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  1. So exactly what trophies are able to be earned here?
  2. That's all good. Was just wondering what the go was. Thanks for the update
  3. @Sly Ripper @BlindMango any updates here?
  4. No, Roughdawg is one person.
  5. I don't like this :/
  6. Hey everyone, Here is a guide for the new VR title "A Chair in a Room" this should take you 1.5-2.5 hours http://ps3imports.org/index.html/_/trophyguides/a-chair-in-a-room-greenwater-r615 There is a video in there for reference as well Enjoy
  7. What a load of shit.... surely we can get a refund on one version?
  8. Damn. So I bought ECE twice for no reason on the HK Store
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, Energy Cycle Edge (AS) wasn't cross-buy...
  10. Took me just over an hour the first time. The next 5 times it took me under 15 minutes - under 10 minutes.
  11. Practice and don't play when you're tired. Tried at 5AM in the morning and couldn't do it. Played it a couple of days later an hour after waking up and had little to no trouble with it, You keep appearing on all these threads. You're still following me after all these months on PSNP forums But you are correct, it's another Inksplosion situation
  12. My man 😁
  13. 50 hour plat I reckon.
  14. $10 really could save you all this hassle.
  15. weeeeeeeeee. Another Metagal stack to do