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  1. Thank God we have these videos. Without them, Idk how I would've gotten the platinum. Also, @BlakkVulture2K16, wasn't your account terminated on YouTube already?
  2. Yeah, this is completely possible. I don't know who thought this flag was right, but it is definitely possible. Not only that, the trophy guides online are like 5-8 minutes as well. Also worth a mention is that the people in the top 50 fastest times are pretty much the same times but literally seconds apart.
  3. Thanks for the information mate! I'll look into the game Oh, just noticed you can play against bots. Do the trophies count when playing with bots too?
  4. Ah okay thanks! And how long is the boost?
  5. Is this game still active or is it pretty dead and able to be boosted?
  6. Even in offline mode it usually attempts to sync.
  7. Ah yes. PS3 trophy lists. I too loved to wait 45 minutes for my trophies to sync, before it fails to sync, then repeating that process to attempt to view it. That was the best trophy list.
  8. probably not 😂
  9. Ah... yes you did. You did download a save. It's evident from your last few trophies. Regardless, you'll have to hide this and move on because it's illegitimate.
  10. After 30 minutes of reaching 13, I found this and got it first shot, thanks!
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there they go. Removed from the website.
  12. Assuming it's by Sometimes You, it's not gonna be crossbuy. Their games are never crossbuy
  13. My friends rang me and woke me up. All local retailers were out. So I went on amazon and and they were on there. So I pre ordered one. So he had scalping code. Nice...
  14. I don't think that's correct. I killed a Mangler on PS4 version and got the trophy. I believe and it unlocked ONLY when you're the only one to damage it. For example, I did onslaught with one of my good friends, but, despite reaching the requirements, we couldn't unlock this trophy. So we had to go into our own solo games (online) and then we each killed a specialist zombie by ourselves and it popped for each of us.
  15. Just a heads up for everyone wanting to buy one of the visual novels on the sale, PS3Imports has text guides for every one of them, so you don't have to use a video.