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  1. *sigh* oh well. 20 minute platinum incoming.
  2. I asked them in this tweet and they responded that it's coming out soon. Edit: Looks like it's coming out on the 29th
  3. Physical release is one of them
  4. Have you tried looking if you got a receipt for the game? Did you buy it on an alt account and check that email? If you have a receipt and cannot download them, go onto Sony Live Support chat. They will sort it out as long as you have a receipt number, email associated with the acc, how you paid (paypal/credit card) and a few other things. But Sony support is your best option there.
  5. That's because they won't have Spec Ops for a year.
  6. Nah. If they do add DLC, It'll be similar to the MW3 DLC, base game is just this one bronze. As for the list though, I'm disappointed there wasn't multiplayer trophies. I wanted some a "Reach max rank" and "Win x Matches of Gunfight", that would have been fantastic. But no. Here was have an 8 hour platinum by the looks of things... smh
  7. Okay, as a precaution, I want to write this post for anyone who goes through the same thing and as a future proofing precaution for myself. So, I started this game today whilst I was playing two other games (A Hakuoki PS3 VN and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier) using this guide over at PS3Imports ( Now, after the first couple of playthroughs I did a trophy check and everything was proceeding fine, so I kept going. Somewhere shortly after, I left to go walk the dog or something and my vita timed out (2 minute sleep timer) and I came back and resumed in the middle of this playthrough I was on. Fast forward a few hours and I do another trophy check, and see that my progress hasn't changed. So I closed my trophy app and restarted it, still nothing. I then groaned as I thought my last hour and a half had been wasted, but I restarted the game, and after I pressed start to access the main menu, all the trophies from my previously completed playthroughs started to pop. Luckily, I hadn't completed the game by this point - but nonetheless, it still looks suss. Now I don't know why they weren't popping at the time, but a couple of things to note: 1. I didn't hear the trophies popping since I was playing other games + had my boosting mates on discord. The game has a lot of skipping with very few choices and I usually have the Vita sound off. 2. This may have been caused by my Vita going to sleep in the middle of a playthrough. 3. I am not trying to promote anything, the guide is there to show everyone what I was using and to show the very little time you have to spend active on the game. So to anyone that is thinking of playing this VN, it is quite easy and fast, however everytime your vita goes to sleep, make sure you restart the game to avoid this happening
  8. Cellular Data is an add-on? That doesn't seem right. Hotspots have been built into mobile phones & PC's with wireless capabilities for years now...
  9. In this video, BO2 completely screws his hard drive
  10. I was just wondering, if I do the Co-Op missions and or Grim's, Kovic's or Charlie's missions, can you kill people, or is it in ALL missions that you can't kill people? Cheers
  11. So I did get the plat. What I did have to do was play the whole thing online as that would actually save my units if my games crashed (which it did about 6 times over the plat run). So if you ARE going to play this game, I recommend playing connected to wifi so you can get keep your units and scores.
  12. Fuck knows honestly man. But since writing the last post it crashed on me again, but I only lost that last run's score cause I start playing whilst connected to wifi. So you may need to play whilst connected to wi-fi to actually plat this shit heap haha
  13. Duck360... There is a name I haven't heard in years.
  14. Okay. I hate this game. The game crashed on me at 125K Units..... It reset to my last uploaded score (which was 5000 units So for everyone who is still waiting on playing this game, keep waiting , or alternatively, play ONLINE... otherwise, you might face this issue.
  15. Or at least without quitting the game
  16. This one is ONLY in English, not Japanese. First English VN? Noooooo. Not even close...
  17. You'll have to hide the game.
  18. I think we know who flagged you now @Warped_Tonttu Anyway, I haven't played the game but if he did the game again with the same delays, doesn't that prove he isn't lying?
  19. I just looked at your profile... Geez, you really like your fighters, don't you?
  20. My thoughts exactly. Depending on which cheat codes can be used, we might be in luck with a 2/10. However, if cheat codes disable difficulty trophies, it might be a 5. I cannot remember how hard this one is.
  21. Oh I am so fucking ready. Now they just need to get Republic Commando over to the PS4 and I can die happily Edit: and KotOR. We're not gonna get the OG Battlefront 2, so no point wishing that could happen.
  22. This version is a bit shorter. Here is a guide:
  23. This isn't specifically a one person operation. So HE might not have used the software and done it, but someone ELSE may have on his account. Moreover, the point of my post was its not crazy to think someone has a program that costs $60 if they have cheated before. It could've been a mistake, but there is no evidence between any of them to say he hasn't used it.
  24. He has a game already hacked on his profile. It's not crazy to think he has been using this software for a while. I mean, who knows, maybe some games he does (or someone whom is part of his team/pays to get trophies for him) uses this software from time to time?