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  1. Well that's really shit.
  2. Anyone got any tips for the apocolypse mode? OHG doesn't give any tips for it and hasn't even gotten it himself 😅
  3. Well the thing is, with a lot of us, we have backlogs of games we want to play. And some of us, prioritise games with servers that are announced to shutdown. So without the notice of games shutting down, how are we meant to have that last chance of getting the trophies? We were assured quite a few months ago that "trophy hunters will still be able to get the trophies" and that the online situation would be worked out and we could return to playing. With promises like this from the developer, that kind of tells us that we'll be okay. Only to be slapped in the face and no warning. That's why we want this to be implemented. As I said, if the game was fixed and said "alright, 30 days until server closure." Then so be it. But no, all we're left with is servers turned off and broken promises.
  4. If they gave us notice, then we wouldn't need to bring this up. Also, they can update PS3 through the online. Since it still has a server it connects to, all you have to do is have that "server" send the commands unlock x, y, z trophies and then no need for a patch
  5. It's a shame that too, cause some of them are quite good. A friend who was a big megaman fan really liked Metagal for example. Well, that's not true actually. Why would people do stacks and regions of any game? Sure, people could do it cause they want the trophies, but enjoyment as well... for example, Modern Warfare 2 is my favourite game of all time. I have done it on multiple accounts and done the PS3 & PS4 versions as well as done it on PC multiple times. I'd buy 6 stacks of MW2 and do them all if it means I got to replay it. Maybe for some games, I do it for the trophies, but some (I'd argue, more often than not) of these games I do because I really enjoy them Different strokes for different folks.
  6. And you know that how? That holds the same weight as saying "You are deluded because you like that Dynasty Warriors crap." Do you see how condescending and stupid that sounds? I like quite a few of these "shit" games. Most platformers, which admittedly, I'm not great at, but I do enjoy being able to play them and still feel like I'm achieving something even though it's not my best genre.
  7. Hahaha yeah, that's the guide for it. Cheers for the callout
  8. Quite a few: Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops II Call of Duty: Black Ops III Destiny inFAMOUS: First Light Call of Duty: WWII Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Steins;Gate My Darling's Embrace (English) Persona Dancing Trilogy Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Australia Exclusive - Special Edition) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mafia Trilogy Remastered Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War Cyberpunk 2047 Battlefield 2042 EAS: Project Starship X Roommates Nicole Yumeutsutsu Re:Master Yumeutsutsu Re:After Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition Conga Master Task Force Kampas And in terms of consoles I have pre-ordered a PS4 (second/third shipment) and a PS5 (day one) ... So quite a bit
  9. Hey everone, Currently I'm trying to download the Nightmare on Elm Street DLC, but for some reason I am unable to add it to my cart. Is there any reason for this, or if other people are having the same issue. I'd love to know if there was a workaround too. Any ideas? Cheers
  10. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to test this yet due to the fact that my router isnt really in a potion where I can plug my PSTV into it unless I have a very, very, very long ethernet cord. I guess I could try and source one.
  11. Hi everyone, I am currently experiencing some issues syncing my trophies on my PSTV. What happens is when I attempt to sync, it shows the progress bar and instantly goes up to 80% then a second later, finishes at 100%. When I check the PSN tab, I see the last game synced on PS4. I tried before work with it not working. Then I tried after work, still not working. I tried changing my DNS to Google's DNS ( | and still noting. I have rebooted the system and made sure I can connect to the PSN Store to (which I can). Has anyone had this problem and knows a solution? Thanks.
  12. I haven't started this, so I have a question. Does this mean, you need to finish the platinum before you move onto the DLC Story?
  13. Why bother boosting the game? The game is still very active and in turn, frustrating to boost and also, the game is easy anyway.
  14. Thanks. I'll give this a shot! Cheers
  15. Is there a way to not put this on your account (keep the game at 0%) but test if it works on your account?