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  1. I say may not because A. There are hardly any servers with people still in them and B. Sometimes Global Warfighters can glitch on you. There are ways to unglitch it for example use a different PS3 without the Online Pass installed and start from level 1 and try get it again and there are other methods but I have a friend who is missing the 'Global Warfighters" trophy. So read my guide, and decide whether you wanna try and get it. It's always worth a shot if you've done campaign. If you haven't started it. Start it on a new account and see if it glitches up, if so... sorry mate. That PS3 won't work for the trophy, if not.... happy trophy hunting!
  2. oh boy.... ummmm...these are mainly due to loading them up when I was 12 and thinking that servers stayed up forever FIFA 10 FIFA 11 NBA 2K11 (friend started it up on my profile EA Sports FIFA FOOTBALL (not due to server closures -although the servers being empty don't help. But the fact is, is that there is one glitched trophy for everyone.) Homefront (shitty THQ) Travel bug (will never get to #1 on the global leaderboards.) ZEN Pinball PS4 (shitty, shitty game) NEXT YEAR: FIFA 13 Now games that I have a chance to get but newcomers can't/may not: Battlefield: Bad Company Medal of Honor: Warfighter FIFA Street GTA IV That's all for me
  3. Big Grinds or old games with online trophies that are about that might be unobtainable (GTA IV, FIFA 12 down....) Although I very regualary still do them it's very tedious. A few grind worthy trophies are: Wanted - GTA IV, Giant Accomplishment - Black Ops 2 (hard and grind-worthy), All of the things! - Jetpack Joyride. These are just some of the trophies I'm talking about.
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Absolutely loved this game and still do. Spec Ops was a bit annoying but when you get the hang of it and a good Co-Op partner, you will fly through it!
  5. Guys NBA 2K14 is unobtainable.. Just thought I'd let you know!!
  6. Can we get this in Australia? Or US only?
  7. Do you guys think/know if this will have Co-Op?
  8. Modern Warfare 2
  9. Guys, the servers are still up. I was playing online not so long ago..
  10. Get GTA V. It's quite an easy platinum... Someone please do mine
  11. I suggest InFamous Second Son. It's a really easy game to plat and can be completed in under two days. One if you speedran it..
  12. How the hell can you skip days!? This would, I think, encourage me to go for The Last of Us Platinum..
  13. I can get the videos to show up, but the trophy won't pop? HELP ANYONE!?
  14. Alright, just got back.. Does anyone know if anyone is still trying to boost this game?
  15. Servers are still up I have heard and there is no mention of it ever shutting down on EA's dead server list! Add me if you wanna play and get the online trophies! ID: NiTR0--X_ Don't send a blank friend request though...
  16. I'm doing a guide on it now with A solution that has worked for some not all. I will report back when the guide is finished.
  17. #22 - Minecraft Quite an easy platinum but can be a challenge at times and if you are doing it solo.
  18. I'm joking, it's actually Nigri
  19. Started having this problem yesterday. Worked fine before. Server problem, definitely...
  20. Oh yes! I forgot about this one! Currently trying to do this and 5 kms on the Vita AND PS3... It is very long and tedious.
  21. Level 100 on GTA Online. Doing it legit without any criminal records or anything... I eventually gave in and started doing the helicopter glitch. still only rank 92.. I'll get there some day!
  22. Same house, you'd think. It's like LAN I'm pretty sure... Playing on the same Network.
  23. Yep, can someone help me with this too? I'm going to do this for everyone in this post. If You need some help, send me a message and as long as you help me, I'll help you
  24. First National Bank your first score Nothing special here. You will get this within the first 5 minutes of playing NFS: Rivals
  25. Just contacted EA, I know it's late but I want this trophy. anyway he says it's Sony's side since they award the trophies to you PlayStation account. Which i think is complete bullshit because how can an online service give you a trophy if you are playing offline or maybe don't even PSN account. anyway he has "forwarded" this information on. Hopefully this solves the issue.