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  1. IIRC I just used the MP40 and trained with that. Train them around the map and then turn around and headshot them. Should be easy enough doing it like that. Not very hard
  2. Guessing you didn't follow my fix which is in this thread.
  3. whoops. I meant platinum screenshot
  4. Well tbh, not all devs are aware people will find the dev consoles in games. Maybe it's one of those situations?
  5. No idea man. I would assume it's the whole English versions of the game.
  6. I only keep the platinum screenshot if I really like the game. I mean it's cool to get a better screenshot, but I'm not going to follow a step by step article just to get it.
  7. Don't.
  8. I got 18 seconds and it popped just fine. The trick is to get a triple collateral on the second and third bunch of targets, then get as many double collaterals as possible. That triple collat makes things pretty much perfect though. Took me about 30-45 mins to get and I was on stream doing it
  9. Way to go, bringing back a 6 year old thread that died 4 years ago 😂
  10. So what you're saying is since I have started Street Mode I can access it since I have played it before? That doesn't seem right... IIRC now if you try and access the servers, you get an error.
  11. Doubt they will do anything. The game is doable on Vita. And it's not like its a huge problem on Vita like Inkspolsion, even then it wasn't that bad.
  12. At least world 5 is really easy to get to. Just make sure you beat the game first, then erase your data in game and re-do up to level 5. It will unlock
  13. Not that it changes much of anything, but you only need 198 stars
  14. It worked. I finished the game and then deleted the game data within the game and as soon as I unlocked World 8 the trophy unlocked
  15. Cheers for the responses guys! I will finish the game before I bother them.