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  1. Yeah, there are heaps od mod menus are like this. So Mr Skirra is right that it is specific but it's not odd, especially on COD.
  2. After realising this isn't a first person shooter, I don't know if this will be a day one buy for me. I'll see how simple it is when it releases, but so far, it looks simple.
  3. Hey everyone! Here is a guide for the game Rise of Insanty, here we have a text AND a video walkthrough for people who prefer either! This game shouldn't take much more than an hour. Text: Video: Enjoy everyone!
  4. I never played STAY, i just know it's like 8+ hours long and the guide is many, many, many pages long haha. I might do all 6 stacks someday I never played Basting Agent, despite buying it. I will have to get around to it at some point.
  5. Welp, that's only one game in that list
  6. There have been a few rata published games you have to finish for the plat: Back in 1995, I & Me, I Am The Hero, Access Denied, STAY, 36 Fragments of Midnight, Midnight Deluxe, Super Destronaut DX: Intruders Edition, Inksplosion, Squareboy VS Bullies... See, already there are quite a few and I haven't even played them all yet.
  7. Gooooooooooooooooood. I played BF V a few months back and was about to jump back in, I guess that can stay on hold... ffs.
  8. That is true
  9. Mine took 3 and a half hours between the 2nd last and last. To be clear, it does seem that some of the treasures (particularly the VEGABOND Passport) seems to drop more consistently in Co Op Arena. So if you are missing that one as your final one, try Arena. I got it in my first match when grinding Soft Spot Medals.
  10.殺人探偵ジャック・ザ・リッパー-satsujin-tantei-jack-the-ripper-trophy-guide/ Here is David's guide
  11. Hey all! Here is a really great trophy guide for this new & short Japanese VN. Takes about an hour to complete.絆きらめく恋いろは-trophy-guide/ Enjoy!
  12. I was just wondering, did anyone else have trouble with this trophy? I have completed EVERYTHING in this game and for some reason this one trophy didn't pop? I looked online for all the glossary terms and it seems I have them all. I closed the game and re-opened it... Nothing. Any ideas?
  13. NA + JP versions share a trophy list
  14. Are you sure? You can get this in Hunter Arena by getting 1 headshot in Hunter Arena on players
  15. Hey guys, There is a guide for this game on ps3imports and it has two stacks and is very easy, shouldn't take more than 5 hoursワールドエンド・シンドローム-trophy-guide/ Enjoy
  16. This is against the rules and the flag won't be lifted. You are admitting here that you, yourself, did not earn the trophies, your friend did and you used his save file. Unfortunately for you, to re-appear on the LB, you will have to hide this game
  17. Uncharted 3. Especially this late in the games lifespan 😂
  18. Hey everyone, Here is the English version of the WorldEnd Syndrome guide. Easy 4-5hr plat. Eng-joy
  19. That isn't a plat...
  20. Deformers (NA): 24 minutes 56 seconds 4.51% Very easy game, I too, don't know why this is so rare...
  21. I did the Perfect Crime from Heavy Rain which means (without spoiling it) I had to do specific actions and then complete the game. This game story is like 10 hours or so. And after doing all those specific actions, the trophy didn't unlock :/
  22. I just posted in the topic for the english stack
  23. Hey guys! Here is an awesome text walkthrough for this game. This one takes less than an hour to plat! Enjoy
  24. Hey guys! Here is a really useful guide for this game! Looks to be about a 2 hour plat - a simple one too!夢現remaster-trophy-guide/ Enloy
  25. Hey everyone, Here is a guide for the new VR title "A Chair in a Room" this should take you 1.5-2.5 hours There is a video in there for reference as well Enjoy