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  1. I followed the same guide both times I did the game.
  2. Awesome. Cheers!
  3. Will there be an Asian PS4 version?
  4. He is YOUR friend - apparently. Why don't YOU ask him. Narrow mindedness? Judgmental character? Mate, do some research. No one has been able to unlock the trophy for 6 fucking years. 6 YEARS! So he is not "narrow minded" or "judgmental", @EdinhoN is realistic. So if this "mate" of yours knows how to unlock the trophy, why don't you get him to tell you so you can tell us, or better yet, get HIM to tell us.
  5. I can answer this. Yes! You can do online trophies. I have only used it in the Manga game where you need to upload a creation to a Japanese server, but I can say it uploaded perfectly! As long as you don't have the trophies app open you should be fine You can do it with any game, as long as the Wi-Fi remains off. I know for Unit 13 the game only requires you to play online for a short period of time. I would go for one online trophy, get that, turn Wi-Fi off before going for the next.
  6. Yeah. He was joking. Me and @mrzizichare friends 😂
  7. Looks to me that the servers shutdown on the 22nd of June according to that shutdown page. Can anyone confirm otherwise?
  8. I think what @chellesan was saying was they think CN and ENG will be released at the same time.
  9. You know it's just a character's design? Not meant to be "FUCK BOYS! LOOK AT HER TITS!" Hating a game because of that being a reason is kind of like hating doughnuts because they have a hole in the centre and not because of the taste. For someone who claims to enjoy thr story of 'good games', this isn't a very good attitude to have. Although, it explains your profile.
  10. The story is on par with The Last of Us in my opinion.
  11. When searching for JP games, you'll need to sometimes search for the game in Japanese.
  12. No we can import it... or get it digitally.
  13. Nope. You can do multiple sync's per trophy list. But if you want to be on the safe side, do 1 per trophy list.
  14. This is the guide:忍び、恋うつつ-雪月花恋絵巻/ Don't know if it plays different though.