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  1. Oh I am so fucking ready. Now they just need to get Republic Commando over to the PS4 and I can die happily Edit: and KotOR. We're not gonna get the OG Battlefront 2, so no point wishing that could happen.
  2. This version is a bit shorter. Here is a guide:
  3. This isn't specifically a one person operation. So HE might not have used the software and done it, but someone ELSE may have on his account. Moreover, the point of my post was its not crazy to think someone has a program that costs $60 if they have cheated before. It could've been a mistake, but there is no evidence between any of them to say he hasn't used it.
  4. He has a game already hacked on his profile. It's not crazy to think he has been using this software for a while. I mean, who knows, maybe some games he does (or someone whom is part of his team/pays to get trophies for him) uses this software from time to time?
  5. No, he has 1 flag already. This would be his second. I don't think having any flags earns any "trust", mate.
  6. This honestly sounds like it falls under these two categories. Maybe I'm wrong, but if it CANNOT be reproduced, then surely it should stay flagged? I mean I'm not saying this is what happened but if he got the plat on another user with the same first name, last name and avatar, surely it would be in the same screenshot folder? Anyway, it seems to me he can just hide it and move on. He would still have 1 flag left, so he can get back on the boards.
  7. Uh, why would he have 44 screenshots on his own console if someone else did the game on THEIR console?
  8. You're forgetting the third option there, someone else did his game, left it 1 off plat, they moved the save file over to him and he popped the trophies. Without it being synced, it pops all trophies in 30 seconds. Its happened with team accounts in the past.
  9. Well anyway, shouldn't this be sticking as it is impossible to get this game done in 30 seconds?
  10. Was referring to the gif posted. Forgot about the initial screenshot imgur link.
  11. That could be anyone's screenshots. That doesn't prove anything. Moreover, your story about the trophies auto popping doesn't add up. Edit: sorry, it DOES add up if you used a save file.
  12. Not saying that they won't be restored for whatever reason, but it's not as easy as Potent said earlier as a "power switch flicked on at the wall."
  13. Nope. However it does have dual language: English and Japanese.
  14. It's impossible. I have never seen this "glitch" before on anyone's list...
  15. There is saved data for all games even if it's a cartridge.