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  1. DOA is broken at the moment. Crashes everytime. Gotta wait for a patch to fix it.
  2. Hey everyone, So I was just wondering can you save transfer from PS5 to PS4? Or is it only PS4 > PS5? I'd assume it's like Sound Shapes, where you can save from any version and continue playing on the other, or is it only one way like Minecraft PS3 > Vita/PS4? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  3. This is quite easy to do on defence when in a team. Make sure you have bulletproof cameras, evil eye's etc. Then when you're the last alive make sure they're yellow pinging enemies and you can just wallbang them and get the kill. It's crazy to me how you went through the whole game without getting 10 penetration kills
  4. Shut the fuck up. Until you play it and experience it, your input here is not wanted.
  5. You should be a comedian with those types of jokes.
  6. Looks like a fun list and we'll most likely unlock everything on your way to 100% It's possible that it's like TLOU and TLOU Part II where to unlock all skills will only be unlocked via NG+ as there isn't enough skill points.
  7. And this is why we should've had the level cap raised rather than just reshuffled.
  8. There was only 1 level where you needed pretty consistently good spawns to be able to complete (the 63 second DM level). But apart from that, it's not horrible. Some RNG, some skill. Easy.
  9. Skippycue seems to have things sorted, maybe find out how he did it.
  10. But ALL trophy tracking website have solved this issue but PSNP? Not to mention they all had the same issue at the same time? And it's not like something can't be done - as it was done last time.
  11. I agree. How dare we give him unequal treatment and allow him to update his profile. He should be held to the same as everyone else... which is being able to update our profiles... That's some flawed logic Davey boy.
  12. You and me both mate. Hopefully the patch gets approved sooner rather than later.
  13. Okay in that case have you changed your consoles language to english if it's not already? I know it sounds strange, but that might help. Moreover, if that doesn't work, I would recommend redownloading and reinstalling siege and see if that works instead. Best of luck.
  14. That's not true. I got this trophy a couple of days ago. i just went in with Blackbeard I believe. Laid a breach charge on a soft floor and blew it up. This popped the trophy instantly. @OathToOblivion01 have you tried going into ranked and doing it? You may have more luck there.