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  1. I agree man. And maybe the words I chose really don't articulate what I meant to say. But you definitely are right in what you say. It doesn't get me any closer. If anything, it holds my position.
  2. Lmfao 😂 Let's break your comment down, shall we? First of all, one of the most hypocritical people you've seen? Highly doubt that buddy. After all, what was I saying? The less stacks of a Ratailaika published game the better? Not saying I wouldn't play it, nor was I acting like I was on a high horse and telling people not to play it. Secondly, yeah, my profile is full of that garbage. I play for ranking. I get not everyone does and everyone's journey earning trophies is different; but that's my aim, to go for the top. To do that, I play these games to get that one step closer. So your point is invalid. Additionally, yes... I have all Access Denied platinum's as milestones. Not only is that a joke I had with a community of people, it was also a big "Fuck you" to an ex-friend that reported me for non-hacked games. So as a conclusion, I will say whatever I damn well please about stacks because that's how I feel. And as I said, I would play them, not out of enjoyment, but as a means to an end. Also, don't assume next time. 100% agree with all of you. It is absolutely out of control.
  3. I have currently completed 0, just own them all. Checkmate
  4. No. Definitely not.
  5. That is not good. The less stacks the better. That is not good. The less stacks the better. By the way, are you making a guide for this game too?
  6. Most Likely. It is Ratalaika after all.
  7. Yeah, that's not getting lifted. You pretty much unlocked near all of your trophies for spec ops reversed. Star 69 was one of the FIRST trophies for Spec Ops you got... smh
  8. Thanks for this Gage. Will be sure to pick this one up.
  9. Just regularly sing this song?
  10. Thank you for this very informative trophy guide.
  11. The glitch is present on the NA version too. So looks like the wrong build was given to Sony for both NA and EU.
  12. It's always something with a COD game.... lmao
  13. This is what I used and I had no problems. Thanks for the guide RD
  14. *sigh* oh well. 20 minute platinum incoming.
  15. I asked them in this tweet and they responded that it's coming out soon. Edit: Looks like it's coming out on the 29th