ games sync when you boot them up & are signed into PSN. So if you don't sign in when on the XMB before booting up the game, it won't sync. I was just saying unless you have auto-sign in turned on, most people don't sign in on the XMB unless they're going to play MP. I intentionally left KZ2 unsynced for 3 weeks during this because I was worried about not getting Grand Valour Cross. That's why I don't agree with the whole late syncing thing.
  12. Not quite. All it takes to not have a game auto-sync to your account is to not go into a game signed into PSN. If you don't have Auto-sign in turned on then it's not going to auto-sync. It is a VERY poor reason to have someone be flagged for late syncing though. I believe (especially since we have had PS4 auto-syncing for years now), some of us forget to sync and don't sync until months later, ESPECIALLY when it's another PS3 system we don't use often (like an alt PS3). I know you said you're lifting it, however, it's wrong and sets a bad precedent to say late syncs by a few months or even a little longer are flag worthy (like this flag - it should've never have been approved). That's not the same issue though.
  13. What the OP said about All 4 One and LBP Karting is correct. Also, checked the trophies and they also check out. These two games I can confirm are clean. And from the looks of other comments, his Dante's Inferno is also clean.
  14. Good to know 😂 OT: Hopefully now that this has more eyes on it, @ikemenzi can have his profile restored and everyone will be able to see his accomplishments
  15. Oh Lord. Here we go...