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  1. Depends on how you want me to answer this. The first game I had on PS3 was FIFA 10 cause it was my Dad's PS3. However, the first game I bought for PS3 was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (God tier purchase)
  2. Wasn't your website banned because you tried to rig a contest on here? Not to mention the rigged contests on twitter? Also why did you block me on twitter?
  3. I agree that IF it's a video guide it probably should say that in the title. But I don't agree with blanket banning all guides. For example, imports has the best VN guides and whilst there are VN guides on this site, I don't feel they compare to the ones over there. So why force someone to use a sub-par guide imo when I know of a better one and can share it?
  4. Yeah I didn't think it was that hard honestly. I got it on my veteran run. Just be super cautious and you're golden. Make sure you're not taking out enemies in the middle of a road, breaking windows, sprinting in popular areas, taking out lightpoles etc. And remember [No Russian]: headshots, headshots, headshots!
  5. Yeah I had to agree with @Titanomachy_75, I didn't think it was that hard. But then again, reading this thread, sounds like this was a non-issue on the PS3 version.
  6. Yeah you're defintely at 3 flags. Foxyland 2, Twin Robots and Color Slayer are waaaaaay too fast.
  7. What a stupid flag 😂 This should be lifted as it was an update that broke the map. Reverting back to an older update and playing offline allowed you to complete the Gorod Krovi EE. I can confirm this and it is also confirmed on the forums.
  8. What OP is saying is legit. Pretty sure a similar thing can be done with games like Gun Gore and Canolli as well. There is nothing wrong here.
  9. I platinumed it last night and I hated it. I loved the first half of the game. Thought it was great. But then we played as Abby. And it dragged along soo fkn slowly and went on for far too long, yet it wasnt long enough for me to have any attachment to the characters. I don't think taking away Joel that early is a bad thing, we needed a Kylo-Ren situation with Abby. However, having no characters with Ellie for a good half of the gametime with her is stupid. Why? Because the game is meant to be about characters, bonds and that sort of thing, I literally cared about 5 characters my entire 1.5 playthroughs: Joel, Tommy, Ellie, Bear and Alice. The rest could've been replaced and it wouldn't make a difference. The only character you start to care about is Dina and then OUT OF NO WHERE "Oh I'm pregnant, I won't be going with you, you're on your own" Like bitch, what?!?! Just as I was getting to know her character??? Story was a 2/10. Advancements in gameplay and graphics saved this from being an overall 2/10.
  10. worked fine for me. 3 Aussies and a Canadian in our game, we got it no problems.
  11. Playing Devil's Advocate here, is it possible to skip missions like in Brotherhood? Thus making the trophy not pop?
  12. Dreams. You're so close!
  13. *sigh* Dude, I wouldn't even bother arguing at this point. A lot of people on PSNP don't see reason.
  14. There was a story to this in the first place? Colour me surprised.
  15. At least they're not getting ripped off for that "grass" Some visual novels are hard without a guide, sure - but not impossible. And no stacks? What planet are you living on?? Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, Hakuoki, Chaos;Child, Muv Luv, Xblaze (Code Embryo and Memories) had quite a few stacks EACH. Hell Chaos;Child including PS3, Vita & PS4 has 11 DIFFERENT STACKS for the same game. No spin offs, same game. Hakuoki has about 3 for each game. Don't get me started on Steins;Gate. About 10 stacks of the first game, 4+ afterward. Hakuoki has about 2-3 per game. The list goes on. Visual Novels were some of the games pioneering stacking different regions. Probably before the concept of Ratalaika was even thought up. I agree, sometimes they can be pricey, however, they were still what was complained about back in ~2014, much like Ratalaika in 2020. Most of the time they are expensive, but there are cheap ones out there. Maybe those games weren't play two levels and plat, but a lot of VNs have scene skip or are just much faster than 90% of Ratalaika Games, you do realise this right? And why do VNs get a pass from you, but indie games/VNs from Rata don't? That logic is absolutely flawed. Not to mention that usually the games Ratalaika produce are polished at least and have very few bugs, crashes etc. Same cannot be said for Terminator: Salvation or Magus. Regardless, my point was you're wrong about rankings THESE days. It's always been about stacking easy games.
  16. What do you mean "today it's all about stacking easy shit"... It's ALWAYS about stacking easy games, it's just back in the day, the easy games weren't 15 minutes. First it was visual novels that were getting shit, now it's Rata, more than likely something will come out later down the line and that will be the new punching bag as the thing "ruining trophies". This isn't a new discussion, it's just a new target.
  17. Nice generalisation, jackass. Have you ever thought that some of their games are actually enjoyable, entertaining and/or fun? Sure, there a games that Rata have released like Back In 1995 that I hated, but many people didn't. Games like DISTRAINT which I enjoyed the story to, others didn't. Not to mention people who enjoy the competition of the LB aren't "morons". They just hunt for a different reason than you do.
  18. Sorry, I'm only seeing 2 "correctly" flagged games. My understanding is that if a game is hidden, you can't be flagged for it, no? Minecraft, you don't have proof as this game can not only be speedran with trophies but also can be completed in any order.
  19. Yeah, having done all the online for all Uncharted games, I get that (trust me, I do. The Uncharted 3 grind under a time limit was terrible). But I also believe you take the good with the bad. And it was only the DLC that was terrible. The base game MP was just pretty much saying "Try out our multiplayer", not "spend your life with this multiplayer" like the DLC was So I guess there is an argument to be made about if a trophy or trophies should be made DLC if it requires over x hours. Then again, all hypothetical.
  20. I REALLY hope that Factions has its own platinum/trophy list. I would LOVE that Moreso just hoping it doesn't get shafted like some titles and doesn't even get trophies.
  21. Am I the only one that likes MP trophies for the most part? Sure there are some ridiculous ones in there, but something like Factions where you don't even have to be that good at the game to get the 100%, it was fun to play and get the trophies for. I liked working towards a plat whilst playing the MP with friends.
  22. They can, but about half of them glitching is a bit fishy, don't you think? Especially the ending mission
  23. 100% Completion before completing the final mission an few other SP heist trophies. Mind explaining how you did that? Not to mention you need all the spaceship parts and all the letter scraps which you do not have the corresponding trophies for. I'd be very interested in how that's possible.