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  1. Yeah, I got the trophy when MC died (causing a game over) and I'd already had a game over previously.
  2. Thanks! Updated the OP with correct romanisations. Never gotten the chance to play Dragon Quests 1 through 3 in either language, sadly. Stuck with the Japanese names in any case, seeing as this is for the Japanese list.
  3. Hi there, apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'm new to the forums and there doesn't seem to be one for the game, but I thought people might be interested in knowing what the trophy list for Dragon Quest Builders is. It looks pretty easy, but I don't know much about it. Trophies are in XMB order, and there might be some mistakes (particularly with character/place names, I've never been good with them). All Trophies Acquired (Platinum) Acquired all of the trophies The Start of a Journey (Bronze) Escaped from the hole, and began your adventure Novice Builder (Bronze) Build your first room Melchid Volume Clear (Silver) Cleared the Melchid Volume Rimuldar Volume Clear (Silver) Cleared the Rimuldar Volume Maira Garai-ya Volume Clear (Silver) Cleared the Maira Garai-ya Volume Radathom Volume Clear (Silver) Cleared the Radathom Volume Melchid Volume Challenge Complete (Gold) Completed the Melchid Volume Challenge Rimuldar Volume Challenge Complete (Gold) Completed the Rimuldar Volume Challenge Maira Garai-ya Volume Challenge Complete (Gold) Completed the Maira Garai-ya Volume Challenge Radathom Volume Challenge Complete (Gold) Completed the Radathom Volume Challenge Blueprint Builder (Silver) Completed 10 Blueprints Craftsman (Silver) Crafted 500 times True Hunter (Silver) Took down 2000 monsters Object Breaker (Silver) Broke 3000 objects Object Master (Silver) Place 3000 objects Accessory Collector (Silver) Obtained 8 kinds of accessory Room Co-ordinator (Gold) Discovered 50 kinds of room recipes Gourmet (Gold) Ate 20 kinds of food Explosive Technician (Gold) Took down 8 enemies at once with a ball of magic Translation Notes: Merukido, Rimurudaaru, Myra Garaiya and Radatoomu are place/character names, maybe Merkid, Rimrudal, and Radatomb? I have no idea. Challenge could be plural. The craftsman trophy is lit. 'craft worker' with the word for worker also meaning 'craftsman' so I just went with that. So all in all, 20 trophies that look easy, if time consuming. Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake! EDIT: Changed place names to correct romanisations, thanks to Dalez1658