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  1. No. You need JP Version
  2. Only lately? Where have you been the past 3 years
  3. It's possible. But quite hard. It was like this in the original game too. Nice to know they didn't change it.
  4. Well... no it's not. It's quite a widespread problem on Vita as of recently.
  5. Well I mean, it does say that this is a PS4 game as well so why would you buy a PS3 game?
  6. I was very surprised to see this got a plat... PS3/Vita release when
  7. uh, just so you know, there is a small error in your video. You need to be 50 to access ranked, not 30 anymore.
  8. So how long did it take to beat the game? Cause it looks like you did the speedrun first off but looks like it took you 2 hours when the world record is 3:32:27 of IN GAME time, not including the atrocious load times this game has. Can you take a photo of your speedrun save file please?
  9. So what are you thinking /10 wise for plat?
  10. Well after about 40/45 minutes of being reminded I'm a stand up kinda guy, I got the codec and my platinum in the latest version!
  11. You're right. My apologies. How could I forget that that effects trophy timestamps. Silly me! I reported him for that already Yeah no shit man. Really open and closed type of situation here haha
  12. Okay no worries. Thanks! I'll try again cause I realised after a good night's sleep it's probably easier on easy hahaha. So if i can't get it I'll have a crack at it on 1.00!
  13. Considering his About me is: "I mod games", I'd say he won't get a chance
  14. Yeah no. Straight away I can tell your WaW is hacked. You acquired the Ry Gun, Monkey Bombs and the Wonderwaffe before round 7 which maybe with INSANE luck could be possible, but not when you're opening the doors for linking the teleporters. Then 8 seconds later you survived until round 20 without buying a single perk? No that's not possible. It's cheated Not to menton Complete Semper Fi on any difficulty is unlocked 8 seconds after that (it's a completely different mode and this mission takes ~10 minutes. Then your campaign is popped all 7/8 seconds apart. Stop lying. Do I even need to check the others? Not that you needed it but +1 flag