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  1. Hi im not sure what im doing wrong for this trophy but it doesn't seem to pop. I always defeat him with my army and i never accept any the elemental missions. I win the campaign but never get the trophy. Ive restarted the mission many times, ive restarted the campaign many times and even deleted the game and redownloaded it but nothing works. Any ideas what i could be doing wrong? thanks
  2. Does anyone have a certified item that is levelled to veteran. happy to give it back and some my items in return. Thanks
  3. Every early access game ive seen or owned have always said in disclaimer price may go up after full release. You either play the game in early access and get the game cheaper but full of bugs, not much content and risk it will never get finished or you wait until its finished and pay more. The real question is why is the console version always twice as dear as buying it of steam and its never as good as pc version.
  4. I remember playing this as a kid would prob been about 8 or 9. Found it so hard and took me a long time on how to get and move on to 2nd level tenants. Can't wait to play it again and now I should be able to understand what certain words mean this time round haha
  5. Ok cheers will have ago and see if that works
  6. Done all story missions and managed to get platinum in everyone, but the trophy didn't pop. I checked the stats and it's says 65/65 story plats, the only icons on my screen everyone is platinum colour. Then I checked the award section. It's said under the trophy name I had only done 94%. Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it, many thanks
  7. Keep completing the objectives for this event but It keeps failing saying I didn't finish in the required position. I've even won the race and it still says the same thing. I have noticed though a lot of racers seem to get disqualified in the race. Anyone else had his problem or know how to solve it. Any help welcome
  8. Ok thanks I will try costa, tried messi and aguero. Messi come closest, he scored 5 and hit the post. Thanks for your time and help
  9. What tactics did you use? Did you just play with a lone striker? I've tired Northern Irish league you reckon I should try the Irish league instead?
  10. Hey need help or tips on this trophy, best I've had was 5 in a game, what tactics are best? Am I better to have a squad of stars or just one star player? What the best players and leagues to try it with? Any help will be highly appreciated
  11. I started my psn account well before trophies existed. It was either 2007 or earlier 2008. Remember having Ac1 and pro evo. Not sure what was 1st trophy as some don't have timestamp. I know I didn't start collecting trophies properly until I got my 2nd plat resistance 3, a couple years ago.
  12. 14 days too long
  13. I'm extremely jealous. Two more weeks to go!!!
  14. Mine also was assassins creed 2 back in 2009. What a game that was
  15. Gotta say test drive unlimited 2 have got to be the worst servers I have played in my experience. Has it all mind of its own. Far cry 2 quite frustrating too, always waiting for every one to ready up before it starts. Takes ages to get into a match.