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  1. I didn't even think about this, it just asked me about my PS4 save... so when I loaded the game on PS5 I pinged a bunch of random ones from the combat stats and then all 3 difficulty ones just from messing around the end with the save I had from part way through Chapter 6. In theory between what I saw and what I've read in here... if you left the final coffee thermos which you have to reveal right at the end for your Nightmare run on PS4 and got the Hypercaffinated trophy just before the Nightmare difficulty one... and then used the save you backed up say in the logging yard just before the final part, you would likely get also the Hypercaffinated trophy from it the same way as the manuscripts one works.
  2. I used SessionBox and got it. I had to have 6 players and 12 watchers (18 in total) for it to register. But it did work.
  3. Honestly, this is a massive oversight by Capcom for this mode, but basically, if you leave your adaptive triggers on while playing the mode on PS5 you will be probably half as fast as you can be with the setting off. The rate of fire upgrade you get from the Duke becomes null because with it on the controller physically doesn't allow a more rapid press of the R2 firing trigger. Switch it off in the options menu and you will easily find, with the same max rate of fire set, you will be able to fire the gun at a 2-3x more rapid rate. This has a massive impact to the mode as it increases the things like faster more accurate enemy kills, and your overall time. I basically doubled my remamining time and increased my rank without any effort just by turning that off. Obviously all other platforms - PS4, XB, and PC, aren't impacted by this because they don't feature this option.
  4. The container part was easy. As soon as you hit circle start jamming on R2 for run and gun... Drake fires a random shot in the direction of the closest enemy which stops them all firing at you briefly giving you just enough time to roll to cover. I did it on my third attempt.