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  1. i used trueachievements to get most of the trophies for this game. The guide for this on psnprofiles was outdated or wrong. I only bought and completed the game recently and didnt have much issues even though RNG can be against you.
  2. Do they not reproduce quicker if you have more sheep like the chickens etc
  3. Yeh I changed them from standard to player to tour. And I’ve completed it on a couple of courses. I did it on Yuma desert I think it’s Called and a few other official courses. I also done it and tried it with alternate account and I didn’t get it to pop with them either
  4. Hi im struggling to unlock the tour par trophy. Im following the description and what it says on trueachievement to get. My understanding is that you change your golf clubs to tour club set and then you need a par or a better on an official golf course. Ive managed to get par and a birdie with the tour set on official courses but not trophy? what I am doing wrong? Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone. Yeh i noticed that, my alts it’s quick but slow as anything with my main. Next problem I’m having is tour par trophy won’t pop for me even though I think I’m doing it right. I like this game but it’s so frustrating
  6. Yeh I tried MotoGP Quickly and that seemed fine for trophies popping. I’m guessing it’s the game. One popped straightaway but the rest I didn’t think I was getting and then I would be loading up next course and then they pop. The slow load times and rendering is affecting the enjoyment of the game
  7. Hi anyone else have the same issue I’m having with this game. Trophies are taking so long to pop after achieving the objective. Taking between 1min to 4mins to pop. Also when I search for a golf course and I type the name in the pop up keyboard and press ok it taking upto 5 mins for the words I’ve type to transfer to the search bar, the actually searching for the course doesn’t take long at all. I’ve tried deleting the game and re-downloading but hasn’t helped. I’m unsure if it’s the game in general, my ps4 is dying or just poor internet
  8. @TheHarryGamer99 thanks I didn’t realise it wasn’t supported anymore, I think the same as you that they probably won’t fix it. Just like they never fixed the vita Fifa game that no one got a platinum in.
  9. I can’t find anywhere to say they have shut it down, and it’s strange that only ultimate team is affected. Maybe they haven’t had chance to fix due to the current pandemic. Fingers crossed anyway as I still need the draft. I tried it a few weeks ago and it was like that, hopefully will get fixed soon.
  10. its a shame Sony dont do a refund scheme like Steam do. If the game is broken or awful and dont like it you can get refund if you have played less than 3 hours
  11. @Sergen @Kristmas2 i was thinking the same thing, i reckon he must know its broke and that why he said he would deactivate it for me this time. Im just happy I managed to sort my issue out and can self boost again. Like others have said Im gonna take it as a warning/hint that ps3 probably wont be around much longer. Need to crack on with the ps3 backlog. I wonder if we lose all our digital content when they decide to pull the ps3 plug out it was 5 ps3 originally and then they changed it to 3 a couple years ago. I didnt even know it had changed to 2 ps3 until i could go on my ps3 again last week
  12. UPDATE: so I attempted to ring Sony again, the only option it allows to contact them from the UK. If anyone wants the telephone number is 020 3538 2665. Got through after about 20 min wait. I explained I came back to my ps3 after not touching it for a while and couldn't play any digital games. I deactivated every ps3 I own but it didnt do anything and I tried the website and it said it failed but then next time it said I had wait 6 months. The guy on the phone was very nice and said he would deactivate all the ps3 and ps vita for me after explaining but told me they dont normally do this but would do it for me this time. As he did it i was logged in the website account and i checked my devices and it took seconds and it was sorted. Before I left I mentioned there were a number of people having same problem as me in a forum. I asked him if it was broken which he said its still working, he mentioned because i had too many ps3 and vita etc it may glitched the system deactivating all on the website and then i have to wait 6 months to try again. Hopefully a few others manage to get theirs sorted like i have. Thanks everyone for your help
  13. Use to be able to have 5 ps3 activated but now you can only have 2 at a time. So yeh if you can’t get on your dead ps3 to deactivate you can only do on the web browsers which isn’t working
  14. @Gage please could you send me a link to create a ticket to get them to sort it out for me, it only ever shows me a telephone number on the website and iI dont think anyone there answering as i waited ages earlier