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  1. 50 hour plat I reckon.
  2. $10 really could save you all this hassle.
  3. weeeeeeeeee. Another Metagal stack to do
  4. I didn't take it as you were attacking me, I was just using my profile as an example. What I was trying to say is in your eyes, what number of common plats = to UR trophies and because I have a fair few common plats that stack x6, I was wondering would my 400 odd UR's counteract that. What is the ratio there? 2 common pats = 2 UR's? That's more what I was trying to figure out here.
  5. Honest question then... Since my profile is trash to you, do Ultra Rares counteract that? For example, I have over 400 UR's with some of those taking over 100 hours to get. Is it still trash? How do you quantify how much trash = UR's?
  6. First it was movie tie-ins, then Visual Novels, then fast indies, now Ratalaika Games... There is always going to be a game studio or game genre that makes people hate trophies because they are too easy. This is no different. Play what you want, enjoy what you play.
  7. Energy Cycle Edge AS Just... completed this on the 16th Awesome Pea NA please.
  8. Hey guys, Here is a really easy novel that can be platted in only an hour! Have fun gaming
  9. Can't wait to move up in Australia boards once again
  10. no problems. If you do want to complete this game in another region though, Hong Kong PS4+Vita, Mainland China Vita and Japan Vita are still able to be 100%'d
  11. Hey guys, Here is another really easy visual novel trophy guide for you guys to use. Should take you around about 3 hours to complete with not many choices to make at all!シルヴァリオ-トリニティ-beyond-the-horizon-trophy-guide/ Enjoy everyone
  12. You can't get 100% on the North American version
  13. It's a Japanese mobile game, so probably not.
  14. Ahhh okay. Thanks for that! I'll make that edit. I thought it was only the Heroes in the stories section of the menu that counted (Alotie is one of those) not Heroes in the main quest line story. Again, I'll make the edit. Thanks
  15. I'm pretty sure this is based off of an Anime iirc. So maybe... maybe not.
  16. You need to be online to play the game. Why do you think this?
  17. Hey all! There is a really good guide for this game on ps3imports that will allow you to clear this game with ~6 hour timestamp Enjoy everyone
  18. Hey all! There is a really good guide for this game on ps3imports that will allow you to clear this game with ~6 hour timestamp Enjoy everyone
  19. Hello everyone! Here is a guide for this VN that should help you get the platinum easily found on This one should take ~6-7 hoursバリアブルバリケード-trophy-guide/ Have fun and enjoy your new plat guys
  20. Yeah. That guide is what I used to get my plat too. Was really well done!
  21. Join the "Where the Bees Make Honey (NA)" giveaway here on Twitter! Follow the instructions for a chance to win! 


  22. Hey guys, here is an awesome guide for this game over on ps3imports This platinum should take you around 15 minutes!フルキス-trophy-guide/ Have fun guys!