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  1. On 11/10/2019 at 0:56 AM, Spaz said:


    A lot of those top "trophy whores" probably can't do those hard games from the early PS3 days. The PS3/360 generation also had a lot of tacked on multiplayer with absolutely ridiculous requirements. Street Fighter IV, Battlefield: Bad Company 1, Mortal Kombat (2011), Crysis 2 are just a few examples of games that required a TON of multiplayer. Street Fighter was also extremely difficult, those trials have been the bane of countless trophy hunters. Played the fourth game on the 360, gave up because it was too hard for me.


    In the PS3 era it was more impressive to see somebody at the top of the leaderboards. Today it's just spending thousands of dollars to buy the cheapest, most pathetic piece of shit shovelware that some hack probably threw together in his garage in one weekend. The leaderboards is just a waste of time at this point.

    Lol? I think you'll find that these "trophy whores" have completed many the type of game you described. I'm not in the top 50, but I have been called a trophy whore multiple times, so I'll give a few examples from my profile:

    Just Dance 2015, Singstar (x4), Black Ops 3 (PS4), FIFA Street, Black Ops 2, ModNation Racers Roadtrip, Wipeout HD, Wipeout 2048 Crysis 2, GTA V (x2), AC Brotherhood - Shall I go on?

    I'm sure if you check the likes of Roughdawg and Hakoom, they too have completed games like this.


  2. On 11/12/2019 at 6:34 PM, maormaor13 said:


    Play asia disc is also 17186.


    Let me put it this way:

    1) CUSA 17186 is the one in EU psn stores and discs around the world.


    2) CUSA 17159 is the one in NA psn store, don't know if there is a disc for it.

    I did the US version and it was off of the NA store :)


  3. On 13/12/2019 at 7:08 AM, Vytautas20 said:


    no, they have better initial prices than other shops. Discounts are different, but they have a lot of sales

    Must be changed then. Because I remember a few years ago buying from Play-Asia and them being overpriced compared to the likes of solarisjapan and seagm.


    By the way, I still stand by the fact that play-asia as a whole, is overpriced.

    $110AUD for Robotics;Notes? Not a chance mate.


  4. 57 minutes ago, iGGTheEnd said:

    You can either get a Japanese disc or make a Japanese psn and buy a card off play-asia download the game to your PS4 and then play on your main account.

    play-asia is way too overpriced


  5. 17 hours ago, Sarsky said:

    hate to be the one to say this but people don't care whether you were innocent or not. this site has its own rules and principles and ideas of how things work, if you are accused of cheating that's it your'e a cheater no matter what the reason or excuse, very rarely someones dispute is removed unless your'e connected to people who moderate this site or have followers/friends to vouch for you. it sucks and there are hacked lobbies in games from red dead redemption to cod and etc... but in the end of day whether its acknowledged or not it was autopopped and the people who care about leader boards and validation for there efforts end up losing there place for someone who didn't get it legit. 


    i was the same as you pissed of for being punished for someone elses action but you got to just move on buddy.

    But he isn't innocent? He was either in a hacked lobby OR (and this is a big or) he used a savefile from the internet to pop trophies in that unexplainable time period. 

    Due to the site's rules for what you can remain on the LB for, this is clearly stated as something you can be removed for. Plus they have the two game "grace" to allow you to not be punished for something you might've done in the past or you may have accidentally synced BO2 (for example) without knowing the rules. That's what you have the two game grace for. 3 is getting to the point of being deliberate, don't you think?


  6. Yeah, as far as I can tell he isn't wrong. 


    For the RLL2 it's 350 hours for the WHOLE game not just the trophies specified.


    And on the PSNP guide for Rugby League Live 3 the FIRST step is simulating a bunch of games. Direct quote: "To start the game, you can get a sizeable chunk of the game's trophies out of the way without having to play even a single game of rugby. This will take multiple playthroughs, but since you can simulate entire seasons in 2-3 minutes it is not a major issue."


  7. On 27/11/2019 at 0:53 AM, Conker said:

    100% agree this dlc is garbage, Firstly the bombing mission is so bad, too much avoid flak garbage mixed in with to small sections of stuff to do then ending with more avoid flak garbage. Now for the Stealth Mission or should i say not Stealth, doesn;t matter enemey's hear/see you everywhere even when being stealthy so Stealth is broken too, i wish you could get a gun in it and i love how enemey's go through crates.....


    Which adds up to overpriced garbage dlc which should have been "FREE"

    Any tips for the stealth missions?


  8. 3 hours ago, Warlord99956 said:


    I agree man. And maybe the words I chose really don't articulate what I meant to say. But you definitely are right in what you say. It doesn't get me any closer. If anything, it holds my position.



    23 hours ago, StylerX01 said:

    You are one of the most hypocritical people I’ve seen.

    Your profile is full of Ratalaika games multiple times for each region.

    You also have the Access Denied platinum as 6 milestones.

    So I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or not, but you seem like a huge hypocrite. I’d advise you not to shit on stacks in forums because your profile tells you you’d have all of them if they made 15 stacks of each game 1f618.png

    Lmfao 😂 Let's break your comment down, shall we?

    First of all, one of the most hypocritical people you've seen? Highly doubt that buddy. After all, what was I saying? The less stacks of a Ratailaika published game the better? Not saying I wouldn't play it, nor was I acting like I was on a high horse and telling people not to play it.


    Secondly, yeah, my profile is full of that garbage. I play for ranking. I get not everyone does and everyone's journey earning trophies is different; but that's my aim, to go for the top. To do that, I play these games to get that one step closer. So your point is invalid.


    Additionally, yes... I have all Access Denied platinum's as milestones. Not only is that a joke I had with a community of people, it was also a big "Fuck you" to an ex-friend that reported me for non-hacked games.


    So as a conclusion, I will say whatever I damn well please about stacks because that's how I feel. And as I said, I would play them, not out of enjoyment, but as a means to an end. 

    Also, don't assume next time. :)

    17 hours ago, dieselmanchild said:

    Jesus, 8 stacks! These Ratalaika games are out of control, it’s beyond a joke at this point. 


    17 hours ago, MrUnknown625 said:


    For sure LESS is more Rat, less is more

    been beyond a joke for awhile


    16 hours ago, dieselmanchild said:

    No kidding. I know Sony doesn’t give a rat’s ass but it would be nice if they made an effort to fix or rebalance the trophy system. We should protect the integrity of the platinum trophy so that it still means something special to unlock one. Games like this shouldn’t be worth more than a few bronze trophies.

    100% agree with all of you. It is absolutely out of control. 


  10. Just now, DarkLordSHTR said:

    In this case this game 8 stacks.

    That is not good. The less stacks the better.

    1 minute ago, DarkLordSHTR said:

    In this case this game 8 stacks.

    That is not good. The less stacks the better.

    By the way, are you making a guide for this game too? xD


  11. On 30/10/2019 at 10:31 PM, IBadDriverI said:

    I was in contact with the developer EskemaGames and they made a little mistake

    The EU and NA version are different because they send the old game version to sony which has a lot of bugs but a patch is on the way

    The glitch is present on the NA version too. So looks like the wrong build was given to Sony for both NA and EU.