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  1. Got my trophies and gtfo. Done that 6x with this game cause imho, it was pretty boring... At least it was short.
  2. So haven't played anything for a few days and decided to play some Blackout. But in 2 games, the game hard crashes halfway through (power button won't work, won't respond to controller etc) and on the third game I didn't even land in the pre-game. But this isn't the first time I have had Blackout crash on me. Normally, I'd just reboot the game and be fine, however this seems to have not worked this time around (I even rebooted the console.) Anyone got any ideas on how to fix the problem so I can actually get through a match or even stop the crashing completely? It seems like Activision know about the error and are saying general things like clean corrupted data, make sure your system firmware is up to date etc. which I have done. Any ideas??
  3. Two badge trophies and plat. Easy as that. Reports have gone through for infamous having 100% blast shards and 50% blast shards flagged and the plat.
  4. He said his/her ethernet port broke, hence why he/she bought a new console
  5. Cheers mate
  6. Game gets a whole less laggy when you put your vita on airplane mode and download the patch to remove ink. I actually did the game 6 times (3 Vita, 3 PS4) and I believe it took me an average of 2 hours each vita version. Edit: Got all PS4 versions done in about 30 minutes
  7. What store is it released on? I can only find the demos available? I checked both the Australian store and the Canadian store.
  8. Yeah man, I have no idea how this whole process goes even though I have been flagged twice. @MMDE can confirm this. The timestamps are impossible true, but did you read the rest of me response? His reason sounds legitimate. How are you meant to sync when the Ethernet port dies and not everyone has WiFi. I know I didn't until about 2015. The flag may stay, I don't think it's the right call but hey that's just me. What I DID mean by my comment though was these trophies were definitely not hacked. Moreover, not like he had a chance to delete his profile either.
  9. If he remains flagged that's ridiculous. It's 4 bronze trophies and the OP's reason is definitely plausible. I personally think this one should be lifted.
  10. Sign me up please.
  11. Just checked and they are still up. However, I can only assume everyone have a matter of a few hours left, if that...
  12. Turns out auto wouldnt pick teddy unless I was playing on Normal... Got it now though
  13. This isn't the first time a game has saved MP stats locally. First game that comes to mind is Enemy Front for PS3. I believe this happened for Crysis 2 as well.
  14. I'm done!! I went through one guitar but It's done! The mixer helped me out A LOT but this also busted one of my guitars. Luckily a guy in the next suburb was selling two which I was able to pick up and do my final ~270k which I did today. Thank fuck that's over
  15. Incorrect. If you read the rules for what constitues a flag, dev menus ARE NOT FLAGGABLE. So in this case, no, there is nothing wrong here. Plus it IS available to all of us, it's just that we don't all know how to access the dev menu. Bit it's in the game.