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  1. @hubster316 hi please could you invite me to the crew, thanks
  2. I don’t think so I think needs to be a game around same time roughly. SSX game works apparently but I don’t own that.
  3. i used need for speed most wanted to load and accept the EA terms and Conditions
  4. @Gewehr_FR how are you getting on with your cup wins? Next week should be my last weekend if I’ve got the right order of the cups!
  5. does this still work? i cant get it to work unless im doing something wrong?
  6. ok thanks for your help
  7. Does anyone know if the korean store still has the dlc? I tried the singapore store but couldnt find anything. If not does anyone know if any region stores still has this dlc?
  8. That’s good news, that means I need to dig out need for speed most wanted to accept the terms. The one I’ve missed is the 3rd or 4th cup so just need make sure I don’t miss it again
  9. They were working on Friday evening, I have 8 cups done and was thinking this was my last one. Then realised I missed out so need wait for it to come around again. Only 6 weeks left to go
  10. Best way ive found to gain xp is private play with 3 players and one person using split screen. 1 person kills whilst another person revives the 3rd person and split screen. Do a 100 etc or set amount time then switch. Also something I haven't found anywhere when searching forums but the xp perk doesn't actually work. It shows it in the bottom left hand screen that your getting it but if u check your xp carefully you dont get it. For example a revive is 50xp with xp perk it shows u get 55xp in bottom corner but you only get 50xp.
  11. This was in my opinion the worse game out of the three. After playing garden warfare 1 and 2 it felt like so much was stripped or cut out of this game. The actual game play is fun but the lack of content made it boring quick.
  12. i used need for speed most wanted to help me accpet the T&C to allow me back on fifa street
  13. It’s frustrating that they would take it away after it’s only just been on sale a couple weeks ago. Least they could do is leave it a month a two before they took it away or gave people a warning
  14. Igot that trophy too and havent unlocked any signature weapons yet. I also got tv cop trophy out of nowhere